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decline; দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 26) anastamita not set; not disappeared or declined. 30)
(p. 41) apakarṣa (ori.) downward attraction; deterioration, decline, downfall, degeneration; baseness, inferiority. 37)
(p. 55) abapatana falling down; decline, downfall. অবপাত same as অবপতন । 13)
(p. 63) abyaẏa not expendable; inexhaustible; undecaying; imperishable; immortal; changeless, unchanging. n. the Absolute Being, God; (gr.) an indeclinable word (i. e. a preposition, conjunction or interjection). অব্যয়ীভাব n. (gr.) a system of forming a compound word by adding a noun to an indeclinable word. 10)
(p. 88) asammata unwilling, reluctant, dissenting, disagreeing, declining. অসম্মত হওয়া v. to be unwilling or reluctant; to disagree; to refuse to give consent, to dissent; to decline. অসম্মতি n. unwillingness, reluctance, dissent, act of disagreeing or declining. অসম্মতিসূচক a. dissentient; dissident. 17)
(p. 90) asta (myth.) an imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (also অস্তগিরি, অস্তাচল); the setting of the sun, moon etc., going below the horizon; decline; end; fall. ̃গত, ̃মিত a. (of the sun, moon etc.) that which has set or gone below the horizon, declined. ̃গমন, ̃মন n. setting or going below the horizon, decline. ̃গামী, অস্তাচলগামী a. going to set, setting. অস্তোদয় n. the rising and setting (of the sun). adv. throughout the day; from dawn to dusk. 36)
(p. 90) asbīkāra refusal; denial; non-acceptance; rejection; repudiation; dissent; non-compliance. অস্বীকার করা v. to refuse; to gainsay, to deny; to disavow; to reject; to disown, to repudiate; to dissent; to decline. 79)
(p. 90) asbīkṛta refused; gainsaid, denied; disavowed; repudiated; rejected; disowned; dissented; not complied (with); declined. অস্বীকৃত হওয়া v. to decline; to refuse; to deny. অস্বীকৃতি n. same as অস্বীকার । 81)
(p. 178) ēka one. n. & pro. one or single person or individual (দেশোদ্ধার একের কাজ নয়). □ a. only one; a certain (একসময়); completely full or filled or packed or covered (একবাড়ি লোক, একমুখ দাড়ি); same, one and the same (এক মায়ের সন্তান); united ('যত ভাই বোন এক হউক '); amalgamated; joined (দুই হাত এক করা); mixed (চালেডালে এক করা); one and only one (ঈশ্বর এক ও অভিন্ন); one of a number, a (রবীন্দ্রনাথ বিশ্বের এক শ্রেষ্ঠ কবি); unchanging, fixed (সেই এক গোঁ, ভদ্রলোকের এক কথা); concentrated ((একমনে). ̃আধ a. a few; sparse; scanty; rare. এক আঁচড়ে see আঁচড় । একই a. same; very same, one and the same. এক-এক a. some, one by one (এক-এক করে), certain (এক-এক দিন). একক a. alone, unaccompanied. n. the first figure from the right of an arithmetical number; (math.) a unit. এককড়া see কড়া । ̃কণা n. very little, a very small amount. ̃কথায় in a word. ̃কলমী n. a columnist who writes only one column of a newspaper. ̃কাটা, ̃কাট্টা pop. var. of একাট্টা । ̃কালীন a. done or to be done only once, given or to be given only once, at a time; simultaneous; contemporary. এককালীন অনুদান a lump grant, non-recurring grant. ̃কালে adv. at one time, once upon a time; at one and the same time, simultaneously. ̃কাঁড়ি a. a lot of, a heap of. ̃কেন্দ্রিক, ̃কেন্দ্রী, ̃কেন্দ্রীয় a. concentric. ̃গঙ্গা a. filled or full to the brim, full, replete (একগঙ্গা জল). ̃গর্ভপত্রী n. monocarpellary. ̃গলা a. up to the throat or chin. ̃-গা a. covering the whole of the body (এক-গা গয়না, এক-গা খোস). ̃গাদা a. a heap of; a great number or collection of (একগাদা লোক). ̃গাল a. a mouthful of. n. a mouthful. ̃গুঁয়ে a. obstinate, obdurate, stubborn; wilful, wayward; disobedient, indocile; indomitable. ̃গুঁয়েমি n. obstinacy; wilfulness, waywardness; disobedience, indocility, stubbornness, indomitableness. ̃ঘরে a. ostracized; cast out of society. একঘরে ব্যক্তি an outcast. ̃ঘাত a. linear. ̃ঘাত সমীকরণ a linear equation. ̃ঘেয়ে a. monotonous; hackneyed. ̃ঘেয়েমি n. monotony; hackneyedness. ̃চত্বারিংশ a. forty-first. ̃চত্বারিংশত্ a. & n. forty-one. ˜চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-first. fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃চর a. moving alone (cp. segregarious); shunning company. ̃চল্লিশ a. & n. forty-one. ˜চালা a. having only one slanting roof. n. such a hut or shed. ̃চিত্ত a. absorbedly attentive, intent, concentrated. ̃চুল a. hairbreadth, very slight, negligible (একচুল ব্যবধান), adv. in the least. ̃চেটিয়া (coll.) ̃চেটে a. monopolistic. একচেটিয়া অধিকার monopoly. ̃চোখো a. one-eyed, single-eyed; looking in one direction only; partial; prejudiced, biased; preferential. ̃চোখোমি n. partiality; prejudice; bias; preferential treatment. ̃চোট adv. enough or too much at a stroke or at one time. ̃চোটে adv. without break or respite (একচোটে বলা বা করা); with one stroke or attempt (একচোটে জিতে নেওয়া); simultaneously (একচোটে সবাইকে বকা). ̃চ্ছত্র a. paramount, sovereign; brought under one rule ('একচ্ছত্র করিবে ধরণী'). ̃ছুটে adv. at a single run. ̃জাই adv. repeatedly, over and over again, incessantly, continuously, without stop (একজাই বলা). a. united; assembled, collected. n. sum total (বাত্সরিক আয়ব্যয়ের একজাই). একজাই করা v. to unite; to assemble, to collect. ̃জিদ্দি a. same as একগুঁয়ে । ̃জোট a. united; assembled. ̃জোটে adv. in a body, in concert, unitedly. ̃জ্বরি n. remittent fever. a. suffering from remittent fever. ̃টা, ̃টি a. one; only one, not more than one; one particular (একটা পরামর্শ আছে) n. pro. any one (একটা হলেই হল). একটা-কিছু, একটা-কোনো a. existent but not known or determinate, some (একটা-কিছু খুঁত আছে). pro. & n. something (একটা-কিছু চাই). একটাদুটো a. only a few, of a negligible number. ˜টানা a. pointed or moving in one direction only; continually onward; continuous, continual; incessant, nonstop (একটানা বৃষ্টি); monotonous. adv. in one direction only; continually onward; continuously; continually; incessantly, without break; monotonously. একটি মাত্র a. only one; one and one only. ̃টু, ̃টুকু a. & adv. only a little; just a little; a little. একটু একটু করে adv. little by little, bit by bit; slowly but gradually. ̃টেরে a. curved a little; leaning to one side, slanting; (of judgment etc.) one-sided, partial, ex parte. a. & adv. lying apart; keeping aloof. ̃তন্ত্রী a. (of musical instruments) one stringed; unanimous; under one and the same rule. n. a one-stringed musical instrument, a monochord. ̃তম a. (super.) one of or amongst more than two. ̃তর a. (compar.) one of two, either. ̃তরফা a. ex parte; partial; onesided. ̃তলা n. the ground floor (of a building or a multi-decked vehicle). a. one-storeyed; one-decked, singledecked. একতলা গাড়ি a single decker. ̃তলীয় a. coplanar. ̃তান n. a harmonious note; harmony; concert. a. harmonious; concerted; closely attentive, concentrated. ̃তানমনা a. closely attentive, rapt in attention; intent. ̃তারা n. a variety of monochord (chiefly used by the Vaishnaya singers). ̃তালা1 var. of একতলা । ̃তালা2 ̃তাল n. an Indian musical measure. ̃তিল see তিল । ̃ত্রিংশ a. thirty-first. ̃ত্রিংশত্ a & n. thirty-one. ˜ত্রিংশত্তম a. thirty-first. fem. ̃ত্রিংশত্তমী । ̃ত্রিশ a. & n. thirty-one. ˜দন্ত a. having but one tooth, one-toothed, singletoothed. ̃দম adv. at all; in the least; completely, thoroughly, utterly. ̃দমে adv. in one breath; without stop. ̃দল a. monocotyledonous. ̃দিন adv. one day, someday; one day or other (একদিন না একদিন); once, once upon a time; at one time in the past; in the past. n. a glorious time or period (esp. one that has passed away). একদিন অন্তর একদিন every other day, every alternate day. ̃দৃষ্টি, (poet.) ̃দিঠি a. looking fixedly, gazing. ̃দৃষ্টে adv. with a fixed look, gazingly. ̃দেশ n. a part or portion or division (esp. of a country); a region. ̃দেশদর্শিতা n. act of viewing partially; partiality; narrow-mindedness, illiberality; bias; prejudice; want of foresight. ̃দেশদর্শী a. viewing partially; partial; narrow-minded, illiberal; biased; prejudiced; lacking in foresight. ̃দেশীয় a. of or living in the same country. ̃দৌড়ে adv. at a run. ̃ধাতুমান n. (econ.) monometallism. ̃নবতি a. & n. ninety-one. ˜নবতিতম a. ninety-first. fem. ̃নবতিতমী ।̃নলা, ̃নলি a. (chiefly of a gun) single-barrelled, onebarrelled. ̃নাগাড়ে adv. at a stretch, continuously. নায়ক n. (pol.) an autoccrat or a dictator. ̃নায়কতন্ত্র n. autocracy or dictatorship. ̃নায়কতান্ত্রিক a. autocratic or dictatorial. ̃নিষ্ঠ a. devoted to or engaged in only one thing, singleminded or single-acting; absorbedly attentive, intent. fem. ̃নিষ্ঠা । ̃নিষ্ঠতা n. devotion to or engagement in only one thing, single-mindedness. এক পক্ষে adv. viewing from one angle; in a way; somewhat. ̃পঞ্চাশ, ̃পঞ্চাশত্ a. & n. fifty-one. ˜পঞ্চাশত্তম a. fifty-first. fem. একপঞ্চাশত্তমী । একপত্নীক a. mas. having one wife (at a time), monogamous. ̃পদীকরণ n. (gr.) unification of several words into a compound word, formation of a compound word. ̃পাটি n. one of a pair; one set of (teeth). ̃পাদ n. a fourth part, a quarter. a. one-fourth. ̃পার্শ্বিক, ̃পার্শ্বীয় a. one-sided; partial; (bot.) unilateral. ̃পেট n. a bellyful, one's fill. a. bellyful of. adv. to one's fill. ̃পেশে a. leaning or stooping to one side; aslant; one-sided; partial. ̃প্রকার adv. of a sort, in a way, somewhat. a. of a type; of some sort or other. ̃প্রতিসম a. zygomorphic. ̃প্রস্হ a. severe; sufficient, of considerable amount. ̃প্রাণ a. inseparably united. ̃বংশীয়, ̃বংশোদ্ভব a. descended from the same ancestor, consanguine, consanguineous. একবগ্গা coll. corrup. of একবর্গা । ̃বচন see বচন ।̃বর্গা a. obstinate; stubborn, dogged. ̃বয়সী a. of the same age. ̃বর্ণ see বর্ণ । ̃বস্ত্র a. wearing only a single piece of cloth. ̃বস্ত্রে adv. wearing only a single piece of cloth and taking nothing along. ̃বাক্যে adv. with one voice; with one accord, unanimously. ̃বার n. one time. adv. at one time; once. একবারে adv. at a time; at a stroke; thoroughly. ̃বাস same as একবস্ত্র । ̃বিংশ a. twenty-first. ̃বিংশতি a. & n. twenty-one. ˜বিংশতিতম a. twenty-first. fem. ̃বিংশতিতমী । ̃বীজপত্রী a. (bot.) monocotyledonous. ̃বুক a. chest-high; breast-deep. ̃ভাব n. uniformity of state or quality or disposition. ̃ভাবাপন্ন a. uniform in state or quality or disposition; of one mind. ̃ভাবে adv. uniformly; in the same way; without change, unchangingly. ̃ভিতে adv. in one direction; to one side; apart. ̃মত, ̃মতাবলম্বী a. holding the same opinion; agreed; unanimous; holding the same religious faith. ̃মনা a. absorbed; single-minded. ̃মনে with rapt attention; single-mindedly. ̃মাতৃক a. born of one and the same mother, uterine. ̃মাত্র a. only ̃মাত্রা n. one dose; one musical or metrical syllable. ̃মুখীকরণ n. (phys.) rectification. ̃মুখো a. having one direction, one way. ̃মুষ্টি a. a handful of. ̃মেটে, ̃মেটিয়া a. (esp. of a mould or cast or an idol) primed; rough-cast; (fig.) rough-wrought. একমেটে করা v. to prime; to rough-cast; (fig.) to do in a preliminary manner, to rough out. ̃যোগে adv. in a body; unitedly. ̃রকম a. of the same kind, type, nature, appearance etc.; same; similar. adv. in a way, of a sort, somewhat, moderately; on the whole, somehow. ̃রতি, ̃রত্তি a. (lit.) amounting to a rati (রতি1) or .121 grams or 1.875 grains; only a little, a bit of; very small, tiny. ̃রব, ̃রা n. one voice. ̃রূপ same as একরকম । ̃রেখীয় a. (geom.) collinear. ̃রোখা a. obstinate; self-willed, wilful; hot-tempered, quick-tempered, irascible; having designs on one side only (একরোখা চাদর). ̃লহমা n. an instant, a moment; jiffy. ̃লহমায় adv. in an instant, in a moment, in a jiffy. ̃লিঙ্গ n. Shiva (শিব). a. unisexual; (bot.) declinous. ̃লিঙ্গতা n. unisexuality; (bot.) declinism. ̃শিরা n. hydrocele; orchitis. ̃শিরাল a. unicostate. ̃শিলা a. monolithic. ̃শেষ n. excessiveness, overmuchness; (gr.) a system of forming compound words in which only one word is chosen from amongst a group and is modified to represent the whole group. কষ্টের একশেষ trouble beyond measure. নাকালের একশেষ harassed beyond measure. ̃ষট্টি, ̃ষষ্টি a. & n. sixty-one. ˜ষষ্টিতম a. sixty-first, fem. একষষ্টিতমী । ̃সঙ্গে a. in a body, all together; at the same time, simultaneously. ̃সপ্ততি a. & n. seventy-one. ˜সপ্ততিতম a. seventy-first. fem. একসপ্ততিতমী । ̃সূত্রে adv. in one string. ̃স্হানে adv. in or at the same place; in a certain place, somewhere. ̃হাঁটু a. knee-deep. ̃হাত a. measuring one cubit. adv. enough for one time. একহাত নেওয়া v. to pay one out or back, to retaliate; to teach one a lesson. ̃হারা a. slim; of a delicate structure. 14)
(p. 262) krama one of a series, a grade, order, sequence; procedure, a method, a form; a rule, a law, a directive; a syllabus (পাঠক্রম); succession (পর্যায়ক্রমে); a step or pace; course (কালক্রমে); a dilution (esp. of a Homoeopathic medicine). ক্রমণ n. act of pacing; act of walking, ambulation; act of going. ̃নিম্ন a. sloping downwards; declining or decreasing gradually; gradually lower or inferior. ̃নিম্নতা n. downward slope, declivity; gradual decline or decrease or descent; gradual lowness or inferiority. ̃পরিবর্তন n. gradual change. ̃পর্যায় n. grade or gradation. ̃বর্ধন n. gradual increase or development. ̃বর্ধমান a. increasing or developing gradually. ̃বর্ধিত a. increased or developed gradually. ̃বিকাশ n. gradual development, evolution. ̃বৃদ্ধি same as ক্রমবর্ধন । ̃ভঙ্গ n. break of continuity or serial order; disorder, confusion, jumble. ̃মাণ a. pacing or ambulating in a leisurely manner. ̃শ adv. gradually; seriatim. ̃সূক্ষ্ণ a. getting gradually thinner or subtler; tapering. ̃হ্রাসমান a. gradually decreasing or declining or waning; on the wave. ক্রমে ক্রমে same as ক্রমশ । 9)
(p. 280) khārāpa bad, evil, ill, harmful (খারাপ অভ্যাস, খারাপ আবহাওয়া); inferior (খারাপ কাপড়); wicked (খারাপ স্বভাব); discourteous, uncivil, haughty, rude (খারাপ আচরণ); obscene, filthy (খারাপ কথা); bad, rotten, unwholesome (খারাপ খাবার); out of humour or rude (খারাপ মেজাজ); distressed, sad (মন খারাপ); unwell, indisposed (শরীর খারাপ); out of order, unserviceable (ঘড়িটা খারাপ হয়েছে); miserable, indigent (খারাপ আর্থিক অবস্হা); deteriorated, worsened, alarming (রোগীর অবস্হা খারাপ হওয়া); hard to cure or infectious (খারাপ রোগ বা রোগী); infected (খারাপ রক্ত); ominous, inauspicious (খারাপ দিন); ugly (খারাপ চেহারা); deranged (মাথা খারাপ); soiled, dirty (কাদা লেগে জামাটা খারাপ হয়েছে); evil or difficult (খারাপ পথ). খারাপ করা v. to make bad; to spoil, to bungle (কাজ খারাপ করা); to pollute (চরিত্র খারাপ করা); to soil (জামা খারাপ করা); to make or become unwell (শরীর খারাপ করা); to ruin (স্বাস্হ্য খারাপ করা); to distress or feel distressed (মন খারাপ করা); to cause a decline (আর্থিক অবস্হা খারাপ করা); to make or grow worse, to worsen, to deteriorate (রোগীর অবস্হা খারাপ করা); to put out of order, to damage (সে ঘড়িটাকে খারাপ করেছে); to soil or deface (সে বইখানাকে খারাপ করেছে); to ruffle (চুল খারাপ করা); to derange (মাথা খারাপ করা); to upset (পেট খারাপ করা). মন খারাপ করা v. to feel distressed, to become glum or morose. মাথা খারাপ করা v. to get crazy; to worry. মুখ খারাপ করা v. to utter or use filthy words. মেজাজ খারাপ করা v. to lose one's temper; to get out of humour. শরীর খারাপ করা v. to feel indisposed; to be indisposed; to spoil or ruin one's health. 17)
(p. 423) ṭimaṭima expressing: dimness of light or glory; hardly perceptible existence. টিমটিম করা v. (of a lamp etc.) to burn dimly; (of a glorious object) to be in the last stage of decline, to be at the fag-end of one's glory; (of an institution etc.) to keep up one's existence with great difficulty. টিমটিমে a. dimly burning; declining, at the fag-end of one's glory; almost passed out of existence. 34)
(p. 439) ḍhālu sloping or slanting downwards, declining. 12)
(p. 457) tiṅanta (Sans. gr.) declinable. 71)
(p. 577) nimantraṇa an invitation; an invitation to a dinner or feast; (fig.) a call or summons. নিমন্ত্রণ করা v. to invite, to ask courteously to come; to invite at a dinner or feast; (fig.) to call or summon; to make a formal and courteous request to do something. নিমন্ত্রণ গ্রহণ করা v. to accept an invitation. নিমন্ত্রণ প্রত্যাখ্যান করা v. to refuse or decline an invitation. নিমন্ত্রণ রক্ষা করা v. to pay a visit to the host in response to his invitation. বিনা নিমন্ত্রণে adv. without invitation, uninvitedly; unasked. ̃পত্র n. an invitation-card, a letter of invitation; (fig.) a writ of summons. 10)
(p. 577) nimna low; low-lying or depressed (নিম্নভূমি); subordinate, junior (নিম্নপদ); lower (নিম্ন আদালত); downcast (নিম্নদৃষ্টি); base, mean (নিম্নচেতা); socially lower or depressed (নিম্ন জাতি). n. (For.) a place or position underneath or below or low or lower (নিম্ন হইতে). নিম্ন অক্ষাংশ (geog.) a low latitude. নিম্ন আদালত a lower court. ̃গ a. going downwards. ̃গা a. fem. of নিম্নগ । n. fem. a river. ̃গামী a. going downwards; declining or degenerating; getting debased. fem. ̃গামিনী । ̃চাপ n. (med.) low pressure; (geog.) downward pressure; a depression. ̃তর a. lower. নিম্নতর কক্ষ (of legislature) the lower house or chamber. ̃তম a. minimum; minimal. ̃তল n. a lower deck, downfloor, groundfloor. ̃তা n. lowness; depression; depth, baseness, meanness; degeneration. ̃তাপ n. a low temperature; an abnormally low temperature. ̃দৃষ্টি n. downcast look; a mean outlook or inclination. ̃দেশ n. a lower part; a region underneath. ̃দেশে adv. in or to a lower part; under, below. ̃ধৃত a. undermentioned. ̃পদ n. a junior or a lower post. ̃পাত n. descending node. ̃প্রদেশ n. lowlands; a lower region or part; the part of the body under the waist; the posteriors. ̃বিত্ত n. low income; the people with a low income, the low income group. a. of or pertaining to the low income group. ̃মধ্যবিত্ত n. the lower middle class; the low middle class. ̃ভূমি n. lowlands; a low or depressed land. ̃মুখ a. (bot.) reclinate. ̃রেখিত a. underlined, underscored. ̃লিখিত a. written below, undermentioned. ̃সপ্তক n. (mus.) the low grave octave or gamut of the Indian musical notes. ̃সীমা n. the lowest limit. নিম্নাকর্ষণ n. downward attraction. নিম্নীভূত a. depressed, sunk. নিম্নীভূত সমভূমি (geog.) a sunk plain. নিম্নোক্ত a. undermentioned. নিম্নোদ্ধৃত a. quoted below; undermentioned. নিম্নোন্নত a. uneven, undulating. 19)
(p. 606) paḍ়ti fall; decline (পড়তির মুখ); (comm.) a fall in prices, business etc., slump (উড়তি-পড়তি); the portion of materials or ingredient wasted or scattered in course of production of an article (ঝড়তি-পড়তি); remainder, remnant. a. falling, on the decline. পড়তি বাজার slump, market with falling prices. 4)
(p. 606) paḍ়nta about to fall; declining; about to terminate or end, coming to a close (পড়ন্ত বেলা, পড়ন্ত দিন); setting (পড়ন্ত রোদ). পড়ন্ত বেলা the closing hours of the day. 7)
(p. 606) paḍ়na1 falling, fall; decline. 5)
(p. 606) paḍ়ā1 to fall, to drop (বৃষ্টি পড়া); to fall down, to drop down (পড়ে যাওয়া, তাল পড়া); to lean to (গায়েপড়া); (as an aux.) to perform an action (ঘুমিয়ে পড়া); to come to, to fall into (দুঃখে পড়া); to be uncultivated (জমি পড়ে থাকা); to be vacant or unoccupied (বাড়ি পড়ে থাকা); to stay or remain (পিছনে পড়া); to be unpaid or unrealized, to get into arrears (অনেক টাকা পড়ে আছে); to be outstanding (কাজ পড়ে থাকা); to set in, to begin, to ensue (আকাল পড়া); to attack, to raid (ডাকাত পড়া); to infest (পোকা পড়া); to be attacked (রোগে পড়া); to be caught (in) (জালে পড়া, দায়ে পড়া); to be affected with, to contact, to incur (মরচে পড়া, টাক পড়া, দায়ে পড়া); to arrive or appear (গিয়ে পড়া); to come across or fall upon (পথে পড়া); to set in for a spell (ঠান্ডা পড়া); to come upon, to strike, to occur (মনে পড়া = to call to mind); to require or involve or to involve an expenditure (অনেক টাকা পড়বে); to exude, to ooze, to flow out (রক্ত পড়া, রস পড়া, লাল পড়া); to fall off, to shed or to be shed, to fall (দাঁত পড়া, পাতা পড়া); to be placed (পাত পড়া); to be served (পাতে খাবার পড়া); to be paralyzed (অঙ্গ পড়ে যাওয়া); to come to a close, to decline (বেলা পড়া); to terminate; to be applied or set (হাত পড়া); to be allayed (রাগ পড়া); to be abated, to decrease (তেজ পড়া); to be directed or cast or set (চোখ পড়া); to be attracted (মন পড়া); to go into, to take in (পেটে পড়া); to be born (পেট থেকে পড়া); to be married (মেয়েটি বড় ঘরে পড়েছে). a. fallen, dropped; fallen down, dropped down; leaning to (গায়ে পড়া); hanging loose (ঝুলে-পড়া চামড়া); fallen into (বিপদে পড়া লোক); uncultivated or fallow; unoccupied, vacant; deserted (পড়া বাড়ি); staying, remaining, laid down (বিছানায় পড়া লোক); attacked; infested; caught; affected with; lying unclaimed or met with by chance (পড়া টাকা); abandoned, derelict (পড়া মাল). ̃নো v. to cause to fall or drop or lean to or infest or be attacked or be affected with or require or involve or involve an expenditure of or be turned or be directed or be cast or be set or be attracted or enter. পড়ে পড়ে কিল বা মার খাওয়া to take constant insult or suffer oppression without retaliation. পড়ে-পাওয়া v. to come upon something unexpectedly; to get a thing by chance and unexpectedly. পড়ে-পাওয়া a. got by chance and unexpectedly; that which has been obtained unexpectedly. See also পাওয়া । বাজারে পড়তে না পাওয়া to have a ready market, to go or sell like hot cakes. 11)
(p. 606) patana act of falling or dropping, a fall; act or state of being shed or showered; a shower; decline, downfall (সাম্রাজ্যের পতন); overthrow, defeat (শত্রুর পতন); slaughter, death (যুদ্ধে পতন); destruction (দেহের পতন); capture (দুর্গের পতন); depravation, corruption (সাধুর পতন); a defect (ছন্দপতন); failing, omission ('স্খলন-পতন-ত্রুটি'). পতন ঘটা v. to have a fall; to fall, to drop; to be shed or showered; to decline, to have a downfall, to be overthrown or defeated or killed or destroyed or captured or depraved or corrupted; to be omitted. পতন ঘটানো v. to cause a fall; to fell; to drop; to shed or shower; to cause decline or downfall; to overthrow or defeat; to kill; to destroy; to capture; to deprave or corrupt; to cause an omission. ̃শীল a. falling, dropping; being shed or showered; declining; on the wane; perishable. পতনোন্মুখ a. about to fall or drop or decline; tottering. 25)
(p. 606) patita fallen, dropped; shed; showered; declined; downfallen; overthrown, defeated; killed, slain; depraved; degenerated; guilty of a failing or lapse; depressed পতিত জাতি; socially cast out, excommunicate (সমাজে পতিত); outcasted (জাতে পতিত); uncultivated, fallow (পতিত জমি); deserted or unoccupied (পতিত ভিটা). পতিত করা v. to cast out from the society, to excommunicate; to outcaste. পতিত হওয়া v. to fall, to drop; to be shed or showered; to be guilty of a failing or lapse; to be cast out or excommunicated; to be outcasted. ̃পাবন a. one who delivers sinners from damnation. fem. ̃পাবনী । 30)
(p. 773) biṣuba the equinox. ̃বৃত্ত n. the equinoctial circle, the equinoctial, the equator. ̃রেখা n. the equinoctial line, equinoctial, the equator. ̃লম্ব n. (astr.) the declination. ̃সংক্রান্তি same as বিষুব । বিষুবীয় a. equinoctial. 34)
ভাটা, ভাটি১
(p. 810) bhāṭā, bhāṭi1 ebb, ebb-tide; the ebbward direction of a stream; downstream direction; downward direction; (fig.) decline. ভাটা পড়া বা লাগা v. to begin to ebb; to ebb; (fig.) to begin to decline, to decline. 17)
(p. 1007) sāẏana (astr.) declination; the equinox. 34)
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