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(p. 248) kṛtya that which ought to be or is to be done. n. a duty, a task (নিত্যকৃত্য, প্রাতঃকৃত্য); (gr.) a system of adding suffixes to words. ̃ক n. a public department, public service (শিক্ষণ-কৃত্যক = the educational service). কৃত্যকবই n. a service-book. কৃত্যক সূচি n. service-roll. ̃সূচি a. agenda. কৃত্যা n. fem. enchantment, witchery; an act or deed. কৃত্যাকৃত্য n. what ought to be and ought not to be done.
(p. 399) jādu2 magic, jugglery; sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment; engrossing charm (রূপের জাদু). জাদু করা v. to enchant, to bewitch; to charm. ̃কর, (rare) ̃গর a. a magician, a juggler; a sorcerer, a wizard; an enchanter, a charmer. fem. ̃করী, (rare) ̃গরী a female magician or juggler; a sorceress, a witch; an enchantress. ̃ঘর n. a museum (of curiosities). ̃বল n. magical power-good or bad, force of charm or enchantment. ̃বিদ্যা n. magic, jugglery; black art, sorcery, witchcraft; enchantment. 3)
(p. 400) jāla1 a net (মাছ-ধরা জাল); web (মাকড়সার জাল); a mesh, a snare, a trap; a network (রশ্মিজাল); a lace with network; a thin and fine covering with network (মুখঢাকা জাল); (fig.) allurement, illusion, enchantment, charm (সৌন্দর্যের জাল); a collection or mass (জটাজাল). জাল পাতা; v. to lay or set a trap. জাল ফেলা v. to cast a net. জাল বাওয়া v. to practise casting a net. খেপলা-জাল n. a cast net. ছাঁকি জাল n. a scoop-net, a dipping net. টানা-জাল n. a draw-net. 28)
(p. 418) jhōn̐ka a stooping state; inclination, propensity, a tendency; liking; earnest interest (রাজনীতিতে ঝোঁক); a whim, a caprice, a leaning, a penchant (দেশভ্রমণের ঝোঁক); overwhelming or besotting influence (নেশার ঝোঁক). ̃মাত্র n. velleity. 8)
(p. 462) tuka occult method of charming, enchantment (তুক করা); a magical incantation of enchatment (তুক জানা). তুক করা v. to cast a spell over (a person with a view to harming him), to put a spell on. ̃তাক n. occult methods and incantations of enchantment. 22)
(p. 601) pañca five. ̃ক n. a set of five, a quintette, a quintet, a pentad (গীতপঞ্চক). ̃কোণ, ̃কোণী a. pentagular. ̃গব্য n. the five articles derived from the cow, namely, curd, milk, clarified butter, cow's urine and cowdung. ̃গুণ n. the five qualities or attributes, namely, beauty, exudation or juice, smell, touch and sound. a. five times, fivefold. ̃গৌড় n. a collective name for the ancient regions of Gaud (গৌড়), Mithila (মিথিল), Utkal (উত্কল), Kanauj (কনৌজ), and the region situated on the bank of the river Saraswati. ̃চত্বারিংশ a. forty-five. ̃চত্বারিংশত্ n. & a. forty-five. ˜চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-fifth. fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃তপা a. one who practises severe religious austerities with the blazing sun overhead and enkindling four huge fires on four sides. ̃ত্রিংশ n. thirty-five. ̃ত্রিংশত্ n. & a. thirty-five. ˜ত্রিংশত্তম a. thirty-fifth. fem. ̃ত্রিংশত্তমী । পঞ্চত্ব n. death. পঞ্চত্বপ্রাপ্ত a. dead. পঞ্চত্বপ্রাপ্ত হওয়া v. to meet with death, to give or yield up the ghost, to die. পঞ্চত্বপ্রাপ্তি n. death. ̃দল a. having five petals, quinquepetalous; pentamerous; quinquepartite. ̃দল পুষ্প a cinquefoil. ̃দলীয় a. pentamerous; pertaining to or consisting of five parties, quinquepartite. ̃দশ n. & a. fifteen. □ a. fifteenth. ̃দশী a. fem. fifteenth; fifteen years old. n. the ultimate day of a lunar fortnight; the full moon or the new moon; one of the Vedantas (বেদান্ত). ̃দেবতা n. five deities or Gods receiving oblation before one's meal. ̃নদ n. the Punjab (it is inundated by five rivers). ̃পান্ডব n. the five Pandava( পান্ডব). brothers of the Mahabharata, the Pandava quintette. ̃পাত্র n. a vessel used in Hindu religious service: it consists of four small metal cups placed on a metal tray. ̃পিতা n. one's progenitor, deliverer from fear, father-in-law, preceptor and maintainer collectively. ̃প্রদীপ n. a metal lamp with room for five wicks. ̃বটী n. a sacred place with the assemblage of five banyan trees. ̃বাণ n. the five arrows of Kam (কাম) the god of love, namely, enchantment, excitement, absorption, heating and stupefaction; Kama the god of love. ̃বায়ু n. the five vital airs (or breaths) that are drawn into or sent out from the body. ̃বিংশ a. twenty-five. ̃বিংশতি n. & a. twenty-five. ˜বিংশতিতম a. twenty-fifth. fem. ̃বিংশতিতমী । ̃ভূজ n. (geom.) a pentagon. a. pentagonal. ̃ভূত n. the five vital elements collectively, namely, earth, water, heat, air and atmosphere or space. পঞ্চভূতে মেশা v. (lit.) to be dissolved into the five vital elements; (fig.) to die. পঞ্চম a. fifth. n. same as পঞ্চমস্বর । ̃মকার n. wine, meat, fish, posture and sexual intercourse collectively, five essential tantric (তান্ত্রিক) practices or rites. পঞ্চমবাহিনী n. the fifth column; the group of soldiers supporting and working for the enemy within the country. পঞ্চমস্বর n. (mus.) the major fifth of the C-scale; the cuckoo's note. ̃মহাপাতক n. the five mortal sins according to Hindu scriptures. পঞ্চমী a. fem. fifth. n. fem. the fifth lunar day of either fortnight. ̃মুখ a. having five faces or mouths, five-faced; eloquent (প্রশংসায় পঞ্চমুখ). n. an appellation of Shiva (শিব). ̃মুখী a. fem. five-faced; pentapetalous; having five surfaces (পঞ্চমুখী নীলা); having five bores or holes (পঞ্চমুখী রুদ্রাক্ষ); having five parts or sections, pentamerous, fivepronged. ̃মুখী পুষ্প a cinquefoil. ̃রঙ্গ ̃রং n. (in chess) one of the systems of checkmating. ̃রত্ন n. the five gems collectively, namely, sapphire, diamond, ruby, pearl and coral. ̃রাশিক n. (arith.) the double rule of three. ̃শর same as ̃বাণ । ̃শস্য n. the five principal grains collectively, namely, paddy, kidney-bean or oat, barley, sesame and pigeon-pea. 51)
(p. 721) baśīkaraṇa act of bringing under one's control, enslavement by enchantment or mesmerism or incantation; enchantment, hypnotization; a weird process to bring somebody under one's control. বশীকরণ করা v. to bring somebody under one's control (esp. by means of some mysterious and weird process); to enchant. বশীকরণ-মন্ত্র n. incantation believed to possess occult power of bringing others under control. 172)
(p. 721) baśīkṛta brought under control; subjugated; tamed; enchanted; made obedient. fem. বশীকৃতা । 173)
(p. 721) baśībhūta brought under control; attached or addicted to; enchanted; fond of and obedient to. fem. বশীভূতা । 174)
(p. 767) bimugdha thoroughly fascinated or infatuated or enamoured (of) or enchanted; utterly bewildered or confounded. fem. বিমুগ্ধা । ̃তা n. complete fascination or infatuation or enchantment; utter bewilderment. 32)
(p. 819) bhubana (myth.) the seven heavens and seven underworlds; the universe; the world, the earth. ̃বিখ্যাত a. worldfamous. ̃বিজয়ী a. world-conquering. ̃বিদিত a. known all over the world. ̃ব্যাপী a. worldwide; universal. ̃-ভুলানো a. enchanting the whole world, holding the world under a spell. ̃ময় a. all over the world, all around the world; ubiquitous. ̃মনোমোহিনী a. fem. captivating the minds of all people of the world. ̃মোহন a. fascinating the whole world. fem. ̃মোহিনী । ভুবনেশ্বর n. the lord of the universe; Shiva (শিব) esp. whose image is installed at Bhubaneswar; God. fem. ভুবনেশ্বরী one of the ten manifestations of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). 7)
(p. 839) manōhara captivating; charming; very pleasant; lovely; very beautiful. মনোহরণ n. fascination; enchantment; attraction. a. attractive; fascinating, enchanting (মনোহরণ বেশ). মনোহরণ করা v. to captivate the mind. মনোহরশাহি n. a mode of kirtan (কীর্তন) songs. মনোহরা a. fem. of মনোহর । n. a variety of sweetmeat. 11)
(p. 852) māẏā (theol.) illusion, the material world, physical or phenomenal nature, maya; delusion; infatuation, fascination; affection, attachment; tenderness; compassion; magic, jugglery; black magic, sorcery; deceit, a beguiling trick, chicanery; disguise. মায়া করা v. to think or treat with affection, to be attached to; to be reluctant to lose (টাকার বা চাকরির মায়া করা). মায়ায় ভোলা v. to be duped by attachment or sorcery or illusion or by a beguiling trick. ̃কানন n. a garden or grove created by sorcery, an enchanted garden. ̃কান্না n. insincere sorrow, crocodile tears. ̃ঘোর n. influence or spell of illusion or delusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃জাল n. a cobweb or network or spell of illusion or delusion or attachment or infatuation or enchantment. ̃জীবী n. a magician, a juggler; a conjurer. ̃ডোর n. a string or bond of attachment or infatuation. মায়াত্মক a. illusory; delusive; enchanted; hypocritical; disguised. ̃দণ্ড n. a magician's or conjurer's wand. ̃দপর্ণ same as ̃মুকুর । ̃ধারী a. concealing one's identity by casting a spell of illusion; hypocritical; disguised. ̃পাশ same as ̃জাল । ̃বদ্ধ a. strongly held under illusion; greatly attached or infatuated or enchanted. ̃বন্ধন n. the bond or tie of illusion or attachment or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বলে adv. magically; by trickery or beguiling trick; by a spell of delusion or beguiling trick. ̃বশ a. subject to attachment or affection or infatuation, fondly attached. ̃বাদ n. (phil. & theol.) illusionism. ˜বাদী a. (phil. & theol.) illusionistic. □ n. an illusionist. ̃বিদ্যা n. jugglery, magic; conjury; sorcery, black magic. ̃বী a. practising deceit, deceitful; practising sorcery; warranting affection, infatuating, enchanting (মায়াবী সৌন্দর্য). n. an enchanter (fem. an enchantress), a sorcerer (fem. a sorceress); a wizard (fem. a witch); a conjurer. fem. ̃বিনী । ̃মমতা n. pl. affection and compassion; love and attachment; (cp.) a soft spot (for). ̃ময় a. illusive; delusive; infatuating; bewitching, enchanting; deceptive. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃মুকুর n. a magic mirror. ̃মুক্ত a. freed from attachment or affection; disillusioned; disenchanted. ̃মৃগ n. (Ramayana) a stag appearing to be made of gold, which tempted Sita and led her to be kidnapped by Ravana; (fig.) a perilous illusion or temptation. ̃মোহ same as ̃ঘোর । ̃রজ্জু same as ̃ডোর । ̃রাজ্য n. a land created by sorcery; a realm of infatuation or enchantment. ̃হীন a. devoid of tenderness or compassion. 147)
(p. 852) māẏika magical; illusive; infatuating; enchanting. 148)
(p. 872) mugdha fascinated; enchanted, bewitched; highly attracted, captivated; spellbound; engrossed, absorbed (ধ্যানমুগ্ধ) entranced (আবেশমুগ্ধ); foolishly doting (স্নেহমুগ্ধ); enamoured of; foolish or ignorant (মুগ্ধবোধ); simple, naive (মুগ্ধস্বভাব) fem. মুগ্ধা । মুগ্ধ করা v. to fascinate; to enchant, to bewitch; to attract highly, to captivate; to engross or absorb; to entrance. 18)
(p. 882) mōha (theol.) ignorance about reality; illusion; ignorance; mental obsession; infatuation; fascination; deep attachment, dotage; a fainting fit, a swoon; enchantment, bewitchment. মোহ নিরসন করা v. to dispel illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃গ্রস্ত a. affected with an illusion; ignorant; mentally obsessed; deluded; infatuated; fascinated or fondly attached; doting; fainted, swooned; enchanted, bewitched; stupefied. ̃ঘোর n. a spell of illusion or ignorance or mental obsession or infatuation or fainting fit or enchantment. ̃জনক a. illusive; causing mental obsession; infatuating; fascinating; causing to faint; enchanting, bewitching. ̃জাল same as ̃পাশ, ̃তিমির same as ̃ঘোর । ̃নিদ্রা n. stupor or hypnosis or trance caused by illusion; infatuation; a fainting fit. ̃পাশ n. the mesh of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বদ্ধ a. caught in the mesh or snare of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বন্ধ, ̃বন্ধন n. the bondage of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃ভঙ্গ n. recovery from illusion or infatuation or enchantment or from a fainting fit, disillusionment, disenchantment. ̃মদ n. pride caused by illusion or ignorance. ̃মন্ত্র n. an incantation to enchant; a magic spell. ̃ময় a. illusive, illusory; infatuating; enchanting. ̃মুগ্ধ a. captivated by illusion; infatuated; fascinated; fondly attached, doting; enchanted, bewitched, spellbound. ̃মুদ্গর n. a book of verse by Shankaracharya intending to dispel illusion; a cudgel dispelling illusion or ignorance or infatuation. 41)
(p. 882) mōhana enchantment, bewitchment; infatuation, fascination. a. infatuating, fascinating (গোপীমোহন); charming (মোহন বেণু). ̃চুড়া n. an attractive or charming bun of hair put up on the crown of one's head. ̃ভোগ n. a kind of porridge made by boiling corn-flour in milk. ̃মালা n. a variety of gold necklace. ̃মূর্তি n. a fascinating figure. 42)
(p. 882) mōhita enmeshed in illusion; fascinated; infatuated; beside oneself; swooned; enchanted, charmed; hypnotized. মোহিত করা v. to enmesh in illusion; to fascinate; to infatuate; to cause to swoon; to enchant, to charm, to hypnotize. 45)
(p. 882) mōhinī enchanting, bewitching; charming; infatuating; possession bewitching personal charm. n. fem. (myth.) an exquisitely bewitching figure of a woman assumed by Vishnu (বিষ্ণু) to delude asuras (অসুর); a woman of bewitching beauty or personal charm; witchcraft or sorcery (usu. মোহিনীবিদ্যা); hypnotism, mesmerism (also মোহিনীবিদ্যা). মোহিনী মায়া n. an enchanting illusion. ̃শক্তি n. the power of enchanting or bewitching; hypnotic power. 46)
(p. 990) sammōha great or utter infatuation; hypnotization; hypnosis. সম্মোহন n. same as সম্মোহ a. infatuating; hypnotizing; hypnotic. fem. a. সম্মোহিনী । সম্মোহিত a. greatly or utterly infatuated; enchanted, charmed, hypnotized. সম্মোহিত করা v. to infatuate greatly or utterly; to hypnotize, to mesmerize. 68)
(p. 1027) saubhika a conjuror, a wizard, an enchanter; magician. 43)
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