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transfer; দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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অচালনীয়, অচাল্য
(p. 9) acālanīẏa, acālya incapable of being conducted or transferred. 51)
(p. 17) adalabadala interchange; alternation; exchange; mutual transfer; modification. অদলবদল করা v. to interchange; to alter; to exchange; to transfer mutually; to modify. 25)
(p. 22) adhyārōpa (rhet.) transference of epithet; (phil.) imaginary ascription of foreign qualities to a person of a thing; illusion. 23)
(p. 41) apabartana (alg.) division by a common measure; alteration, change; transfer; removal; difraction. অপবর্তিত a. divided by a common measure. 84)
(p. 41) apabāhita removed to a different place, shifted; transferred; driven or chased away, beaten off. 87)
(p. 48) apasāraṇa taking away to a different place; transfer, removal; withdrawal; dismissal (কর্মচারীর অপসারণ); (phys.) divergence. অপসারণ করা v. to take away to a different place; to shift, to transfer, to remove; to withdraw; to dismiss; to dispel or expel (অন্ধকার অপসারণ করা); (phys.) to diverge. অপসারণ কোণ angle of divergence. 11)
(p. 48) apasārita shifted, gone away; removed, transferred; withdrawn; dismissed; dispelled or expelled. অপসারিত করা same as অপসারণ করা (see অপসারণ). অপসারিত হওয়া v. to move to a different place; to move away; to shift; to remove; to withdraw, to retreat; to go back, to recede; to go away; to be dispelled or expelled; (phys.) to diverge. 12)
(p. 56) abahāra theft; armistice; cease-fire; transfer or removal or withdrawal of soldiers from the front to the camp; conversion to another religion, apostasy; (comm.) a discount. 47)
(p. 202) kabālā a deed of sale or transfer, a conveyance, a bill of sale. কবালা করে দেওয়া v. to sell or convey by a deed. 14)
(p. 217) kān̐dha the shoulder; the neck. কাঁধ ঝাঁকানো v. to shrug, to shrug one's shoulder. কাঁধ দেওয়া, কাঁধ লাগানো v. to volunteer to shoulder a burden; to come forward to assistor cooperate. কাঁধ বদলানো v. to transfer a burden to another's shoulder or to one's other shoulder when feeling fatigued. কাঁধে করা, কাঁধে নেওয়া v. to place and carry upon one's shoulder, to bear upon one's shoulder, to shoulder. কাঁধের হাড় n. the scapula. কার কাঁধে দশটা মাধা who has the rashness to risk his head ? who'll dare? কাঁধাকাঁধি n. state of being carried or borne on shoulders of more than one person at a time. adv. being borne upon the shoulders of more than one person at a time; side by side, cheek by jowl. 10)
(p. 390) jala water; aqua: rain (জল হচ্ছে); a stream ('যেতেছে জলের মত'); (fig.) a light repast, refreshment, snack, tiffin (জলখাবার). a. cooled, comforted, refreshed (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); liquefied (গলে জল); rendered watery, thinned (রক্ত জল); mixed or adulterated with water (জল দুধ); wasted (টাকা জল হওয়া); exhausted, ruined (দেহ বা রক্ত জল হওয়া); very easy (জল অঙ্ক). খর জল hard water. চোখের জল tears. নারকেলের জল milk of coconut. বৃষ্টির জল rain-water. ভারী জল (phys.) heavy water. মিঠে জল fresh water. মৃদু জল soft water. জল করা v. to waste (টাকা জল করা); to ruin, to exhaust (দেহ বা রক্ত জল করা); to cool or comfort (প্রাণ জল করা). জল খাওয়া. v. to drink water; to take light repast, to take tiffin, (coll.) to refresh; to take or require water (ইঞ্জিনটা খুব জল খায়). জল ঝরা. v. to drip. জল দেওয়া v. to give water; to give a dying person water to drink; to offer drinking water to the manes; to water (গাছে জল দেওয়া). জল পড়া. v. to rain; to leak water (কলসিটা থেকে জল পড়ে); to stream with tears. জল মরা v. to dry up. জল নেওয়া v. to take water; (of an engine etc.) to water. জল সওয়া v. to fetch water from a river or pond on the eve of a festival. জল সরা v. to pass out water; to use the water of a pond esp. for purposes other than drinking; (of a pregnant woman) pass fluid (esp. immediately before childbirth). জল হওয়া v. to rain; to become liquid, to liquefy, to melt (গলে জল হওয়া); to cool or be comforted (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); to cool or calm down (রাগ জল হওয়া); to become cold (চা জল হওয়া). জলে দেওয়া. v. (fig.) to give to an undeserving person; (fig.) to waste. জলে পড়া v. (fig.) to arrive at a bad place; (fig.) to fall in a danger; (fig.) to fall to an undeserving person; (fig.) to be wasted. জলে ফেলা same as জলে দেওয়া । জলে যাওয়া v. to go to a river or pond; (fig.) to be wasted (টাকাটা জলে গেল). জলের কল. a. watertap. কলের জল tap-water. জলের গাড়ি a water-cart. জলের দামে (fig.) at a throwaway price. জলের স্রোত a stream of water. ̃কণা n. a little or small drop of water. ̃কন্যা n. a water-nymph, a naiad, a mermaid. ̃কপাট n. a watergate, a sluicegate, a sluice. ̃কর n. a tax imposed on ponds, water reservoirs etc.; a water toll; a tax on fishery. ̃কল্লোল n. noise (usu. loud) made by a running stream or wave; a noisy wave; a roaring wave. ̃কষ্ট n. scarcity of water. ̃কাচা a. (of textile goods) washed in water only (that is, without using soap or other washing materials). ̃কাদা n. rain-water and mud; slush. ̃কুক্কুট n. the water-fowl; the gull. ̃কুণ্ড n. a water-font; a water-reservoir. ̃কূট n. (phys.) a water-trap. ̃ক্রিয়া n. drink-offering to the deceased, water libation, offering drinking water to the manes. ̃ক্রীড়া, ̃কেলি n. aquatic sports, watersports; bathing in rivers or ponds for amusement. ̃খাবার n. a light repast, refreshment, tiffin, snack. ̃গাহ n. waterbath. জলগ্রহণ না করা v. not to drink water; not to take even the slightest food, refuse to take any food. ̃গ্রাহী a. (bot.) hygroscopic. ̃চক্র n. (phys.) a water-mill. ̃চর a. living or growing in water, aquatic. n. an aquatic animal. ̃চল a. belonging to a caste whose touch does not pollute water to be used by high-caste people. ̃চাষ বিদ্যা hydroponics, art of growing plants in water impregnated with nutrients. ̃চিকিত্সক n. a hydropathist. ̃চিকিত্সা n. hydropathy. ̃চিহ্ন n. manufacturer's design on some kinds of paper-seen when the paper is held against light, watermark. ̃চুড়ি n. a watermark in the shape of a thin streak. ̃চৌকি n. a low and small wooden stool. ̃ছত্র coll. corrup. of ̃সত্র, । ̃ছবি n. a transfer picture. ̃ছাপ n. a watermark. ̃জ a. born in or of water, ponds, rivers, seas etc.; aquatic. n. the water-lily, the lotus. ̃জন্তু n. an aquatic animal. ̃জীয়ন্ত, ̃জিয়ন্ত, (coll.) ̃জ্যন্ত a. perfectly alive (just like a fish in water); (fig.) quite obvious, downright (জলজ্যান্ত মিথ্যা). ̃ঝড় n. rain and storm. ̃টুঙি n. a raised hut built in the midst of a pond, marsh, river etc. ̃ঢোঁড়া n. a species of non-venomous water-snake. ̃তরঙ্গ n. a wave; a ripple; a kind of musical instrument consisting of seven bowls which are filled with water and are struck with one or more sticks in order to produce musical sounds. ̃দস্যু n. a pirate; a buccaneer. ̃দস্যুতা n. piracy. ̃তা করা v. to act as a pirate; to buccaneer. ̃দেবতা n. a watergod; Neptune; Varuna (বরুণ). ̃দোষ n. morbid collection of water in the abdomen, dropsy. ̃দ্রোণী n. a water-cask, a water-barrel; a water-bucket; a trough. ̃ধর a. containing water; full of water. n. the cloud; the sea. ̃ধারা n. a stream of water. ̃নকুল n. the otter. ̃নালী n. a water-passage; an aqueduct; a drain. ̃নিকাশ n. draining out water, drainage. ̃নিকাশের পথ a drain, an outlet for water. ̃নিধি n. an ocean; a sea. ̃নিরোধক a. waterproof. ̃নির্গম n. passage of water, drainage. ̃নির্গমপথ n. an outlet for water; a drain. ̃নির্গম প্রণালী n. drainage system; an outlet for water, a conduit; a drain. ̃পটি n. a strip of cloth soaked in water and placed on a wounded limb or on the forehead. ̃পড়া n. water into which curative or supernatural power is believed to have been infused by means of mysterious words uttered by a sorcerer or magician. ̃পথ n. a waterway; an outlet for water. ̃পথে adv. by water. ̃পরাগী a. hydrophilous. ̃পরি n. a water-nymph; a water fairy, mermaid. ̃পাত্র n. a water-vessel, a water-pot; a drinking cup or glass. ̃পান n. a light repast, snacks; act of drinking water. জলপান করা v. to take a light repast; to drink water. ̃পানি n. a scholarship, a studentship, student's stipend; pocket-money (আশুতোষ তাঁর বাবার কাছ থেকে নিত্য এক টাকা করে জলপানি পেতেন). ̃পিপাসা n. thirst. ̃পিপি n. a small species of wading bird, the jacana, Metopidius indicus. ̃পিঁড়ি n. a low wooden pedestal on which pitchers are placed. ̃পুলিশ a. water police; marine police. ̃পৃষ্ঠ n. water level, surface of water. ̃প্রণালী n. an outlet for water; a drain; a watercourse; a strait. ̃প্রপাত n. a waterfall, a cataract, a cascade, a fall. ̃প্লাবন n. a flood; a deluge. ̃প্লাবিত a. overflooded; flooded with water. ̃বত্ a. (fig.) clear as water, perspicuous, very easy to understand. ̃বসন্ত n. chicken-pox. ̃বাতাস, ̃বায়ু n. climate. ̃বাহক n. a water-carrier. ̃বাহিত a. (of goods or diseases) water-borne. ̃বিছুটি n. nettle drenched in water (which, when rubbed on any part of the body, causes a terrible irritation). ̃বিজ্ঞান n. hydrostatics. ̃বিদ্যুত্ n. hydro-electricity, hydro-electric power. ̃বিন্দু n. a drop of water. ̃বিম্ব n. a bubble. ̃বিভাজিকা n. watershed. ̃বিযুক্ত করা v. to dehydrate. ̃বিয়োজন n. dehydration. ̃বিষুব n. the autumnal equinox. ̃বিশ্লেষণ n. hydrolyzation. জলবিশ্লেষণ করা v. to hydrolize. ̃বিহার same as ̃ক্রীড়া । ̃বোমা n. a depth charge, a bomb used against a submarine for explosion under water. জল ভাঙা v. to proceed or walk through water with difficulty. ̃ভ্রমি n. a whirlpool. ̃মগ্ন a. immersed or sunk in water; drowned; flooded or submerged. জলমগ্ন হওয়া v. to sink; to drown; to be submerged. ̃ময় a. full of water; watery; flooded with water; full of ponds, rivers etc. (জলময় দেশ). ̃মার্জার n. the otter. ̃মুক n. the cloud. ̃যন্ত্র n. a machine or pulley for hauling up water; a water-clock, a clepsydra; a spraying instrument, a spray. ̃যাত্রা n. a sea voyage. ̃যাত্রী n. a voyager. a. voyaging. ̃যান n. a ship or a boat, a vessel. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a fight on water, a naval fight; a naval war; naval warfare. ̃যোদ্ধা n. a naval soldier, a navy-man. ̃যোগ n. tiffin or a light repast. জলযোগ করা v. to take tiffin or a light repast. ̃রং n. water colour. ̃রাশি n. a mass of water. ̃রেখা n. a water-line. ̃রোধী a. waterproof; watertight. ̃শক্তি n. hydro-electricity, power obtained from flowing or falling water capable of generating electric current etc., waterpower. ̃শূন্য a. waterless; dry. ̃শৌচ n. act of washing the posteriors (and also other parts of the body) with water after purging. ̃সত্র n. a place for charitable distribution of drinking water to the public. ̃সম a. level with water. ̃সমতল n. water-level. ̃সিক্ত a. soaked in or drenched with water, wet; moist. ̃সিঞ্চন, ̃সেচন n. act of sprinkling water; act of watering (trees etc.) জলসিঞ্চন করা, জলসেচন করা v. to sprinkle water (upon); to water. ̃সেক n. act of sprinkling water; act of sprinkling; act of fomenting with a piece of cloth dipped in hot water. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a waterspout. ̃স্ফীতি n. spate. ̃স্রোত n. a stream of water. ̃হস্তী n. the hippopotamus. ̃হাওয়া n. climate. 59)
(p. 423) ṭālā to neglect or waste; to pass ('মনুষ্য দুর্লভ জন্ম বৃথা কেন টাল'); to evade, to dodge ('সত্য কথা মিথ্যা করি টালে'); to pay no heed to; to sift (আটা টালা); to take back (প্রতিজ্ঞা টালা); to circulate (কথা টালা). ̃টালি n. repeated or continuous transfer (জিনিসপত্রের টালাটালি); circulation (কথা টালাটালি). 2)
(p. 439) ḍhālāḍhāli act of transferring a liquid repeatedly from one container to another by pouring it; act of pouring and repouring a liquid into a container. ঢেলে সাজা v. to undo a thing and then to do it afresh, to fashion anew, to recast. 10)
(p. 485) dala a leaf (বিল্বদল); a petal (পুষ্পদল); a blade (তৃণদল); a cress or watercress (কলমিদল); a piece (মেঘদল); a party, a group, a company, a band, a body, a train, a flock, a herd, a swarm, a gang, a team, a side, a party (দুইদলে মামলা); a faction, a clique (দল পাকানো); a union (দল বাঁধা); (dero.) evil company (দলে মিশে উচ্ছন্নে যাওয়া). দল ছাড়া v. to leave or desert one's flock or party; to give up evil company. দল পাকানো, দল বাঁধা v. to unite into a body; (dero.) to form a faction or clique. দল বেঁধে in a body. দল ভাঙা v. to disrupt or disintegrate a party; to demobilize a troop. দল ভেঙে বেরিয়ে আসা v. to break away from a party; (cp.) to cross the floor; to defect. দলে দলে in (different) groups or flocks (দলে দলে লোক যাচ্ছে, দলে দলে পশু চরছে); between or amongst parties or factions (দলে দলে বিবাদ). দলে ভারী large in number; greater in number, enjoying a majority. দলে হালকা small or smaller in number. খেলার দল, খেলোয়াড়ের দল a team of players. দস্যুদল n. a gang of robbers. নর্তকের দল a band or group of dancers. নাচের দল a dancing party. নাবিকদল n. a party or band of sailors. পশুর দল a herd of beasts. পাখির দল a flock of birds. বদমাশের দল a gang of ruffians. যাত্রার দল an opera party. রাজনীতিক দল a political party. সৈন্যদল n. an army of soldiers. ̃কচু n. a kind of edible plant. ̃গত a. counted as a group, collective (দলগত শক্তি); taken as a group or party (দলগত সংহতি). ̃চ্যুত a. separated or expelled from one's flock or party. ̃চ্যুতি n. separation or expulsion from one's flock or party. ̃ছাড়া a. separated from one's flock or party; (rare) moving alone; solitary, singular; unusual, queer, exceptional. ̃ত্যাগ n. leaving or deserting one's party or flock. দলত্যাগ করা v. to leave or desert one's party or flock. ̃ত্যাগী a. one who leaves or deserts one's party or flock. দলত্যাগী ব্যক্তি n. one who has left his party; a defector; a deserter of his party, a turncoat; a renegade, an apostate. ̃পতি a leader; a headman, a chief, a chieftain; a gangster. ̃পরিবর্তন n. change of party or side; transfer from one club or team to another. ̃বন্ধ a. united into a body; united; flocked or herded together; (rare) gregarious (দলবন্ধ জীবন). ̃বন্ধ ভাবে adv. in a body, en masse; unitedly; in a flock; gregariously. ̃বন্ধ হওয়া v. to unite in a group, to band together. ̃বল n. one's followers and forces. ̃বাজি n. factionalism, partisanship, cliquism. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as দলছাড়া । ̃মন্ডল n. (bot.) a corolla. ̃মত নির্বিশেষে adv. irrespective of parties or opinions. ̃লগ্ন a. (bot.) epipetalous. ̃হীন a. unattached to any party; (pol.) non-party, independent; (bot.) apetalous. দলে ভেড়া v. to join a party or group, to associate oneself with a body of like-minded people. 61)
(p. 572) nidarśana an instance, an example, a precedent; a proof, an evidence, a testimony; a sign; a token; a keepsake; a memento. ̃পত্র n. a testimonial, an introduction, a certificate; an identity card. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a pillar to fix or mark a boundary. নিদর্শনা n. (rhet.) transference of attributes. 15)
(p. 618) parasmaipada (Sans. gr.) any of the verb-inflections used in the active voice; (hum.) another's money or wealth or property. পরস্মৈপদী a. (Sans. gr.) used in the active voice or having an inflection used in the active voice; (hum.) done for another (পরস্মৈপদী ঝামেলা); transferring or transferred to another, entrusted to another belonging to another (পরস্মৈপদী টাকা). 12)
(p. 706) phērata act of giving or sending back, return; redirection; repayment. a. given or sent back, returned; redirected; returned as unaccepted, refused (ফেরত চিঠি); immediately coming back (ফেরত ডাক = return mail); returning from (অফিস ফেরত); returned from (বিলাত-ফেরত = England-returned). ফেরত আনা v. to bring back. ফেরত আসা v. to come back; to come back unaccepted; to be returned to sender. ফেরত দেওয়া v. to send or give back, to return; to repay; to refuse to accept, to refuse; to redirect. ফেরত নেওয়া v. to take back; to withdraw, to retract. ফেরত পাঠানো v. to send back, to return; to refuse to accept, to refuse; to redirect. ̃যোগ্য a. that which can be or should be returned, returnable. ফেরতা a. returning or returned from. n. encompassment, folding or doubling (ফেরতা দেওয়া কাপড়); transfer (হাতফেরতা); recurrence, repetition (তালফেরতা) adv. at the time of return, on the way back (অফিসফেরতা). ফেরতা দেওয়া v. to wear a cloth by doubling or folding it. 88)
(p. 717) badala exchange (মালবদল); barter; substitution; change, alteration (ভোলবদল); transfer (অফিস বদল). বদল করা v. to exchange; to barter; to substitute; to change, to alter; to transfer. বদলা n. a thing or person seized or killed in retaliation; requital, retaliation; a substitute. বদলা নেওয়া v. to seize or kill in retaliation; to requite, to retaliate; to accept a substitute. বদলানো same as বদল করা । বদলা-বদলি n. exchange; change; mutual transfer. বদলি a. substituting; given or taken in exchange; bartered; substituted; transferred. n. substitution; a substitute; transfer; change. বদলি করা same as বদল করা । বদলে adv. in exchange of, in lieu of, in place of, instead, instead of. 34)
(p. 786) bēnāma one's name used by another; a pseudonym. a. same as বেনামা । বেনাম করা v. to transfer (a property) to another only nominally (chiefly in order to evade liabilities). বেনামে করা v. to do (something) under another's name. বেনামে লেখা v. to write under a pseudonym. ̃দার n. a person to whom a property has been transferred only nominally. বেনামা, বেনামি a. transferred to another only nominally; anonymous or pseudonymous (বেনামা লেখা, বেনামি চিঠি); nameless (বেনামি বন্দর). 56)
(p. 990) sarānō to take aside, to remove, to withdraw; to transfer; to recall or dismiss; to steal or defalcate. সরিয়ে রাখা v. to lay (something) aside, to keep for future use, to save. 97)
(p. 1032) shāna a place; a site; a region, a locality; a country; location, scene, venue; shelter; a repository, a container, a receptacle (ভরসাস্হান); situation, circumstances, case (এরূপ স্হানে); position, post; stead, place (তত্স্হানে); a holy place (কালীর স্হান); an abode, a habitat; space, room; scope; (phil.) space; (astrol.) a footing. স্হানে স্হানে here and there; at places; sporadically. ̃চ্যুত a. displaced, dislocated; dislodged; removed. ̃চ্যুতি n. displacement; dislocation; dislodgment; removal. স্হানত্যাগ করা v. to quit or leave a place, to remove. ̃বহুল a. spacious, roomy, commodious. ̃বিবরণ n. topography. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as স্হানচ্যুত । ̃মাহাত্ম্য n. greatness or glory or sanctity of a place; influence of a place. ̃সংকুলান n. provision of space; accommodation. স্হানসংকুলান হওয়া v. to be accommodated. স্হানাঙ্ক n. (math.) co-ordinates. স্হানাঙ্ক পরিবর্তন n. transformation of co-ordinates. স্হানান্তর n. another place. স্হানান্তরে যাওয়া v. to go to another place. to remove, to shift. স্হানান্তরণ n. removal or transfer to another place. স্হানান্তরিত a. removed to another place, shifted; transferred. স্হানাপন্ন a. officiating. স্হানাভাব n. want of space or room or accommodation. স্হানিক a. local; regional. স্হানীয় a. local (স্হানীয় সময়); fit to be regarded as like (পিতৃস্হানীয়). 3)
(p. 1049) hasta the hand; the forearm; the arm; the corresponding limb of beasts; a cubit. (দুই হস্তপরিমিত). কণ্ডূয়ন n. (lit. but rare) the itching of the hand; (pop. & fig.) a strong desire to do something by the hand esp. to beat or write. ˜কৌশল n. artful use of the hand; (loos.) palming; sleight-of-hand. ̃ক্ষেপ করা, ̃ক্ষেপণ করা v. to set one's hand to; to intervene, to interfere. ̃গত a. in one's possession, in hand, on hand; obtained; appropriated; received; seized. ̃গত করা v. to secure possession of, to get hold of; to get in hand or on hand; to appropriate; to seize. ̃চালনা করা v. to move one's hand; (facet.) to beat, to flog. ̃চালিত a. driven or run by the hand, hand-driven. ̃চ্যুত a. passed or slipped out of one's hand. ̃চ্যুত হওয়া v. to pass out of one's hand or possession or control; to slip out of one's hand. ̃তল n. the palm of one's hand. ̃দ্বয় n. the two hands, both hands. ̃ধারণ করা v. to hold one's hand. ̃প্রসারণ করা v. to stretch out or extend one's hand. ̃মৈথুন n. masturbation; self-abuse. ̃রেখা n. the line on the palm. ̃রেখা পাঠ করা v. to tell (one's) fortune from the lines on the palm. ̃রেখা বিচার করা v. to tell one's fortune by studying the lines on the palm. ̃রেখাবিদ n. a palmist. ̃লাঘব করা v. to palm. ̃লিখিত a. written by hand. ̃লিখিত পুঁথি a manuscript. ̃লিপি, ̃লেখ n. handwriting; a manuscript. ̃লিপি-বিশেষজ্ঞ same as হস্তাক্ষর-বিশেষজ্ঞ । ̃শিল্প n. handicraft; handiwork. ̃শিল্পী n. a handicraftsman (fem. a handicraftswoman), an artisan. হস্তাক্ষর n. handwriting; calligraphy. হস্তাক্ষরবিশেষজ্ঞ n. an expert in handwriting, a ch(e)irographist. হস্তাঙ্গুলি n. a finger. হস্তান্তর n. (rare) another or a different hand; (pop.) transfer to another's hand or possession or control; handing over; (law) conveyance; (rare) transfer to another hand. হস্তান্তরের দলিল a deed of conveyance. হস্তান্তর করা v. to transfer to another's hand or possession or control; to hand (something) over (to). হস্তান্তরিত a. transferred to another's hand or possession or control; handed over; (rare) transferred to another hand. হস্তামলকবত্ a. & adv. like a myrobalan placed on the palm of the hand; already in one's grasp. হস্তার্পণ করা v. to lay hands on; to set one's hand to; to interfere, to intervene. 9)
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