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(p. 9) ati too; over; beyond; improperly; going beyond; excessively; beyond the compass or range (of), outside. a. very improper or unbecoming; excessive; excellent (অতি নাগর). n. an improper or excessive amount (কিছুরই অতি ভালো নয়) pfx. ex-, extra-, hyper-, out-, over-, super-, sur-, trans-, ultra-. ̃কথা n. exaggerated or useless talk; a myth. ̃কায় a. of immense size; gigantic. ̃কোমল a. too soft, too tender; very tender or soft. ̃চার n. quick passage (from one place to another); passage or forward movement of a planet from one zodiacal sign to another in a shorter period than usual. ̃চালাক a. over-clever, too clever by half; oversmart. ̃চালাকের গলায় দড়ি an over-clever person hangs himself; the fox must pay his skin to the furrier. ̃জন n. the majority. ̃তপ্ত a. superheated. ̃তর a. very much excessive. ̃দর্প n. excessive pride or vanity. ̃দর্পে হতা (বা হত) লন্কা (lit.) the fall of Lanka was caused by (King Ravana's) excessive vanity; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃নাটকীয় a. melodramatic; unnecessarily over-dramatic. ̃নাটকীয়তা n. melodrama. ̃দূর a. far-away; remote. n. a great distance. ̃দৈন্য n. utmost poverty. ̃নৈতিকতা n. puritanism, rigid adherence to moral principle or behaviour. ̃পাতক n. any of the most heinous sins, a deadly sin. ̃পাতকী n. a great sinner. ̃পান n. (habitual) overindulgence in intoxicating liquor, intemperance. ̃প্রজতা n. overpopulation. ̃প্রাকৃত a. supernatural; supernal. ̃বড় a. too big; too much. ̃বল a. extremely strong or mighty. ̃বাড় n. overgrowth; unnatural growth or development; excessive haughtiness or pride; extreme immoderation or excess. ̃বাড় বাড়া v. to grow extremely haughty or arrogant. অতিবাড় বেড়ো নাকো ঝড়ে প়ড়ে যাবে (lit.) don't grow too high lest a storm makes you tumble down; (fig.) pride will have a fall. ̃বাদ n. exaggeration. ̃বুদ্ধি same as অতিচালাক । ̃বৃদ্ধ a. very old; decrepit. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. overgrowth. ̃বৃষ্টি n. excessive or heavy rainfall. ̃বেগনি, ̃বেগুনি a. ultraviolet. ̃ব্যয় n. extravagance. ̃ব্যস্ত a. (usu. dero.) very busy; very anxious; fussy. ̃ভক্তি n. excessive devotion or reverence (usu. insincere). অতিভক্তি চোরের লক্ষণ too much courtesy, too much craft. ̃ভুজ a. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ভোজন n. over-eating, surfeit; gluttony. অতিভোজন করা v. to overeat; to gourmandize, to gormandise. ̃ভোজী a. voracious, gourmand. n. a gourmand, a glutton. ̃মন্দা n. (comm.) slump. ̃মাত্র, ̃মাত্রায় adv. beyond measure; extremely. ̃মান n. excessive vanity. ̃মানব n. a great man or a man of exceptional uqalities and powers, a superman; a greatly wise man. ̃মানবিক, ̃মানুষিক a. superhuman; supernal; spiritual; divine. ̃রঞ্জন n. exaggeration. ̃রঞ্জিত a. exaggerated. ̃রথ n. a great warrior capable of fighting innumerable enemies simultaneously. ̃রাষ্ট্রিক a. extra-territorial. ̃লোভ n. too much greed, overgreediness. 145)
(p. 17) adharma any act in contravention of scriptural or moral laws; a sinful act, a sin; irreligiousness; an unrighteous act; unrighteousness. a. sinful; unrighteous. অধর্ম করা to do or commit an unrighteous or sinful act, to do an immoral act. ̃চারী, অধর্মাচারী a. irreligious; ungodly. ̃পরায়ণ a. unrighteous; sinful. অধর্মাচরণ n. committing sins; sinful practice; unrighteous practice. অধর্মী a. sinful; unrighteous; unreligious; impious; (loos.) treacherous. 55)
(p. 22) adhbaga a traveller, a wayfarer. 10)
(p. 30) anukṛta imitated, copied, mimicked; followed (after). অনুকৃতি n. imitation, mimicry; travesty; working after the example of. 19)
(p. 30) anuttīrṇa unexpired (অনুত্তীর্ণ কাল); not traversed the whole length (অনুত্তীর্ণ পথ); uncrossed (অনুত্তীর্ণ সমুদ্র); unsurmounted, unconquered (অনুত্তীর্ণ বিপদ); failed, plucked, unsuccessful (অনুত্তীর্ণ ছাত্র). পরীক্ষায় অনুত্তীর্ণ হওয়া to fail in the examination. অনুত্তীর্ণতা n. failure; unsuccess. 55)
অনুযাত্র, অনুযাত্রিক
(p. 34) anuyātra, anuyātrika going after, following; attending on, serving; consequent; accompanying. n. a. follower; a servant, an attendant; a consequence; an accompaniment; a companion, (in pl.) retinue; a fellow-traveller. 41)
(p. 41) apabyaẏa wrongful or imprudent spending, misuse; waste; wastage; extravagance; squandering away. অপব্যয় করা v. to spend ill, to misspend; to misuse; to waste; to spend money imprudently; to squander away. অপব্যয়িত a. ill-spent, misspent; misused; wasted; (of money etc.) squandered away. অপব্যয়ী a. given to ill-spending or squandering away or misuse; wasteful; prodigal, extravagant; spendthrift. অপব্যয়িতা n. practice of ill-spending or misusing or squandering away; wastefulness; prodigality, extravagance; misuse; waste. 90)
(p. 56) abādha unobstructed, unrestrained, unrestricted; unopposed; unimpeded; uninterrupted; unbridled; free; facile. অবাধ কল্পনা unbridled or facile imagination. অবাধ নীতি laissez faire. অবাধ বাণিজ্য free trade. অবাধ ভ্রমণ unrestricted travel; travel as you like. অবাধে adv. without obstruction or restraint or restriction; without let or hindrance; without opposition or impediment; freely; facilely. 59)
(p. 71) amita unmeasured; immeasurable; unlimited, boundless; excessive, too much, immense; intemperate, immoderate. ̃তেজা a. immensely spirited or powerful. ̃বল a. immensely powerful. ̃ব্যয় n. extravagance, wasteful expenditure. ̃ব্যয়িতা n. extravagance, prodigality. ̃ব্যয়ী a. extravagant, prodigal, lavish in expenditure. ̃ব্যয়ী লোক n. spendthrift. ̃ভাষী a. excessively talkative or garrulous; unrestrained in speech, free-spoken. ̃ভোজন n. intemperance in eating, overeating; surfeit. ̃ভোজী a. given to excessive or intemperate eating; garrulous. n. a glutton, a guzzler, a gourmand. 13)
(p. 73) ayathā baseless, groundless; false (অযথা নিন্দা); inappropriate (অযথা প্রয়োগ); unnecessary; unwarranted (অযথা কলহ); fruitless, wasteful, extravagant (অযথা খরচ); exaggerated (অযথা প্রশংসা). adv. without cause, unwarrantedly, for nothing; unjustly. 8)
উড়নচণ্ডী, উড়নচণ্ডে
(p. 147) uḍ়nacaṇḍī, uḍ়nacaṇḍē possessing the habit of a spendthrift, wasteful, extravagant, squandering. n. a spendthrift, an extravagant man, a squanderer. 13)
(p. 148) uḍ়unē extravagant, spendthrift. 6)
(p. 150) utarānō to come down, to descend; to reach, to arrive at; to become successful, to shape, to pass a test (পরীক্ষায় উতরানো, রান্না উতরানো); to pass through or spend or pass (দিন উতরানো); to traverse (পথ বা নদী উতরানো). 22)
কাফিল, কাফেলা
(p. 225) kāphila, kāphēlā a company of pilgrims travelling together; a company travelling together, a caravan. 19)
(p. 226) kāma2 the god of love and lust (cp. Cupid, Eros); desire; passion; love; lust, eroticism; sex-urge. ̃কলা n. the erotic science, the sexual science; the science of love. ̃কেলি n. sexual intercourse; an amorous sport. ̃গন্ধ n. trace of lust; trace of sex. ̃চর a. one who can travel at will; self-willed. ̃চার n. self-will. a. self-willed. ̃চারী a. one who can travel at will; self-willed; wanton, lascivious, profligate; lustful. fem. ̃চারিণী । ̃জ a. born of lust, produced by lust, erotogenic, erotogenous. ̃জ্বর n. a terrible fit of sex hunger. ̃দ a. granting or having the power of granting whatever one desires. ̃দা a. fem. of কামদ । n. a (mythological) wishing-cow. ̃দুঘা same as কামধেনু । ̃দূতী n. a female go-between in an amour or love affair; (dero.) procuress, a bawd. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of love and lust (cp. Cupid. Eros). ̃ধেনু n. a (mythological) wishing-cow. ̃পত্নী n. the wife of the god of love and lust. ̃পীড়িত a. stricken with the desire for sexual intercourse; love-sick. fem. ̃পীড়িতা । ̃প্রদ same as কামদ । ̃প্রবৃত্তি n. sexual desire or appetite, sex urge. ̃বল্লভ n. the spring. ̃বাই n. a maddening sex urge. ̃বাণ n. any of the five arrows of the god of love and lust, any one of Cupid's arrows. কামবাণে জর্জরিত smitten with carnal desires. ̃মোহিত a. overwhelmed with sexual desire. fem. কামমোহিতা । ̃রূপ, ̃রূপী a. capable of assuming shapes at will; extremely beautiful or good-looking. ̃শর same as কামবাণ । ̃শাস্ত্র n. the the erotic science, the sexual science; the science of love. ̃সখ n. the Spring (personified). ̃সূত্র same as কামশাস্ত্র । 9)
(p. 280) khālāsa release (of a prisoner); acquittal (of an accused); delivery (of a woman in travail); relief, riddance (দায় থেকে খালাস); (of a consignment) act of taking delivery (of); unloading; (of a thing pawned or mortgaged) redeeming. a. released; acquitted; delivered (of a child); relieved, rid; that which has been taken delivery of; unloaded; redeemed. খালাস করা v. to release; to obtain the acquittal of; to deliver (a woman in travail) of a child; to relieve, to rid; to take delivery of; to unload; to redeem. খালাস দেওয়া v. to release; to acquit; to relieve, to rid; to give delivery of. খালাস পাওয়া v. to be released or acquitted; to be delivered of a child; to be relieved. ̃পত্র n. a passport; an order for acquittal or release. 22)
(p. 285) khēẏāla1 a fancy; a dream, a daydream; consciousness, carefulness, attention; wariness (ভবিষ্যত্ সম্বন্ধে খেয়াল); remembrance, recollection (কথাটা খেয়াল ছিল না); inclination, predisposition, propensity (বদখেয়াল); a caprice, a whim, a whimsical fancy, a vagary, a fad, a crotchet (বড়লোকের খেয়াল, প্রকৃতির খেয়াল). খেয়াল করা v. to notice; to pay heed to, to be attentive to; to mind; to try to recollect. খেয়াল থাকা v. to have an eye to, to be conscious about; to have in remembrance or consciousness. খেয়াল হওয়া v. to remember or recollect (suddenly); ̃খাতা n. a notebook of the kind of a diary in which one notes down whatever occasionally occurs to him. ̃খুশি n. a fancy, a caprice, a whim. ̃খুশিমতো adv. whimsically, capriciously. খেয়ালি a. fanciful; extravagantly imaginative; whimsical, capricious, crotchety. 36)
(p. 296) gantā one who goes or journeys, going, travelling. n. a goer, a traveller. fem. গন্ত্রী । 31)
(p. 296) gamana act of going, departure; movement; motion; gait; sexual intercourse, coition (পরদারগমন). গমন করা v. to go; to depart, to leave; to move. ̃পথ n. a route; a way. ̃শীল a. going, moving. গমনাগমন n. going and coming; departure and arrival; frequentation. গমনাগমন করা v. to go and come; to depart and arrive; to frequent. গমনার্হ, গমনীয় a. where one may go to; that which can be traversed, passable, accessible; where one is to go, destined. গমনোদ্যত a. about to go or depart or move. গমনোন্মুখ a. eager or about to go or depart or move. 63)
(p. 296) gamya where one may go; fit to be visited; that which can be traversed, passable, accessible; where one is to go, destined; obtainable; comprehensible; enjoyable; fit for sexual intercourse. ̃তা n. visitability; accessibility; motion. fem. গম্যা । 66)
(p. 301) garbha inner part; interior, inside (নারকেলের গর্ভ, ভূগর্ভ); bed, bottom (নদীগর্ভ); hollow, pit (খনিগর্ভ); womb (গর্ভে ধারণ); a spathe (of a plant); embryo, foetus (গর্ভধারণ); pregnancy, conception (গর্ভলক্ষণ); belly (পেয়ারাগুলো সব ছেলেদের গর্ভে গেছে); (fig.) undue appropriation (এ টাকা মহাজনের গর্ভে যাবে). গর্ভ হওয়া v. to be in the family way; to become pregnant. ̃কটি a. perigynous. ̃কাল n. gestation. ̃কেশর n. the pistil (of a flower). গর্ভকেশরের অগ্রভাগ a stigma. ̃কোষ n. the uterus, seed-vessel. ̃গৃহ n. a lying-in room; a small room or compartment within a larger one often in a temple to house the idol (cp. an anteroom). ̃চ্যুত a. miscarried (in birth); fallen from the womb. ̃চ্যুতি n. miscarriage. ̃জ, ̃জাত a. born of the womb (of). ̃তন্তু, ̃দন্ড n. (bot.) a style. ̃দাস n. a son of a slave woman (such a son is bound to slavery by birth); one's son by one's slave-woman ̃ধারণ n. conception. ̃গর্ভধারণ করা v. to conceive, to become pregnant, to be with child or in the family way. গর্ভে ধারণ act of bearing in one's womb; gestation. ̃ধারিণী n. mother. ̃নাড়ি n. umbilical cord. ̃নাশ n. same as গর্ভপাত । ̃নিঃসৃত a. one who or that which has come out of the womb (of); extricated from the womb (of). গর্ভনিঃসৃত হওয়া v. to come out of the womb (of). ̃পত্র n. (bot.) a carpel. ̃পরিশ্রব, ̃ফুল n. placenta. ̃পাত n. miscarriage, abortion. ̃পাত করা v. to cause abortion (esp. illegally). গর্ভপাত হওয়া v. to have abortion, to miscarry. ̃বতী a. pregnant, with child, in the family way. গর্ভবতী হওয়া v. (of women) to become pregnant, to conceive; (of beasts) to be gravid or big with young. ̃বাস a. the period of gestation or act of living in one's mother's womb. গর্ভবাস করা v. to be in one's mother's womb. to live in one's mother's womb. ̃বেদনা, ̃ব্যথা same as গর্ভযন্ত্রণা । ̃মাস n. the first month of conception. ̃মুণ্ড n. (bot.) a stigma. ̃মোচন n. delivery of a child. গর্ভমোচন করা v. to be delivered of a child. ̃যন্ত্রণা, ̃যাতনা n. throes of labour, travail, labour-pain; (fig.) excessive pain or labour. গর্ভযন্ত্রণা ভোগ করা v. (lit. & fig.) to be in travail, to be in labour. ˜লক্ষণ n. sign of pregnancy. ̃শীর্ষ a. (bot.) epigynous. ̃সংক্রমণ, ̃সঞ্চার n. appearance of the embryo in the womb; conception. গর্ভসঞ্চার হওয়া v. to become pregnant, to be with child. ̃স্হ a. lying in the womb; of the womb. ̃স্হলী n. the womb; the uterus. ̃স্রাব n. miscarriage in childbirth, abortion; (vul.—in abuse or contempt) a bastard, a wastrel, a good-for-nothing fellow. গর্ভস্রাব হওয়া v. to miscarry. 11)
(p. 301) gasta act of walking or travelling, ambulation; act of purchasing goods (esp. for a retail shop) by ambulating in a (wholesale) market, shopping. গস্ত করা v. to purchase goods (esp. for a retail shop) by ambulating in a (wholesale) market, to shop. 38)
ঘুঁটা, ঘোঁটা
(p. 329) ghun̐ṭā, ghōn̐ṭā to stir with a pestle in a mortar; to beat up; to agitate; to search or traverse thoroughly, to rifle, to ransack. a. stirred with a pestle in a mortar; beaten up; agitated; thoroughly searched or traversed, rifled, ransacked. ঘুঁটানো, ঘোঁটানো v. to cause to stir with a pestle in a mortar; to cause to beat up; to cause to agitate; to cause to search or traverse or be searched or be traversed thoroughly, to cause to rifle or ransack or be rifled or be ransacked. 101)
ঘুরা, ঘোরা
(p. 329) ghurā, ghōrā to turn about, to revolve, to spin round; to reel; to ramble, to travel; to grope. a. roundabout; circuitous, indirect (ঘোরাপথ). ̃ঘুরি n. continuous rambling or travelling; frequentation, continuous coming and going. ঘোরাঘুরি করা v. to ramble or travel continuously; to frequent. ঘুরানো v. to cause to turn about, to revolve, to spin; to cause to reel, to reel; to cause to ramble or travel unnecessarily; to harass. a. revolving; roundabout, circuitous, indirect. 122)
(p. 329) ghūrṇāẏamāna that which is revolving or reeling or rolling; that which is being revolved; that which reels or rolls; engaged in travelling. 132)
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