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̃দাওয়াই, দাওয়া৩
(p. 485) ̃dāōẏāi, dāōẏā3 medicine; remedy. ̃খানা n. a drug-store; a dispensary; a chemist's shop, a pharmacy. দাওয়াই দেওয়া v. to give or administer a medicine; (fig.) to take action for correction or to remedy a wrong. 105)
(p. 2) akanṭaka thornless; (fig.) free from trouble and difficulty; safe and peaceful. অকন্টকে adv. in peace and safety; with nothing standing in the way; untroubled; freely. 5)
(p. 2) akāla an inauspicious time; hard times; an unusual time (অকালের বর্ষা); premature time (অকালপক্ব); inappropriate time; (loos.) scarcity, famine. ̃কুষ্মাণ্ড n. a gourd grown at an unusual time; (fig.) a useless or stupid person. ̃জ, ̃জাত a. born at an unusual time; untimely or prematurely born. ̃জলদোদয় untimely gathering of clouds. ̃পক্ক a. (of fruits) prematurely ripened; (of persons) precocious, pert. ̃পক্কতা n. premature ripeness; precocity, pertness. ̃বর্ষণ n. untimely rain. ̃বার্ধক্য n. premature ageing. ̃বৃদ্ধ a. gone old prematurely. ̃বোধন n. (myth.) untimely awakening of Goddess Durga by Ramachandra; (fig.) any untimely performance. ̃মরণ, ̃মৃত্যু n. premature death. 41)
(p. 2) akūla shoreless; (fig.) boundless, endless. n. a shoreless sea, a vast ocean; (fig.) an overwhelming or extreme danger. ̃ পাথার n. boundless or shoreless sea; (fig.) great danger, extreme jeopardy; dire straits, hopeless situation. অকূলে কূল পাওয়া (fig.) to find a rescue in a sea of danger. অকূলে ডোবা (fig.) to sink in a sea of danger. অকূলে পড়া (fig.) to fall in or run into a sea of danger. অকূলে ভাসা (fig.) to get into a great danger; to be in extreme danger. 57)
(p. 2) akṣara any of the letters of the alphabet; a syllable; (fig.) a symbolic letter. ̃জীবী, ̃জীবক n. a scribe; a copyist; a printer or compositor, a writer. ̃পরিচয় n. acquaintance with the alphabet; commencement of education; literacy; (fig.) elementary knowledge. ̃বিন্যাস n. the characteristic style of handwriting. ̃বৃত্ত n. (pros.) a system of versification in which the number of letters and not the sounds in a line is taken into account. ̃মালা n. the alphabet. ̃যোজক n. a compositor. অক্ষরীকরণ n. transliteration. অক্ষরে অক্ষরে to the letter, word for word. verbatim; (fig.) with strict exactitude, rigorously. 95)
(p. 2) akṣaẏa undecaying; inexhaustible; unfailing; imperishable: undying; endless. ̃কীর্তি n. undying or immortal fame. ̃তূণ n. a quiver having an inexhaustible stock of arrows. ̃তৃতীয়া n. the third day of the lunar waxing fortnight of the month of Baisakh (বৈশাখ). ̃বট n. any of the very old banyan trees found at different holy places of the Hindus; (fig.) an immortal or deathless person. ̃লোক n. the abode of the blessed; heaven. ̃স্বর্গ n. the right to dwell permanently in heaven. ̃স্বর্গবাস n. dwelling permanently in heaven. 94)
(p. 2) agabhīra not deep; shallow; superficial, not profound (অগভীর জ্ঞ্যান). অগভীর জলে সফরী ফরফরায়তে (lit.) a small fry bustles in shallow water; (fig.) an empty vessel sounds much. ̃তা n. shallowness. 123)
(p. 7) agni fire; the fire-god; digestive power; hunger; burning; affliction (শোকাগ্নি). ̃কণা n. a spark. ̃কর্তা n.& a. one who performs the rite of singeing the mouth of the deceased at cremation. ˜কর্ম n. the rite of agnihotra (অগ্নিহোত্র); cremation of the dead. ̃কল্প a. fire-like; fiery; extremely hot; extremely severe or violent; terribly angry, furious. ̃কাণ্ড n. a great fire, a conflagration. ̃কুণ্ডু n. a pit in which a fire is made or a pit full of fire, a firepit; a furnace. ̃কোণ n. the south-east. ̃ক্রিয়া same as ̃কর্ম । ̃গর্ভ a. impregnated with fire, containing fire; fiery; impetuous (অগ্নিগর্ভ বক্তৃতা). ̃চূর্ণ, ̃চূর্ণক n. gun-powder, explosive substance. ̃জিতা n. fem. a woman who has passed successfully through an ordeal by fire. ̃তপ্ত a. heated with fire; as hot as fire. ̃তুল্য a. fire-like; fiery; furious. ̃দগ্ধ a. burnt; consumed by fire. ̃দাতা n. & a. one who sets fire to anything; one who singes the mouth of the dead at cremation. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. act of setting fire to; act of singeing the mouth of the dead at cremation. ̃দাহ n. a conflagration, combustion, the heat of fire. ̃দাহ্য a. combustible. ̃দীপক a. causing or promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃দীপ্ত a. illuminated or brightened with fire. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of fire, the firegod. ̃পক্ক a. cooked with fire; hardened in fire (অগ্নিপক্ক ইট). ̃পরীক্ষা n. an ordeal by fire (esp. the one which Sita of the Ramayana passed through); (fig.) a crucial test, an extremely dangerous or unsafe test (cp. baptism of fire). ̃প্রবেশ n. act of mounting or falling on a burning pyre. ̃প্রভ a. glowing as fire. ̃প্রভা n. glow of fire. ̃প্রস্তর n. flint. ̃বর্ণ a. red as fire; crimson. ̃বর্ধক a. promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃বাণ n. a fire-emitting mythical arrow. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. promotion or stimulation of appetite or digestion. ̃বৃষ্টি n. a shower of fire (esp. from the sky, instead of rain); a spell of scorching heat; discharge or firing of gun. ̃মন্ত্র n. any formula of words or spell that makes one determined to achieve an extremely difficult or dangerous end; the doctrine of revolution or terrorism. ̃মন্ত্রে দীক্ষা initiation in the cult of armed agitation or revolution. ̃ময় a. full of fire. ̃মান্দ্য n. loss of appetite; indigestion. ̃মূর্তি a. extremely angry or haughty, furious. n. furious appearance or state. ̃মূল্য a. extremely costly; unpurchasably dear. ̃যুগ n. the age or times of revolution. ̃শর্মা a. extremely angry, furious, livid with rage. n. a furious person, a spitfire. ̃শিখা n. the flame of fire, the flame. ̃শুদ্ধ a. purified by burning in fire; sanctified by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃শুদ্ধি n. purification by burning in fire; sanctification by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃সংস্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সখ n. the wind. ̃সত্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সহ a. fire-proof. ̃সহ ইট fire-brick. ̃সহ মৃত্তিকা fire-clay. ̃সাত্ a. completely consumed by fire. ̃সেবন n. act of warming up oneself in the heat of fire. ̃স্ফুলিঙ্গ n. a spark. ̃হোত্র n. the Hindu rite of maintaining the sacred fire perpetually. ̃হোত্রী n. one who maintains the sacred fire perpetually and worships with it. 8)
(p. 9) aṅka a mark or sign; a line; a stripe; a spot; a blemish; (math.) a digit, a number, a figure; an arithmetical problem, a sum; a counting, calculation; the lap; (of a drama) an act; (zoo) the belly; (bot.) the venter. অঙ্ক করা, অঙ্ক কষা v. to do sums; to calculate or count. ̃গত a. lying on or in the lap (of); (fig.) under thorough control of. ̃গর্ভ a. (zoo.) marsupial (of an animal, e. g. kangaroo). ̃তল n. (zoo.) ventral surface. ̃দেশ n. the lap; (zoo.) the belly. ̃পাত n. act of placing figures; act of marking. ̃পাতন n. (math.) notation. ̃বাচক a. (math.) cardinal. ̃বিদ্যা, ̃শাস্ত্র n. mathematics. ̃বিদ্যাবিত্, ̃শাস্ত্রবিত্ n. a mathematician. ̃লক্ষী n. wife. ̃শায়ী a. lying on the lap (of); (fig.) enamoured of. fem. ̃শায়িনী । ̃স্হিত a. situated or placed on the lap; (fig.) beloved. 7)
(p. 9) aṅgāra coal; carbon; cinder, charcoal; (fig.) a person or thing causing shame or disgrace (কুলের অঙ্গার বা কলন্ক). ̃ময় a. carbonaceous. ̃কৃষ্ণ a. black as coal, very black. ̃ধানী n. an incense-pot, censer. ̃ক n. carbon. অঙ্গারককমণি n. coral. অঙ্গারক রসায়ন n. organic chemistry. ̃ যৌগিক n. carbon compounds. অঙ্গারঃ শতধৌতেন মলিনত্বং ন মুঞ্চতি coal never changes its hue however well it may be washed; black will take no other hue. অঙ্গারাম্ল n. carbonic acid. 21)
অঙ্গুলিত্র, অঙ্গুলিত্রাণ
(p. 9) aṅgulitra, aṅgulitrāṇa a thimble; a metal cap to protect finger in sewing; a metal hook worn on the tip of a finger by musicians whilst playing on stringed instruments; a covering for the fingertip, made of leather or iron, worn by archers. অঙ্গুলিনির্দেশ, অঙ্গুলিহেলন n. act of beckoning or pointing with the finger, a beck. অঙ্গুলিনির্দেশ করা, অঙ্গুলিসঙ্কেত করা v. to beckon or point with the finger, to beck. অঙ্গুলিমেয় a. that which can be counted on the finger; (fig.) very few in number. অঙ্গুলিসংকেত n. sign or hint made by the finger. অঙ্গুলিমোটন n. snapping of the finger. অঙ্গুলিহেলনে চালিত করা to dictate or direct with the movement of the finger. অঙ্গুলীয়ক n. an ornamental ring for the finger, a ring. 32)
(p. 9) aṅguṣṭha the thumb. ̃প্রদর্শন, অঙ্গুষ্ঠ দেখানো n. showing one's thumb; (fig.) awkward or point-blank refusal; depriving unpleasantly. 33)
(p. 9) ajala-ashala (fig.) helpless condition, shelterless state. 89)
(p. 9) ajāta not yet born; unborn; existing without being born; (dial.) socially degraded, born illegitimately, bastard. ̃শত্রু a. one whose enemy is not yet born; having no enemy. ̃শ্মশ্রু a. one whose beard has not yet grown; beardless; (fig.) not yet grown to manhood; very young, minor. 92)
(p. 9) ati too; over; beyond; improperly; going beyond; excessively; beyond the compass or range (of), outside. a. very improper or unbecoming; excessive; excellent (অতি নাগর). n. an improper or excessive amount (কিছুরই অতি ভালো নয়) pfx. ex-, extra-, hyper-, out-, over-, super-, sur-, trans-, ultra-. ̃কথা n. exaggerated or useless talk; a myth. ̃কায় a. of immense size; gigantic. ̃কোমল a. too soft, too tender; very tender or soft. ̃চার n. quick passage (from one place to another); passage or forward movement of a planet from one zodiacal sign to another in a shorter period than usual. ̃চালাক a. over-clever, too clever by half; oversmart. ̃চালাকের গলায় দড়ি an over-clever person hangs himself; the fox must pay his skin to the furrier. ̃জন n. the majority. ̃তপ্ত a. superheated. ̃তর a. very much excessive. ̃দর্প n. excessive pride or vanity. ̃দর্পে হতা (বা হত) লন্কা (lit.) the fall of Lanka was caused by (King Ravana's) excessive vanity; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃নাটকীয় a. melodramatic; unnecessarily over-dramatic. ̃নাটকীয়তা n. melodrama. ̃দূর a. far-away; remote. n. a great distance. ̃দৈন্য n. utmost poverty. ̃নৈতিকতা n. puritanism, rigid adherence to moral principle or behaviour. ̃পাতক n. any of the most heinous sins, a deadly sin. ̃পাতকী n. a great sinner. ̃পান n. (habitual) overindulgence in intoxicating liquor, intemperance. ̃প্রজতা n. overpopulation. ̃প্রাকৃত a. supernatural; supernal. ̃বড় a. too big; too much. ̃বল a. extremely strong or mighty. ̃বাড় n. overgrowth; unnatural growth or development; excessive haughtiness or pride; extreme immoderation or excess. ̃বাড় বাড়া v. to grow extremely haughty or arrogant. অতিবাড় বেড়ো নাকো ঝড়ে প়ড়ে যাবে (lit.) don't grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃বাদ n. exaggeration. ̃বুদ্ধি same as অতিচালাক । ̃বৃদ্ধ a. very old; decrepit. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. overgrowth. ̃বৃষ্টি n. excessive or heavy rainfall. ̃বেগনি, ̃বেগুনি a. ultraviolet. ̃ব্যয় n. extravagance. ̃ব্যস্ত a. (usu. dero.) very busy; very anxious; fussy. ̃ভক্তি n. excessive devotion or reverence (usu. insincere). অতিভক্তি চোরের লক্ষণ too much courtesy, too much craft. ̃ভুজ a. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ভোজন n. over-eating, surfeit; gluttony. অতিভোজন করা v. to overeat; to gourmandize, to gormandise. ̃ভোজী a. voracious, gourmand. n. a gourmand, a glutton. ̃মন্দা n. (comm.) slump. ̃মাত্র, ̃মাত্রায় adv. beyond measure; extremely. ̃মান n. excessive vanity. ̃মানব n. a great man or a man of exceptional uqalities and powers, a superman; a greatly wise man. ̃মানবিক, ̃মানুষিক a. superhuman; supernal; spiritual; divine. ̃রঞ্জন n. exaggeration. ̃রঞ্জিত a. exaggerated. ̃রথ n. a great warrior capable of fighting innumerable enemies simultaneously. ̃রাষ্ট্রিক a. extra-territorial. ̃লোভ n. too much greed, overgreediness. 145)
(p. 17) adya today. অদ্যাকার, অদ্যতন a. of today, today's. অদ্যভক্ষ্যোধনুর্গণঃ n. (fig.) over-optimistic calculation; (inc. but pop.) state of having nothing to eat today, abject poverty. অদ্যাপি adv. even today; even now; even at present; as yet. অদ্যাবধি adv. from today; hereafter; till today; till now. 42)
(p. 22) anaccha not transparent; opaque; muddy, turbid, dirty. ̃তা n. opacity; turbidity; (fig.) obscurity. 39)
(p. 24) ananta endless; boundless; unlimited; inexhaustible; everlasting, eternal; imperishable. n. Vishnu (বিষ্ণু); Shesha (শেষ) the thousand-headed king of snakes; an ornament, an armlet. ̃কাল n. eternity. ̃কালব্যাপী, ̃কালস্হায়ী a. eternal. everlasting. অনন্তকাল ধরে adv. for ever. ̃চতুর্দশী n. the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Bhadra (ভাদ্র); a religious penance observed on this day. ̃দেব n. Shesha (শেষ) the king of snakes. ̃নিদ্রা n. Vishnu's sleep on the person of Ananta (অনন্ত) the snake-king; everlasting or eternal sleep; (fig.) death. ̃নিদ্রায় নিদ্রিত sleeping the sleep that knows no breaking, sleeping eternal sleep, dead. ̃প্রকার a. of endless or countless varieties. ̃বীর্য a. of endless or inexhaustible strength or virility. ̃প্রভাব n. incessant or endless current or flow. ̃মূল n. a medicinal root. ̃রূপ, ̃রূপী a. of endless forms or shapes; of endless manifestations. ̃শয়ন, ̃শয্যা n. use of the person of Anantadeva (অনন্তদেব) by Vishnu as his bed; (fig.) death. ̃শীর্ষ a. hydra-headed. 16)
(p. 37) anuṣṇa not warm or hot, cold; (fig.) lazy, indolent; frigid; sluggish, lethargic, inactive. 13)
(p. 41) andha blind, sightless; extremely dark or gloomy. ('অন্ধ তামস'); utterly ignorant. n. a blind person. ̃কূপ n. a dark pit; a black hole. ̃কূপহত্যা n. (hist.) the Blackhole Tragedy. ̃তম a. darkest; extremely dark. ̃তমস n. utter darkness; blinding darkness. ̃তা, ̃ত্ব n. blindness; utter ignorance. ̃তামিস্র n. utter darkness. a. utterly dark. ̃প্রায় a. almost blind; like a blind; like a blind person. ̃বিশ্বাস n. blind faith. ̃ভাবে adv. blindly; rashly; heedlessly, indiscreetly. অন্ধের কিবা দিন কিবা রাত a blind person cannot distinguish between day and night or between brightness and gloom. অন্ধের নড়ি বা যষ্টি (lit.) a stick by the help of which a blind person moves; a blind man's prop; (fig.) a prop for a helpless or incapable person. 14)
(p. 41) andhakāra darkness, gloom; absence of light. a. dark, gloomy; darkened with gloom, dejection etc. (অন্ধকার মুখ); deprived of hope, delight, etc. (অন্ধকার জীবন). অন্ধকার করা v. to make (something) dark, to darken. অন্ধকার দেখা v. (fig.) to be at one's wit's end to find a means of escape from danger; to be stunned. অন্ধকার দেখানো v. (fig.) to overwhelm or bewilder (a person), to knock senseless. অন্ধকার হওয়া v. to become dark, to darken. অন্ধকারে ঢিল মারা (fig.) to make a stray or random attempt to hit, to take an off-chance; to beat about the bush. অন্ধকারে থাকা v. (fig.) to be quite ignorant (of), to be in the dark (about). অন্ধকারে হাতড়ানো v. (lit. & fig.) to grope in the dark. ˜ময় a. full of darkness or gloom; completely dark. অন্ধকারাচ্ছন্ন, অন্ধকারাবৃত a. enveloped in or overcast with darkness; utterly dark; (fig.) utterly ignorant, distressed, depressed or obsessed. 15)
(p. 41) anna boiled rice; rice; food. ̃কষ্ট n. distress caused by scarcity of food; famine; (fig.) sufferance caused by extreme poverty, indigent circumstances. ̃কূট n. a stupendous heap of boiled rice. ̃ক্ষেত্র var. of অন্নসত্র । ̃গতপ্রাণ a. (absolutely) depending on food or boiled rice for subsistence; (loos.) riceeating. ̃চিন্তা n. thinking out means of procuring food or earning one's livelihood; food-problem, bread-problem. ̃চিন্তা চমত্কারা the effort to earn one's livelihood is all-absorbing; bread-problem is the chief problem; thought of one's daily bread preys heavily on the mind or weighs heavily on the spirits. ̃জল n. food and drink; the Hindu rite of providing food and drink for the soul of the dead. ̃দা a. fem. one who supplies or gives food. n. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) ̃দাতা a. & n. one who supplies or gives food; one who maintains. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. charitable or gratuitous supply of food. ̃দাস n. one who has enslaved himself to another for one's food or maintenance. ̃নালী n. the aesophagus, the gullet, the food passage. ̃পূর্ণা a. fem. full of food or rice. n. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা).̃পথ্য n. rice-meal as diet. ̃পান n. food and drink. ̃প্রাশন n. the Hindu rite of a child's tasting rice for the first time. ̃বস্ত্র n. food and clothing. ̃ব্যঞ্জন n. rice and curry. ̃ভোজী a. rice-eating. n. rice-eater. ̃ময় a. full of food; built up or nourished by food (অন্নময় কোষ) ̃রস n. chyle. ̃সংস্হান n. provision for maintenance; procuring food or earning one's livelihood. ̃সত্র n. a place or institution for charitable supply of rice or food. ̃সমস্যা n. food-problem, bread-problem. ̃হীন a. without food; foodless; starving. 17)
(p. 46) aparicchanna untidy, dirty; dingy; slovenly; unclean; (fig.) impure (অপরিচ্ছন্ন মন). ̃তা n. untidiness, dirtiness; dinginess; slovenliness; uncleanliness, impurity. 21)
(p. 47) apariṣkāra uncleanliness, untidiness; impurity. a. unclean, untidy; impure; (fig.) not perspicuous or lucid or explicit. 23)
(p. 48) apācya indigestible; (fig.-of teaching, writing, books etc.) unintelligible. 30)
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View Count : 1411234
Eid Mubarak Bangla Font
Eid Mubarak
View Count : 739604
Amar Bangla Bangla Font
Amar Bangla
View Count : 721009
Monalisha Bangla Font
View Count : 608474
Nikosh Bangla Font
View Count : 591950
Bikram Bangla Font
View Count : 550652


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