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Samsad Bangla to English Dictionary (3rd Edition)

By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 1012) siṃhāsana a seat shaped like the figure of a lion; a throne. সিংহাসন ত্যাগ করা v. to abdicate the throne, to abdicate. সিংহাসনে আরোহণ করা, সিংহাসনে বসা v. to ascend the throne. সিংহাসনে বসানো v. to enthrone. সিংহাসনচ্যুত করা v. to dethrone; to depose. ̃চ্যুত n. dethronement; deposition. ̃ত্যাগ n. abdication. সিংহাসনারূঢ় a. seated on a throne; enthroned; reigning. 3)
(p. 427) ṭhām̐i2 a place; a seat on which one sits to take one's meal (অতিথির জন্য ঠাঁই করা); shelter (চোরকে বাড়িতে ঠাঁই দিয়ো না); accommodation, room, space ('ঠাঁই নাই ঠাঁই নাই, ছোট সে তরী'); bottom (নদীর ঠাঁই পাওয়া); possession or source. ঠাঁইঠাঁই a. living apart from one another (ভাই-ভাই ঠাঁই-ঠাঁই); separated, disunited, disintegrated. ̃নাড়া, ̃বদল n. change of place. 12)
(p. 63) abhibāsana immigration. 91)
(p. 606) panhā a way, a path; a means, an expedient (উদ্ধারের পন্হা); a system of religious practice (তান্ত্রিক পন্হা); a manner or mode or style or school. ̃নুসরণ n. act of following a particular path or system or mode. 74)
(p. 922) laḍ় (obs.) running or bolting, a bolt. লড় দেওয়া v. to bolt off, to take a run; to take to one's heels. 33)
(p. 150) udaja water-born, aquatic. 89)
(p. 2) akhadyē (coll.) not fit to be eaten; unfit for work, grossly inefficient; unserviceable. অখদ্যে-অবদ্যে a. good-for-nothing, worthless; trashy. 107)
নিষ্পেষ, নিষ্পেষণ
(p. 591) niṣpēṣa, niṣpēṣaṇa beating to powder or grinding or pounding or crushing or thrashing severely or treading heavily or trampling or pressing hard or oppressing severely or routing or stampeding. নিষ্পেষণ করা v. to beat to powder; to pulverize, to grind, to pound; to crush; to thrash severely; to tread heavily, to trample; to press hard; to rout, to stampede. নিষ্পেষক a. & n. one who or that which beats to powder or grinds or pounds or crushes or thrashes severely or treads heavily or tramples or presses hard or routes or stampedes. নিষ্পেষিত same as নিষ্পিষ্ট ।. 21)
(p. 477) thāmāla (arch.) plinth. 38)
(p. 435) ḍukarānō to weep or wail aloud. ডুকরে ওঠা, ডুকরে কাঁদা same as ডুকরানো । 20)
(p. 922) lahu2 (obs. & poet.) mild, gentle (লহুলহু হাস). 77)
(p. 654) pūrṇa thoroughly filled, replete; full, whole; total; complete, perfect (পূর্ণ সুখ); fulfilled, gratified, realized; completed, completely passed (কাল পূর্ণ হওয়া); accomplished (সাধ পূর্ণ হওয়া); nature; fully grown. পূর্ণ করা v. to fill, to make full to the brim; to replete; to complete; to fulfil; to pass completely; to accomplish. ̃কাম a. one whose desire has been fulfilled. ̃কাল a. fulltime. ̃কুম্ভ n. a pitcher completely filled (esp. with water). ̃গর্ভা a. fem. in the advanced or last stage of pregnancy, nearing travail. ̃গ্রাস n. (astr.) total eclipse. ̃চন্দ্র n. the full-moon, the hunter's moon. ̃চ্ছেদ n. (gr.) a full stop. পূর্ণচ্ছেদ পড়া v. (fig.) to terminate or be closed for good. ̃তা, ̃ত্ব n. repleteness, fulness; completeness; fulfilment; completion; accomplishment; maturity; full growth. ̃পাত্র n. a full cup, a full dish, a full plate, a full vessel. ̃বয়স n. full age, maturity. ̃বয়স্ক a. full-aged, grown up, major, adult. fem. ̃বয়স্কা । পূর্ণবয়স্ক হওয়া v. to come of age, to attain majority. ̃বিকশিত a. full-blown; fully manifested. ̃বিকাশ n. full blowing; full manifestation. ̃বেগ n. full speed, full tilt. ̃বেগে adv. at full speed, in full career, at full tilt. ̃ব্রহ্ম n. the Absolute Being, God. ̃মন্ত্রী n. a cabinet minister (in charge of a full portfolio). ̃মাত্রা n. the fullest measure or extent; (of medicines) a full dose. ̃মাত্রায় adv. to the fullest measure or extent; entirely; wholly; thoroughly; in a downright manner. ̃মাসী same as পৌর্ণমাসী । ̃যুবক n. a full-grown young man. fem. ̃যুবতী । ̃সংখ্যা a. (arith.) an integer, a whole number. পূর্ণা fem. of পূর্ণ । পূর্ণাঙ্গ a. having all the limbs; complete in all parts; thorough; fully grown or developed. পূর্ণাঙ্গতা n. completeness in all parts; thoroughness; full growth or development. পূর্ণানন্দ n. full delight or joy; an appellation of God. পূর্ণাবতার n. a perfect incarnation; an appellation of Nrishingha (নৃসিংহ), Rama (রাম) and Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). পূর্ণাবয়ব same as পূর্ণাঙ্গ । পূর্ণাভিলাষ same as পূর্ণকাম । পূর্ণায়ত a. fully wide or widened or expanded. পূর্ণায়ু a. enjoying full longevity or long lease of life, long-lived. পূর্ণাহুতি n. the final offering; the burnt offering with which a sacrifice is concluded, the concluding (burnt) offering; (fig.) completion of self-sacrifice. পূর্ণাহুতি দেওয়া v. to offer the concluding (burnt) offering; (fig.) to complete, to sacrifice oneself. 102)
(p. 701) phalānbēṣī searching for fruits; seeking success. 34)
(p. 271) khaṇḍākhaṇḍi severe brawl or fighting; quarrel. 51)
(p. 208) kalpī (chiefly used as a sfx.) inventing, contriving, devising; imagining, fancying; ascribing; resolving; thinking; supposing; creating; composing. 91)
(p. 508) duṣkāla an inauspicious or unpropitious time. 64)
(p. 262) kṣattā a man born of a sudra (শুদ্র) father and Kshatriya (ক্ষত্রিয়) or Vaisya (বৈশ্য) mother; one's (esp. a king's) son born of his maid-servant. 68)
(p. 967) saṅkautuka full or fun or amusement, funny, amusing, droll (সকৌতুক হাস্য); amused (সকৌতুক দৃষ্টি); amusedly inquisitive (সকৌতুক প্রশ্ন). সকৌতুকে adv. amusedly. 76)
(p. 69) abhrāntacittē confidently; unmistakeably, unerringly. 22)
(p. 159) unāśi (coll.) seventy-nine. 4)
(p. 296) gadagada a voice made indistinct with excessive emotion. a. overwhelmed with emotion, ecstatic (গদগদচিত্ত); one whose voice has been choked with emotion (গদগদ হওয়া); choked or confused with excessive emotion (গদগদ ভাষা). 14)
ঠুকা, ঠোক
(p. 429) ṭhukā, ṭhōka to hit esp. on the head (হাতুড়ি ঠোকা); to hammer; to drive in by hitting on the head (পেরেক ঠুকছে); to strike against, to knock, to rap (মাথা ঠোকা, গোড়ালি ঠোকা, লাঠি ঠোকা); to slap noisily (তাল ঠোকা); to beat or thrash, to scold or reprimand (লোকটাকে ঠুকে দিয়ো). n. a knock or impact; beating or thrashing, scolding or reprimanding. ঠুকাঠুকি, ঠোকাঠুকি n. repeated striking (on the head); repeated (slight) collision or quarrel; mutual bantering. 14)
(p. 1038) sbashāna one's own place; a place fixed for a particular person; one's residence or home. 20)
(p. 208) kartṛpakṣa the authorities. 5)
(p. 751) bicchuraṇa (ori. & obs.) smearing or painting; (pop.) dispersion (as of rays); radiation (as of light); emanation.
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