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(p. 2) akalpita not imaginary or fanciful; real; unthought-of, unimagined. ̃পূর্ব a. unpremeditated; unthought-of; not thought-of before. 28)
(p. 2) akaṣṭakalpanā spontaneous (and not forced or far-fetched) imagination or (literary) composition. অকষ্টকল্পিত a. not forced or far-fetched, spontaneous, facile, easygoing. 30)
(p. 2) akṣuṇṇa unimpaired or unaffected (অক্ষুণ্ণ স্বাস্হ্য বা মর্যাদা); unoffended (অক্ষুণ্ণচিত্ত); unhindered, unchecked (অক্ষুণ্ণ গতি); unabated (অক্ষুণ্ণ তেজ); undamaged or untarnished (অক্ষুণ্ণ সতীত্ব); unquestioned, untrammelled, unhampered, supreme, sovereign (অক্ষুণ্ণ প্রতিপত্তি); still in force, intact (অক্ষুণ্ণ অধিকার বা স্বার্থ); unused, not at all used (অক্ষুণ্ণ মূলধন) 101)
(p. 9) acintanīẏa unthinkable; unimaginable; inconceivable. 57)
(p. 22) adhyārōpa (rhet.) transference of epithet; (phil.) imaginary ascription of foreign qualities to a person of a thing; illusion. 23)
(p. 22) adhyāsa1 ascription, attribution; (phil.) imaginary ascription of foreign qualities to a person or a thing, illusion. 24)
(p. 24) ananumēẏa incapable of being guessed, not conjecturable; unimaginable. 12)
(p. 56) abashāna-dharmaghaṭa stay-in-strike. 41)
(p. 56) abādha unobstructed, unrestrained, unrestricted; unopposed; unimpeded; uninterrupted; unbridled; free; facile. অবাধ কল্পনা unbridled or facile imagination. অবাধ নীতি laissez faire. অবাধ বাণিজ্য free trade. অবাধ ভ্রমণ unrestricted travel; travel as you like. অবাধে adv. without obstruction or restraint or restriction; without let or hindrance; without opposition or impediment; freely; facilely. 59)
(p. 56) abikala (ori.) not defective or crippled; unimpaired, undamaged, undistorted; perfect, whole, complete, entire; exact, precise; resembling in all respects, true to the model (অবিকল চিত্র). adv. exactly, precisely; faithfully to the model. অবিকল প্রতিরূপ a. facsimile, a true or exact copy. 69)
(p. 56) abikṣata unhurt; undamaged; entire, intact, whole. 76)
অভাবনীয়, অভাব্য
(p. 63) abhābanīẏa, abhābya incapable of being thought of beforehand; incapable of being anticipated or expected; unthinkable, unimaginable, inconceivable; unexpected; amazingly novel. 41)
(p. 73) ayaśa disrepute; discredit. অযশস্কর a. disreputable; discreditable; damaging; disgraceful; inglorious. অযশস্বী a. not famous. fem. অযশস্বিনী । 28)
(p. 75) arghya offerings, sacrifice, altarage; presents and address with which an honourable person is received; anything offered in homage (to). 16)
অর্চন, অর্চনা
(p. 75) arcana, arcanā worship; cult; adoration; homage. অর্চনা করা v. to worship; to adore; to pay homage to. অর্চনীয় a. one who or that which should be or is to be worshipped; worshipful; adorable; honourable; venerable, reverend. 18)
(p. 85) asadbimba (phys.) a virtual image. 38)
(p. 90) asta (myth.) an imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (also অস্তগিরি, অস্তাচল); the setting of the sun, moon etc., going below the horizon; decline; end; fall. ̃গত, ̃মিত a. (of the sun, moon etc.) that which has set or gone below the horizon, declined. ̃গমন, ̃মন n. setting or going below the horizon, decline. ̃গামী, অস্তাচলগামী a. going to set, setting. অস্তোদয় n. the rising and setting (of the sun). adv. throughout the day; from dawn to dusk. 36)
(p. 73) aẏaskarṣaṇī magnetic. n. magnetic power. 31)
(p. 73) aẏaskānta magnet; loadstone. 32)
(p. 98) ākarṣa attraction; pull; any object by which something is drawn or pulled; magnet; a tendril. আকর্ষক, আকর্ষিক, আকর্ষী a. that which attracts or draws or pulls. n. lodestone. 22)
(p. 107) ātmārāma the soul; life; the mind; life as imagined as a bird enclosed by the prison of a body; a term of endearment with which a pet parrot, or parakeet, or magpie is addressed (বলো বাবা আত্মারাম). আত্মারাম খাঁচাছাড়া হওয়া v. to die. আত্মারাম শুকিয়ে যাওয়া v. to cower. 37)
(p. 122) āmēja subtle presence or slight trace, a touch; a touch of similarity; the ultimate part of anything passing away, after-image, after-taste (সুরের আমেজ, নেশার আমেজ); pleasant drowsiness or rapt attention (গানের আমেজ আসা). 22)
(p. 138) indrajāla magic, conjuring; jugglery; a spell. ইন্দ্রজালিক, ঐন্দ্রজালিক n. magician. a. magical. 26)
(p. 143) ugra violent; cruel; rough, harsh (উগ্র কথা); haughty; angry, wrathful, hot (উগ্র স্বভাব); severe, fierce (উগ্র তেজ); sharp, pungent, strong (উগ্র শব্দ, উগ্র গন্ধ, উগ্র বিষ). ̃কন্ঠ, ̃স্বর a. harsh-and-angry-voiced, raucous. ̃কন্ঠে, ̃স্বরে adv. in a harsh and angry voice, in a rough or rude voice, raucously. ̃কর্মা a. one who performs terrible or cruel deeds. ̃ক্ষত্রিয় n. the Aguri. ̃চণ্ডা, ̃চণ্ডী n. fem. an appellation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) when conceived as the goddess of wrath; a termagant woman, a termagant, a shrew. ̃গন্ধী a. strongscented. ̃তপা a. practising severe penance or asceticism. ̃তা n. violence; cruelty; roughness, harshness; haughtiness; anger, wrath, heat; severity, fierceness; sharpness. ̃দর্শন a. angrylooking, of fierce looks, of a stern and forbidding appearance. fem. উগ্রদর্শনা । ̃পন্হী a. & n. extremist; terrorist. ̃প্রকৃতি a. hot-tempered; quick-tempered; irascible, choleric. ̃বীর্য a. highspirited. ̃মূর্তি a. angry-looking; fiercelooking. ̃স্বভাব same as উগ্রপ্রকৃতি । 22)
(p. 143) ucca (for. High.) high, tall; elevated (উচ্চ ভূমি); socially high (উচ্চ বংশ); noble, exalted (উচ্চ মন); dignified or pompous (উচ্চ চালচলন); upper (উচ্চ শ্রেণি); high-pitched, loud (উচ্চ স্বর); dear, costly (উচ্চ মূল্য); superior, senior (উচ্চ পদ, উচ্চ কর্মচারী). ̃কুলজাত a. born of a high family, highborn, nobly born. ̃তম a. super; highest; loftiest. ̃তর a. compar. higher; loftier. ̃তা n. height, altitude; tallness; elevation; state of being socially high; nobleness, exaltedness; loudness. ̃নাদ a. highsounding, making a loud noise; loud. n. a loud noise or sound. ̃নীচ a. & n. high and low. ˜পাত n. (astr.) the ascending node. ̃বাচ্য n. response; anything in favour or opposition; commenting. ̃বাচ্য না করা v. not to respond; not to say anything in favour or opposition; not to pass any comments; to keep quiet, to remain silent. ̃বিত্ত n. upper class. a. belonging to the upper class. উচ্চ বিদ্যালয় a high school. ̃বেতন n. high or handsome or fat or big salary. ̃ভাষী a. harsh-tongued; bragging. ̃মধ্যবিত্ত n. upper middleclass. ̃মূল্য n. high price. ̃রোল n. loud noise, clamour. ̃শিক্ষা n. high or higher education. ̃হার n. high rate. ̃হারে adv. at a high rate. ̃হাসি n. a loud laugh, a guffaw, laughter. ̃হৃদয় a. large-hearted, high-minded, magnanimous, generous. 27)
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