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Samsad Bangla to English Dictionary (3rd Edition)

By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 262) kṣamī given to forgiveness or tolertance, forgiving, forbearing, tolerating, enduring; able; capable. 80)
(p. 208) kaśā a whip, a lash. v. to whip, to lash; to strike. ̃ঘাত n. whipping, lashing. কশাঘাত করা v. to whip, to lash, to flog. 97)
(p. 485) dala a leaf (বিল্বদল); a petal (পুষ্পদল); a blade (তৃণদল); a cress or watercress (কলমিদল); a piece (মেঘদল); a party, a group, a company, a band, a body, a train, a flock, a herd, a swarm, a gang, a team, a side, a party (দুইদলে মামলা); a faction, a clique (দল পাকানো); a union (দল বাঁধা); (dero.) evil company (দলে মিশে উচ্ছন্নে যাওয়া). দল ছাড়া v. to leave or desert one's flock or party; to give up evil company. দল পাকানো, দল বাঁধা v. to unite into a body; (dero.) to form a faction or clique. দল বেঁধে in a body. দল ভাঙা v. to disrupt or disintegrate a party; to demobilize a troop. দল ভেঙে বেরিয়ে আসা v. to break away from a party; (cp.) to cross the floor; to defect. দলে দলে in (different) groups or flocks (দলে দলে লোক যাচ্ছে, দলে দলে পশু চরছে); between or amongst parties or factions (দলে দলে বিবাদ). দলে ভারী large in number; greater in number, enjoying a majority. দলে হালকা small or smaller in number. খেলার দল, খেলোয়াড়ের দল a team of players. দস্যুদল n. a gang of robbers. নর্তকের দল a band or group of dancers. নাচের দল a dancing party. নাবিকদল n. a party or band of sailors. পশুর দল a herd of beasts. পাখির দল a flock of birds. বদমাশের দল a gang of ruffians. যাত্রার দল an opera party. রাজনীতিক দল a political party. সৈন্যদল n. an army of soldiers. ̃কচু n. a kind of edible plant. ̃গত a. counted as a group, collective (দলগত শক্তি); taken as a group or party (দলগত সংহতি). ̃চ্যুত a. separated or expelled from one's flock or party. ̃চ্যুতি n. separation or expulsion from one's flock or party. ̃ছাড়া a. separated from one's flock or party; (rare) moving alone; solitary, singular; unusual, queer, exceptional. ̃ত্যাগ n. leaving or deserting one's party or flock. দলত্যাগ করা v. to leave or desert one's party or flock. ̃ত্যাগী a. one who leaves or deserts one's party or flock. দলত্যাগী ব্যক্তি n. one who has left his party; a defector; a deserter of his party, a turncoat; a renegade, an apostate. ̃পতি a leader; a headman, a chief, a chieftain; a gangster. ̃পরিবর্তন n. change of party or side; transfer from one club or team to another. ̃বন্ধ a. united into a body; united; flocked or herded together; (rare) gregarious (দলবন্ধ জীবন). ̃বন্ধ ভাবে adv. in a body, en masse; unitedly; in a flock; gregariously. ̃বন্ধ হওয়া v. to unite in a group, to band together. ̃বল n. one's followers and forces. ̃বাজি n. factionalism, partisanship, cliquism. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as দলছাড়া । ̃মন্ডল n. (bot.) a corolla. ̃মত নির্বিশেষে adv. irrespective of parties or opinions. ̃লগ্ন a. (bot.) epipetalous. ̃হীন a. unattached to any party; (pol.) non-party, independent; (bot.) apetalous. দলে ভেড়া v. to join a party or group, to associate oneself with a body of like-minded people. 61)
(p. 399) jānu the knee. জানু-কাপালিক n. the knee-cap, the patella. ̃ত্রাণ n. protective covering for the knee, knee-cap. সন্ধি n. knee-joint. 12)
(p. 271) khanaka a digger, an excavator. a. employed in or used in digging, digging. 64)
(p. 773) bīkṣamāṇa engaged in careful observation. 80)
(p. 688) prasārya stretchy; extensible; expansible. ̃মাণ a. in the process of being stretched (out) or expanded. 43)
(p. 56) abāndhaba having no friends or relations, friendless. 62)
(p. 232) kāsundi a pickle (usu. made of dried slices of green mango) preserved in mustard and salt. 50)
(p. 2) agantabya (of places, etc.) not fit to be visited; out of bounds. 122)
(p. 9) atibāhita (of time, life, term etc.) spent. অতিবাহিত করা v. to spend or pass. 153)
(p. 790) baidyutika electric, electrical; electrically operated. বৈদ্যুতিক বাতি n. an electric lamp or light. 45)
(p. 751) bicāli paddy-straw, paddy-hay. 67)
(p. 808) bhā leaves and shoots of hemp, bhang. 12)
(p. 341) c়ñcala moving, mobile; moving briskly, brisk; restless; trembling; oscillating, throbbing; throbbing fast (নাড়ি বা হৃদয় চঞ্চল হওয়া); agitated, wavering, vacillating; fickle (চঞ্চলমতি); perturbed; anxious. চঞ্চলা a. fem. of চঞ্চল । n. an appellation of goddess Lakshmi (লক্ষ্মী) or lightning. চঞ্চল করা v. to agitate; to cause to waver or vacillate; to perturb; to affect with anxiety. চঞ্চল হওয়া v. to throb fast; to be restless or agitated; to waver or vacillate; to become perturbed or anxious. ̃চিত্ত a. with a restless mind; affected with anxiety; agitated; fickle-minded. ̃তা n. mobility; brisk movement; briskness; restlessness; throbbing; quick throbbing; agitation; wavering, vacillation; fickleness; perturbation; anxiety. চঞ্চলিত a. caused to move; caused to move briskly; made restless; caused to tremble or oscillate or throb; caused to throb fast; agitated; caused to waver or vacillate; perturbed; stricken with anxiety. চঞ্চলিয়া a. (obs. & poet.) restless. □ n. a restless person or creature or thing ('যত চপলতা করে চঞ্চলিয়া'). v. inf. being restless. 27)
(p. 684) prabiṣṭa entered. fem. প্রবিষ্টা । প্রবিষ্ট হওয়া v. to enter. 23)
(p. 495) dābadagdha burnt in a forest-fire. 9)
(p. 149) utkṣēpaka (of a thing) throwing up or launching something; of means used to launch or toss up an aircraft or spacecraft or to give it a higher speed or range. n. the thing which throws up or launches a rocket, a means of throwing or tossing up missiles etc. into the air, a projecting or hurling device. 13)
(p. 706) phuṭabala football; the game of football. ফুটবল খেলা v. to play football. ফুটবল খেলোয়াড় n. a footballer. 46)
(p. 914) ri a ring, a small hoop. 8)
(p. 477) thōn̐tā1 smashed; rendered toothless or blunt (মুখ থোঁতা করা). মুখ থোঁতা করে দেওয়া v. (fig.) to render powerless, to take the venom out of, to extract the fang of, to discomfit. 63)
(p. 654) purōdhā a priest; a pioneer, avant garde. 58)
কেমিকেল, কেমিক্যাল
(p. 253) kēmikēla, kēmikyāla a chemical. a. made of chemicals, chemical. 28)
(p. 949) śītala cold; chilly; cool; soothing (শীতল বায়ু); soothed, warmed up (প্রাণ শীতল); n. the evening food-offering to a deity. শীতল করা v. to make cold; to cool; to soothe, to assuage. ̃পাটি n. a mat very soothing and cool to lie upon. ̃স্পর্শ a. cold to the touch; (fig.) soothing. শীতলা n. the presiding female deity of small-pox, chicken-pox, measles etc. ̃খেলা, শীতলাতলা n. a place for public worship of Goddess Shitala (শীতলা). শীতলীকরণ n. making cool, cooling. শীতলীভবন n. getting cool, cooling. 7)
(p. 786) bētō rheumatic. বেতো ঘোড়া a weary horse, a jade. 12)
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