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(p. 138) indrajāla magic, conjuring; jugglery; a spell. ইন্দ্রজালিক, ঐন্দ্রজালিক n. magician. a. magical. 26)
(p. 187) aindrajālika of or like or wrought by magic, magical; skilled in magic. n. a magician, a conjuror, a juggler. 19)
(p. 248) kuhaka sorcery, witchcraft, black magic; magic; deception, delusion. কুহকী a. skilled in sorcery or magic; magical; deceiving, deluding. n. a sorcerer, a wizard; a magician, a juggler; a deceiver, a deluder. কুহকিনী a. fem. of কুহকী । n. fem. a sorceress, a witch; a female magician or juggler; a woman who deceives or deludes. 15)
(p. 379) chāẏā a reflection, a shadow; shade, umbra (ছায়ায় বসা); semblance, resemblance, likeness (ছেলেটি বাপেরই ছায়া); slight influence (এ কবিতায় রবীন্দ্রনাথের ছায়া আছে); a faint shadow (এ উত্সবে আনন্দের ছায়াও নেই); a constant companion (ছায়া হয়ে সঙ্গে থাকা); a spectre, an apparition, a ghost (ছায়াশরীর); darkness (রাতের ছায়া, সন্ধ্যার ছায়া); glow, shine, lustre (রত্নচ্ছায়া); shelter or protection ('দেহ পদচ্ছায়া'); the name of the wife of the Hindu sungod. ছায়া না মাড়ানো to keep one's distance, to stand or keep aloof. ̃চিত্র n. a cinematographic film; a cinema. ̃তরু n. a large tree giving shade. ̃ত্মজ, ̃সুত n. Saturn, the son of the sungod. ̃দেহ, ̃শরীর n. a spectre, an apparition, a phantom, a ghost. ̃নট n. an Indian musical mode. ̃পথ n. galaxy, the Milky Way. ̃বাজি n. magic; magic lantern. ̃ভিনয় n. shadow-play. ̃মণ্ডপ n. a canopied place in the open (esp. where a Hindu wedding-ceremony is held). ̃ময় a. shady, umbrageous, shadowy, bowery (ছায়াময় স্হান); spectral, apparitional, ghostly (ছায়াময় দেহ). ̃মুর্তি n. an apparition, a phantom, a spectre, a ghost. 11)
(p. 382) chumantara charms and incantations; magic. 4)
(p. 390) jala water; aqua: rain (জল হচ্ছে); a stream ('যেতেছে জলের মত'); (fig.) a light repast, refreshment, snack, tiffin (জলখাবার). a. cooled, comforted, refreshed (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); liquefied (গলে জল); rendered watery, thinned (রক্ত জল); mixed or adulterated with water (জল দুধ); wasted (টাকা জল হওয়া); exhausted, ruined (দেহ বা রক্ত জল হওয়া); very easy (জল অঙ্ক). খর জল hard water. চোখের জল tears. নারকেলের জল milk of coconut. বৃষ্টির জল rain-water. ভারী জল (phys.) heavy water. মিঠে জল fresh water. মৃদু জল soft water. জল করা v. to waste (টাকা জল করা); to ruin, to exhaust (দেহ বা রক্ত জল করা); to cool or comfort (প্রাণ জল করা). জল খাওয়া. v. to drink water; to take light repast, to take tiffin, (coll.) to refresh; to take or require water (ইঞ্জিনটা খুব জল খায়). জল ঝরা. v. to drip. জল দেওয়া v. to give water; to give a dying person water to drink; to offer drinking water to the manes; to water (গাছে জল দেওয়া). জল পড়া. v. to rain; to leak water (কলসিটা থেকে জল পড়ে); to stream with tears. জল মরা v. to dry up. জল নেওয়া v. to take water; (of an engine etc.) to water. জল সওয়া v. to fetch water from a river or pond on the eve of a festival. জল সরা v. to pass out water; to use the water of a pond esp. for purposes other than drinking; (of a pregnant woman) pass fluid (esp. immediately before childbirth). জল হওয়া v. to rain; to become liquid, to liquefy, to melt (গলে জল হওয়া); to cool or be comforted (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); to cool or calm down (রাগ জল হওয়া); to become cold (চা জল হওয়া). জলে দেওয়া. v. (fig.) to give to an undeserving person; (fig.) to waste. জলে পড়া v. (fig.) to arrive at a bad place; (fig.) to fall in a danger; (fig.) to fall to an undeserving person; (fig.) to be wasted. জলে ফেলা same as জলে দেওয়া । জলে যাওয়া v. to go to a river or pond; (fig.) to be wasted (টাকাটা জলে গেল). জলের কল. a. watertap. কলের জল tap-water. জলের গাড়ি a water-cart. জলের দামে (fig.) at a throwaway price. জলের স্রোত a stream of water. ̃কণা n. a little or small drop of water. ̃কন্যা n. a water-nymph, a naiad, a mermaid. ̃কপাট n. a watergate, a sluicegate, a sluice. ̃কর n. a tax imposed on ponds, water reservoirs etc.; a water toll; a tax on fishery. ̃কল্লোল n. noise (usu. loud) made by a running stream or wave; a noisy wave; a roaring wave. ̃কষ্ট n. scarcity of water. ̃কাচা a. (of textile goods) washed in water only (that is, without using soap or other washing materials). ̃কাদা n. rain-water and mud; slush. ̃কুক্কুট n. the water-fowl; the gull. ̃কুণ্ড n. a water-font; a water-reservoir. ̃কূট n. (phys.) a water-trap. ̃ক্রিয়া n. drink-offering to the deceased, water libation, offering drinking water to the manes. ̃ক্রীড়া, ̃কেলি n. aquatic sports, watersports; bathing in rivers or ponds for amusement. ̃খাবার n. a light repast, refreshment, tiffin, snack. ̃গাহ n. waterbath. জলগ্রহণ না করা v. not to drink water; not to take even the slightest food, refuse to take any food. ̃গ্রাহী a. (bot.) hygroscopic. ̃চক্র n. (phys.) a water-mill. ̃চর a. living or growing in water, aquatic. n. an aquatic animal. ̃চল a. belonging to a caste whose touch does not pollute water to be used by high-caste people. ̃চাষ বিদ্যা hydroponics, art of growing plants in water impregnated with nutrients. ̃চিকিত্সক n. a hydropathist. ̃চিকিত্সা n. hydropathy. ̃চিহ্ন n. manufacturer's design on some kinds of paper-seen when the paper is held against light, watermark. ̃চুড়ি n. a watermark in the shape of a thin streak. ̃চৌকি n. a low and small wooden stool. ̃ছত্র coll. corrup. of ̃সত্র, । ̃ছবি n. a transfer picture. ̃ছাপ n. a watermark. ̃জ a. born in or of water, ponds, rivers, seas etc.; aquatic. n. the water-lily, the lotus. ̃জন্তু n. an aquatic animal. ̃জীয়ন্ত, ̃জিয়ন্ত, (coll.) ̃জ্যন্ত a. perfectly alive (just like a fish in water); (fig.) quite obvious, downright (জলজ্যান্ত মিথ্যা). ̃ঝড় n. rain and storm. ̃টুঙি n. a raised hut built in the midst of a pond, marsh, river etc. ̃ঢোঁড়া n. a species of non-venomous water-snake. ̃তরঙ্গ n. a wave; a ripple; a kind of musical instrument consisting of seven bowls which are filled with water and are struck with one or more sticks in order to produce musical sounds. ̃দস্যু n. a pirate; a buccaneer. ̃দস্যুতা n. piracy. ̃তা করা v. to act as a pirate; to buccaneer. ̃দেবতা n. a watergod; Neptune; Varuna (বরুণ). ̃দোষ n. morbid collection of water in the abdomen, dropsy. ̃দ্রোণী n. a water-cask, a water-barrel; a water-bucket; a trough. ̃ধর a. containing water; full of water. n. the cloud; the sea. ̃ধারা n. a stream of water. ̃নকুল n. the otter. ̃নালী n. a water-passage; an aqueduct; a drain. ̃নিকাশ n. draining out water, drainage. ̃নিকাশের পথ a drain, an outlet for water. ̃নিধি n. an ocean; a sea. ̃নিরোধক a. waterproof. ̃নির্গম n. passage of water, drainage. ̃নির্গমপথ n. an outlet for water; a drain. ̃নির্গম প্রণালী n. drainage system; an outlet for water, a conduit; a drain. ̃পটি n. a strip of cloth soaked in water and placed on a wounded limb or on the forehead. ̃পড়া n. water into which curative or supernatural power is believed to have been infused by means of mysterious words uttered by a sorcerer or magician. ̃পথ n. a waterway; an outlet for water. ̃পথে adv. by water. ̃পরাগী a. hydrophilous. ̃পরি n. a water-nymph; a water fairy, mermaid. ̃পাত্র n. a water-vessel, a water-pot; a drinking cup or glass. ̃পান n. a light repast, snacks; act of drinking water. জলপান করা v. to take a light repast; to drink water. ̃পানি n. a scholarship, a studentship, student's stipend; pocket-money (আশুতোষ তাঁর বাবার কাছ থেকে নিত্য এক টাকা করে জলপানি পেতেন). ̃পিপাসা n. thirst. ̃পিপি n. a small species of wading bird, the jacana, Metopidius indicus. ̃পিঁড়ি n. a low wooden pedestal on which pitchers are placed. ̃পুলিশ a. water police; marine police. ̃পৃষ্ঠ n. water level, surface of water. ̃প্রণালী n. an outlet for water; a drain; a watercourse; a strait. ̃প্রপাত n. a waterfall, a cataract, a cascade, a fall. ̃প্লাবন n. a flood; a deluge. ̃প্লাবিত a. overflooded; flooded with water. ̃বত্ a. (fig.) clear as water, perspicuous, very easy to understand. ̃বসন্ত n. chicken-pox. ̃বাতাস, ̃বায়ু n. climate. ̃বাহক n. a water-carrier. ̃বাহিত a. (of goods or diseases) water-borne. ̃বিছুটি n. nettle drenched in water (which, when rubbed on any part of the body, causes a terrible irritation). ̃বিজ্ঞান n. hydrostatics. ̃বিদ্যুত্ n. hydro-electricity, hydro-electric power. ̃বিন্দু n. a drop of water. ̃বিম্ব n. a bubble. ̃বিভাজিকা n. watershed. ̃বিযুক্ত করা v. to dehydrate. ̃বিয়োজন n. dehydration. ̃বিষুব n. the autumnal equinox. ̃বিশ্লেষণ n. hydrolyzation. জলবিশ্লেষণ করা v. to hydrolize. ̃বিহার same as ̃ক্রীড়া । ̃বোমা n. a depth charge, a bomb used against a submarine for explosion under water. জল ভাঙা v. to proceed or walk through water with difficulty. ̃ভ্রমি n. a whirlpool. ̃মগ্ন a. immersed or sunk in water; drowned; flooded or submerged. জলমগ্ন হওয়া v. to sink; to drown; to be submerged. ̃ময় a. full of water; watery; flooded with water; full of ponds, rivers etc. (জলময় দেশ). ̃মার্জার n. the otter. ̃মুক n. the cloud. ̃যন্ত্র n. a machine or pulley for hauling up water; a water-clock, a clepsydra; a spraying instrument, a spray. ̃যাত্রা n. a sea voyage. ̃যাত্রী n. a voyager. a. voyaging. ̃যান n. a ship or a boat, a vessel. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a fight on water, a naval fight; a naval war; naval warfare. ̃যোদ্ধা n. a naval soldier, a navy-man. ̃যোগ n. tiffin or a light repast. জলযোগ করা v. to take tiffin or a light repast. ̃রং n. water colour. ̃রাশি n. a mass of water. ̃রেখা n. a water-line. ̃রোধী a. waterproof; watertight. ̃শক্তি n. hydro-electricity, power obtained from flowing or falling water capable of generating electric current etc., waterpower. ̃শূন্য a. waterless; dry. ̃শৌচ n. act of washing the posteriors (and also other parts of the body) with water after purging. ̃সত্র n. a place for charitable distribution of drinking water to the public. ̃সম a. level with water. ̃সমতল n. water-level. ̃সিক্ত a. soaked in or drenched with water, wet; moist. ̃সিঞ্চন, ̃সেচন n. act of sprinkling water; act of watering (trees etc.) জলসিঞ্চন করা, জলসেচন করা v. to sprinkle water (upon); to water. ̃সেক n. act of sprinkling water; act of sprinkling; act of fomenting with a piece of cloth dipped in hot water. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a waterspout. ̃স্ফীতি n. spate. ̃স্রোত n. a stream of water. ̃হস্তী n. the hippopotamus. ̃হাওয়া n. climate. 59)
(p. 399) jādu2 magic, jugglery; sorcery, witchcraft, enchantment; engrossing charm (রূপের জাদু). জাদু করা v. to enchant, to bewitch; to charm. ̃কর, (rare) ̃গর a. a magician, a juggler; a sorcerer, a wizard; an enchanter, a charmer. fem. ̃করী, (rare) ̃গরী a female magician or juggler; a sorceress, a witch; an enchantress. ̃ঘর n. a museum (of curiosities). ̃বল n. magical power-good or bad, force of charm or enchantment. ̃বিদ্যা n. magic, jugglery; black art, sorcery, witchcraft; enchantment. 3)
(p. 462) tuka occult method of charming, enchantment (তুক করা); a magical incantation of enchatment (তুক জানা). তুক করা v. to cast a spell over (a person with a view to harming him), to put a spell on. ̃তাক n. occult methods and incantations of enchantment. 22)
(p. 633) pākā to ripen (ফল পাকা); to attain maturity, to mature (বুদ্ধি পাকা, বয়স পাকা); to turn grey (চুল পাকা); to suppurate (ফোঁড়া পাকা; to become seasoned (হাড় পাকা); to become experienced or skilled (ডাক্তারিতে সে পেকেছে); to be hardened (বদমাশিতে পাকা); to become depraved or spoilt or precocious (ছেলেটা ভারী পেকেছে). a. ripe; mature; grey; grey-haired (পাকা মাথা); skilled, experienced (পাকা কারিগর); inveterate, hardened (পাকা চোর); downright, thorough (পাকা বদমাশ); precocious, spoilt, depraved; skilful (পাকা হাত); set (পাকা লেখা); durable, fast (পাকা রং); full, nett (পাকা পাঁচ কিলো); standard (পাকা ওজন); hardened in fire (পাকা ইট) brick-built (পাকা বাড়ি); permanent (পাকা চাকরি); final, settled, fixed (পাকা কথা, পাকা তারিখ); pure, genuine, unalloyed (পাকা সোনা); seasoned (পাকা হাড়, পাকা কাঠ); of a high standard (পাকা রচনা); tanned (পাকা চামড়া); legally or formally drawn up (পাকা দলিল); pucka, pukka. (পাকা ওজন) standard weight esp. in which one seer (সের) is equal to 8 tolas (তোলা). পাকা কথা final word; a promise or word. পাকা করা v. to confirm or finalize. পাকা খাতা n. finalized book of accounts. পাকা ধানে মই দেওয়া (lit.) to harrow and destory a field of ripened paddy; (fig.) to undo an accomplished piece of work; to do incalculable harm to. পাকা ঘুঁটি কেঁচে যওয়া undoing of what is almost complete. পাকা চামড়া leather. ̃চুল n. grey hair; an aged and experienced man (পাকাচুলের পরামর্শ নেওয়া). পাকা দেখা v. to visit formally a prospective bride's house in order to draw up the marriage-contract in black and white. ̃দেখা n. a formal visit to a prospective bride's house in order to draw up the marriage-contract in black and white; the final view of a girl by the bridegroom's party before she is accepted in marriage. ̃পাকি a. settled, fixed, finalized; sure. পাকাপাকি করা v. to settle, to fix, to finalize; to make sure. ̃পোক্ত a. permanent; settled, fixed, finalized; hardened by long practice (পাকাপোক্ত লোক); experienced and seasoned; inveterate (পাকাপোক্ত চোর). পাকা বাড়ি a brick-built house, a building. পাকা মাথা a grey-headed or grey-haired person; an old or aged person; a wise or experienced person. পাকা মাথায় সিঁন্দুর পরা (for a woman) to have one's husband living even when one becomes hoary-headed. পাকামি n. precocity. পাকা রাস্তা a metalled or cobbled road. পাকা হা়ড়ে ভেলকি দেখানো to show magical or amazing power or proficiency even in one's old age. পাকা হাত a set hand; skilled hand; an old hand, an experienced man; an adept. পাকা হিসাব final accounts. 28)
(p. 738) bājikara a juggler, a magician; (rare) an acrobat. 26)
(p. 738) bāji2 magic, jugglery, legerdemain (ভোজবাজি); a feat (দড়াবাজি, মুখবাজি); a game, a turn, a spell, a bout (এক বাজি তাস বা দাবা); fireworks; a wager; a stake; (fig.) one's existence and activities in this world ('এবার বাজি ভোর'). বাজি জেতা v. to win a stake. বাজি ধরা v. to lay a wager; to stake. বাজি পোড়ানো v. to make a display of fire-works. বাজি রাখা v. to bet. বাজি হারা v. to lose a stake. 25)
(p. 810) bhānu the sun; a ray, a beam; grace, beauty. ̃মতী a. fem. graceful, beautiful. n. fem. (myth.) a celebrated female juggler. ভানুমতীর খেলা বা খেল amazing jugglery or magic; jugglery, magic. 37)
ভেলকি, ভেলকিবাজি
(p. 823) bhēlaki, bhēlakibāji magic, jugglery; hocus-pocus, conjuring; illusion. ভেলকি দেখানো v. to exhibit a magical show, to juggle, to conjure. ভেলকি লাগা v. to be dazed with a conjuring trick, to be spellbound or conjured; to be filled with illusions. ভেলকি লাগানো v. to put a spell on, to conjure; to delude. ভেলকিওয়ালা n. a magician, a juggler, a conjuror. 18)
ভোজবাজি, ভোজবিদ্যা
(p. 825) bhōjabāji, bhōjabidyā magic; jugglery, hocus-pocus, conjuring; illusion (সংসার এক ভোজবাজি). ভোজবাজিকর n. a juggler, a magician, a cojurer. 10)
(p. 852) māẏā (theol.) illusion, the material world, physical or phenomenal nature, maya; delusion; infatuation, fascination; affection, attachment; tenderness; compassion; magic, jugglery; black magic, sorcery; deceit, a beguiling trick, chicanery; disguise. মায়া করা v. to think or treat with affection, to be attached to; to be reluctant to lose (টাকার বা চাকরির মায়া করা). মায়ায় ভোলা v. to be duped by attachment or sorcery or illusion or by a beguiling trick. ̃কানন n. a garden or grove created by sorcery, an enchanted garden. ̃কান্না n. insincere sorrow, crocodile tears. ̃ঘোর n. influence or spell of illusion or delusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃জাল n. a cobweb or network or spell of illusion or delusion or attachment or infatuation or enchantment. ̃জীবী n. a magician, a juggler; a conjurer. ̃ডোর n. a string or bond of attachment or infatuation. মায়াত্মক a. illusory; delusive; enchanted; hypocritical; disguised. ̃দণ্ড n. a magician's or conjurer's wand. ̃দপর্ণ same as ̃মুকুর । ̃ধারী a. concealing one's identity by casting a spell of illusion; hypocritical; disguised. ̃পাশ same as ̃জাল । ̃বদ্ধ a. strongly held under illusion; greatly attached or infatuated or enchanted. ̃বন্ধন n. the bond or tie of illusion or attachment or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বলে adv. magically; by trickery or beguiling trick; by a spell of delusion or beguiling trick. ̃বশ a. subject to attachment or affection or infatuation, fondly attached. ̃বাদ n. (phil. & theol.) illusionism. ˜বাদী a. (phil. & theol.) illusionistic. □ n. an illusionist. ̃বিদ্যা n. jugglery, magic; conjury; sorcery, black magic. ̃বী a. practising deceit, deceitful; practising sorcery; warranting affection, infatuating, enchanting (মায়াবী সৌন্দর্য). n. an enchanter (fem. an enchantress), a sorcerer (fem. a sorceress); a wizard (fem. a witch); a conjurer. fem. ̃বিনী । ̃মমতা n. pl. affection and compassion; love and attachment; (cp.) a soft spot (for). ̃ময় a. illusive; delusive; infatuating; bewitching, enchanting; deceptive. fem. ̃ময়ী । ̃মুকুর n. a magic mirror. ̃মুক্ত a. freed from attachment or affection; disillusioned; disenchanted. ̃মৃগ n. (Ramayana) a stag appearing to be made of gold, which tempted Sita and led her to be kidnapped by Ravana; (fig.) a perilous illusion or temptation. ̃মোহ same as ̃ঘোর । ̃রজ্জু same as ̃ডোর । ̃রাজ্য n. a land created by sorcery; a realm of infatuation or enchantment. ̃হীন a. devoid of tenderness or compassion. 147)
(p. 852) māẏika magical; illusive; infatuating; enchanting. 148)
(p. 882) mōha (theol.) ignorance about reality; illusion; ignorance; mental obsession; infatuation; fascination; deep attachment, dotage; a fainting fit, a swoon; enchantment, bewitchment. মোহ নিরসন করা v. to dispel illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃গ্রস্ত a. affected with an illusion; ignorant; mentally obsessed; deluded; infatuated; fascinated or fondly attached; doting; fainted, swooned; enchanted, bewitched; stupefied. ̃ঘোর n. a spell of illusion or ignorance or mental obsession or infatuation or fainting fit or enchantment. ̃জনক a. illusive; causing mental obsession; infatuating; fascinating; causing to faint; enchanting, bewitching. ̃জাল same as ̃পাশ, ̃তিমির same as ̃ঘোর । ̃নিদ্রা n. stupor or hypnosis or trance caused by illusion; infatuation; a fainting fit. ̃পাশ n. the mesh of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বদ্ধ a. caught in the mesh or snare of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃বন্ধ, ̃বন্ধন n. the bondage of illusion or infatuation or enchantment. ̃ভঙ্গ n. recovery from illusion or infatuation or enchantment or from a fainting fit, disillusionment, disenchantment. ̃মদ n. pride caused by illusion or ignorance. ̃মন্ত্র n. an incantation to enchant; a magic spell. ̃ময় a. illusive, illusory; infatuating; enchanting. ̃মুগ্ধ a. captivated by illusion; infatuated; fascinated; fondly attached, doting; enchanted, bewitched, spellbound. ̃মুদ্গর n. a book of verse by Shankaracharya intending to dispel illusion; a cudgel dispelling illusion or ignorance or infatuation. 41)
(p. 886) myājika magic. ম্যাজিক-লণ্ঠন n. magic lantern. 6)
(p. 886) myājisiẏāna a magician. 8)
(p. 903) ramaṇī a beautiful woman; a woman; a wife. ̃মোহন পুরুষ a lady-killer; a man who captures the fancy of a woman or casts a magic spell on her. ̃রত্ন n. a jewel of a woman, an ideal woman. ̃সুলভ a. womanly, feminine. ̃সুলভ লাবণ্য feminine grace, womanly grace or beauty. 34)
(p. 1027) saubhika a conjuror, a wizard, an enchanter; magician. 43)
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