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By Sailendra Biswas
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বেদি, বেদিকা
(p. 786) bēdi, bēdikā an altar; a pulpit; a dais, a platform. 43)
(p. 442) tanmātra only that; only to that extent or in that degree or measure. 133)
(p. 1056) hāli2 a helmsman, a steersman. 6)
(p. 436) ḍōma a Hindu caste whose duty is to burn the dead and look after the crematorium; a member of this caste (cp. an undertaker). fem. ডোমনি, ডুমনি । 30)
আকপিল, আকপিশ
(p. 98) ākapila, ākapiśa greyish, of light ash colour. 16)
(p. 480) daṃṣṭra a tooth (esp. a large or sharp one). দ্রংষ্ট্রা n. a claw or prong or fang (as of a crab or a lobster); a large (and usu. sharp) tooth (as of a dog or a fox); a sting (as of a mosquito or a gadfly). দ্রংষ্ট্রাঘাত n. a bite or a sting. দ্রংষ্ট্রায়ুধ n. a wild boar. দ্রংষ্ট্রাল, দ্রংষ্ট্রী a. having a claw or prong or fang or tooth or sting, clawed, pronged, fanged, toothed, stinged. 13)
(p. 767) bilīẏamāna in the state of being dissolved; evanescent, fading away, vanishing; in the state of being absorbed or destroyed. 89)
(p. 1004) sānu a level area on the top of a mountain, a tableland, a plateau. 21)
(p. 1047) harabōla one who mimics or is capable of mimicking various voices, sounds, notes etc., (cp.) a mimic. 16)
(p. 159) upakanda pseudo-bulb. 40)
(p. 26) anālōkita not lighted, unlit; not bright; not enlightened. 79)
(p. 220) kāṭānō to cause to be cut or hewn or cleft or chopped or carved or mown or lopped or trimmed or pared or amputated or incised or operated or dug or sunk or written out or painted or constructed or capped or recited or flowed or done; to refute (যুক্তি কাটানো); to clear up (দোষ কাটানো); to pass or spend (সময় কাটানো); to sell (বাজারে মাল কা়টানো); to get over, to overcome (দুঃখ কাটানো, বিপদ কাটানো). দোষ কাটানো v. to absolve, to exculpate, to exonerate. কাটিয়ে ওঠা v. to get over, to overcome. 32)
(p. 182) ēkādikramē serially from the first; continuously, without break; consecutively, in an uninterrupted sequence, successively. 18)
(p. 253) kēśākarṣaṇa pulling one by the hair, pulling one's hair. কেশাকর্ষণ করা v. to pull one's hair; to pull one by the hair. 52)
(p. 194) kaṇṭhāgata that which has come up to the throat; about to get out of the mouth. ̃প্রাণ a. about to breathe one's last; about to die. ̃প্রায় a. that which has come up almost to the throat; about to spill. 71)
(p. 194) kandara a mountain-cave, a cavern. 127)
(p. 423) ṭōṭakā an empiric medicine or cure. a. empiric, empirical; paltry. 90)
(p. 951) śṛṅga a horn; an antler; a peak; summit; a wind-instrument ori. made of horn, a horn. ক্ষুদ্র শৃঙ্গ a cornicle. ̃ধ্বনি n. the sound of a (musical) horn. 27)
(p. 645) pāla3 mating or coupling (of beasts or birds.) পাল দেওয়া v. to mate or couple (beasts or birds); (esp. of horses) to sire. 11)
(p. 192) kisana (obs. & poet.) of what description, how. 6)
(p. 75) aruntuda heart-rending, cutting to the quick; extremely agonizing; very painful. 7)
(p. 41) andhakāra darkness, gloom; absence of light. a. dark, gloomy; darkened with gloom, dejection etc. (অন্ধকার মুখ); deprived of hope, delight, etc. (অন্ধকার জীবন). অন্ধকার করা v. to make (something) dark, to darken. অন্ধকার দেখা v. (fig.) to be at one's wit's end to find a means of escape from danger; to be stunned. অন্ধকার দেখানো v. (fig.) to overwhelm or bewilder (a person), to knock senseless. অন্ধকার হওয়া v. to become dark, to darken. অন্ধকারে ঢিল মারা (fig.) to make a stray or random attempt to hit, to take an off-chance; to beat about the bush. অন্ধকারে থাকা v. (fig.) to be quite ignorant (of), to be in the dark (about). অন্ধকারে হাতড়ানো v. (lit. & fig.) to grope in the dark. ˜ময় a. full of darkness or gloom; completely dark. অন্ধকারাচ্ছন্ন, অন্ধকারাবৃত a. enveloped in or overcast with darkness; utterly dark; (fig.) utterly ignorant, distressed, depressed or obsessed. 15)
(p. 449) tarikā a method, a system, a rule. 65)
(p. 243) kumantrī one who gives bad or wicked counsel, a bad or wicked counsel, a bad or wicked counsellor or minister; a wicked-natured counsellor or minister. 20)
(p. 438) ḍhākanā a cover; a lid; a veil; a blinker. 20)
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