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Samsad Bangla to English Dictionary (3rd Edition)

By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 896) yauga (chem.) a compound. 29)
(p. 688) pralapita raved; uttered in delirium; incoherently uttered. 5)
(p. 217) kāgaja paper; newspaper; records; a document; a promissory bond. কোম্পানির কাগজ stocks, government securities or bonds. খবরের কাগজ a newspaper. স্বচ্ছ কাগজ tracing paper. কাগজেকলমে adv. in writing or in print, in black and white; only theoretically, on paper. ̃চাপা n. a paper-weight. ̃পত্র n. pl. documents, papers. কাগজি a. of paper; of newspaper; having a papery or very thin covering. n. a paper-manufacturer; a paper dealer. কাগজি মুদ্রা paper money. কাগজের মণ্ড paper pulp. 30)
এম বি
(p. 183) ēma bi (formerly) the degree examination in medicine (of a university), M.B.; one who holds this degree, an M.B. এম বি বি এস n. the bachelor's degree in medicine. 91)
(p. 571) nija own (নিজ গৃহ). নিজ নিজ respective. নিজ গুণে adv. by virtue of one's own qualities or virtues. নিজ দোষে adv. by one's own fault. নিজ মূর্তি ধারন করা v. to assume one's real form or self. 13)
(p. 280) khilakhila expressing a giggling sound. খিলখিল করা v. to giggle, to titter. 48)
(p. 563) nāśa destruction, annihilation; extinction; spoiling (কর্মনাশ); loss or waste (অর্থনাশ); ruin (স্বাস্হ্যনাশ); removal (দুঃখনাশ); act of killing, extermination (কীটনাশ); death. নাশ করা v. to destory, to annihilate; to spoil; to waste; to ruin; to remove; to kill, to exterminate. নাশ পাওয়া, নাশ হওয়া v. to be destroyed, to perish; to become extinct; to be spoiled or lost or wasted or ruined or removed or killed or exterminated; to die. 76)
(p. 341) caṅkramaṇa repeated or continuous rambling or walking, perambulation. 24)
(p. 243) kulattha a kind of pulse or vetch. 73)
(p. 457) tārakāẏita starry, bedecked with stars; star-spangled; marked as a star performer or a film-star. 16)
(p. 935) śamīdhānya any leguminous grain, pulse, bean etc. 60)
(p. 20) adhiśāẏita placed or laid upon or over. 44)
ভৃঙ্গারিকা, ভৃঙ্গারী
(p. 820) bhṛṅgārikā, bhṛṅgārī a kind of insect, the cricket. 26)
(p. 922) lākṣā lac, shellac. ̃কীট n. an insect producing lac. ̃রস n. lac dye. 88)
(p. 644) pārada quicksilver, mercury. ̃মিশ্র n. an amalgam. ̃সুত্র n. (chem.) a column of mercury. 4)
(p. 162) upakṣāra an alkaloid. 2)
(p. 721) bān̐cā to live, to keep alive; to subsist (বাঙালি ভাতে বাঁচে); to get back life, to be resuscitated, to revive (বিশল্যকরণীর গুণে লক্ষণ বাঁচলেন); to be saved or rescued or relieved; to remain unimpaired, to be kept up or maintained or protected (স্বাস্হ্য বাঁচা, মান বাঁচা); to escape, avoid or to be spared (লোকসান বাঁচা, খরচ বাঁচা); to become surplus (ভোজের শেষে অনেক সন্দেশ বেঁচেছে). বাঁচানো v. to give back life, to resuscitate, to revive; to save or rescue or relieve; to keep up, to maintain, to protect; to escape, to save, to cut, to curtail (খরচা বাঁচানো); to save from being consumed (খাবার বাঁচানো); to carry on, to maintain (চাকরি বাঁচানো). কারও পরে বেঁচে থাকা to outlive a person. কিছুর পরে বা কিছু এড়িয়ে বেঁচে থাকা to survive something. 260)
(p. 721) baśa will, order, command, control, hold, authority, domination (বশে থাকা); influence (মোহবশে). a. subject to another's will or command; subjugated; controlled; influenced; charmed (জাদুতে বশ); obedient; submissive; very much fond (of) and obedient (to) (বাচ্চাটি তার ভারি বশ). বশ করা, বশে আনা v. to bring under control; to same; to break (as a horse); to win over; to influence; to charm. বশ হওয়া, বশে আসা v. to be brought under control; to be tamed or won over or influenced or charmed. বংশবদ a. obedient; submissive; at one's beck and call. ̃ত adv. on account of, owing to, because of. ̃তা n. subjection to another's will or command; subordination; subjection; state of being controlled or influenced or charmed; obedience; submissiveness, submission; great fondness and obedience. ̃বর্তী a. obedient; attached or addicted (to); influenced (by). fem. ̃বর্তিনী, ̃বর্তিতা n. obedience, attachment or addiction; the state of being influenced (by). 169)
(p. 712) phlyāṭa a self-contained storey or floor of a building, a flat; a flatboat; a floating dock. a. lying or laid fully on one's back (ফ্ল্যাট হওয়া); (fig.) utterly dejected.
(p. 306) gādhā the ass; (in mild reproof or ridicule) a stupid fellow, a dunderhead. ̃বোট n. a very heavy and slow-moving boat or ship carrying cargo, barge; (ridi.) any slow-moving vehicle, a sluggard. ̃মি n. folly, silliness. গাধামি করা v. to make an ass of oneself, to behave in a crassly stupid fashion. গাধার খাটুনি dull and excessive toil not calling for exercise of intelligence; drudgery. 40)
(p. 642) pābadā a species of fish without scales. 34)
(p. 192) ka-kha the alphabet; elementary knowledge, ABC. 20)
(p. 748) bāṣaṭṭi sixty-two. 5)
(p. 696) prōtsuka very much eager; ardent. 55)
(p. 288) khōẏāba a dream; a daydream; (fig.) a false fancy, an illusion. 19)
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