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By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 644) pāradārya violation of another's marriagebed, adultery. 7)
(p. 348) campū a literary composition in which both prose and verse are used. 22)
(p. 85) asaṃśaẏa undoubting; confident; doubtless. n. freedom from or absence of doubt; confidence. অসংশয়িত a. undoubted or undoubting; confident; sure. অসংশয়ে adv. without doubt, doubtlessly; confidently; surely. 13)
(p. 377) chāḍ়ā to quit, to forsake (সংসার ছাড়া); to put or take off or leave or change (কাপড় ছাড়া, বাড়ি ছাড়া); to give up (নেশা ছাড়া); to begin to move off or leave, to depart (গাড়ি ছাড়া); to release, to set free (চোরকে ছেড়ে দিয়েছে); to undergo remission, to subside (জ্বর ছাড়া); to exempt, to overlook (ছেড়ে কথা বলা); to get detached or disentangled, to come off, to loosen (জোড় ছাড়া, জট ছাড়া); to make louder, to raise, to open out (গলা ছাড়া); to post (চিঠি ছাড়া); to stop beating, to sink (নাড়ি ছাড়া); to bring forth, to lay (ডিম ছাড়া); to throw, to shoot (বাণ ছাড়া); to cast or slough off (খোলস ছাড়া). a. deserted (গ্রামছাড়া); bereft of, deprived of, separated from, evicted from (মা-ছাড়া, ভিটেছাড়া); set free, let loose (ছাড়া গোরু); abandoned by, forsaken by (লক্ষ্মীছাড়া); excluded from (সৃষ্টিছাড়া). n. release or exemption (ছাড়া পাওয়া). prep. except, without, but (তোমাকে ছাড়া চলবে না) ছাড়া-ছাড়া a. not thickly set, sparse; incoherent (ছাড়া-ছাড়া কথা). ̃ছাড়ি n. separation; parting; estrangement. ̃নো v. to cause to quit or forsake or put off or change or give up; to obtain release (আসামিকে ছাড়ানো); to cause remission; to detach or disentangle, to cause to come off, to loosen; to cause to make louder or open out; to cause to cast off. ছাড়া পাওয়া v. to get released; to get or enjoy an exemption. 16)
(p. 243) kumakuma a ball filled with red powder and scented water for sprinkling; a red paste made from saffron juice used by women as a cosmetic. 16)
(p. 453) tābija an amulet usually worn on the arm. 92)
(p. 1016) sujana a good or honest or pious man, a good soul. 17)
রোধ, রোধন
(p. 916) rōdha, rōdhana obstruction, blockade; hindrance; resistance. রোধ করা v. to obstruct, to block, to blockade; to hinder; to resist. রোধক a. obstructive, blocking, hindering; resistant. রোধ-কুন্ডলী n. (phys.) a resistance coil. রোধ-থার্মোমিটার n. (phys.) a resistance thermometer. রোধা pop. form of রুধা । রোধাঙ্ক n. (phys.) specific resistance. রোধিত a. obstructed; blocked; blockaded; hindered; resisted. রোধী same as রোধক । fem. রোধিনী . 78)
(p. 696) prēkṣā seeing or viewing or watching; observation; review; act of seeing or (loos.) seeing and hearing a dramatic or musical performance or a dance. ̃গার, ̃গৃহ n. a theatre-hall, a theatre; an opera-house; a music-hall; a gallery; (loos.) an auditorium; an observatory. 31)
(p. 20) adhiśraẏa (phys.) focus; a receptacle; shelter. অধিশ্রিত a. placed; sheltered. 45)
কিনা২, কি না
(p. 234) kinā2, ki nā whether or not, if (সে যাবে কি না ঠিক নেই); a meaningless word, used to emphasize or sweeten one's speech (বুঝলে কিনা). 22)
(p. 748) bāśuli a female deity of Bengal identified with Chandi (চণ্ডী). 4)
(p. 449) taraṅgābhighāta the push of a wave or waves. 27)
ফেটি, ফেট্টি
(p. 706) phēṭi, phēṭṭi a small turban; a puttee; a bandage; a skein or reel of thread. 82)
(p. 852) māra3 beating or striking or thrashing or flogging. মার খাওয়া v. to be beaten up or flogged. মার দেওয়া a. to beat, to flog. ̃কাট n. fighting and bloodshed; tumultuous brawl or affray; feverish haste and fuss; higgling. adv. & a. at best. ˜কুটে a. given to beating on slightest pretext. ̃খেকো a. one who is often flogged. ̃ধর n. beating or flogging; beating and arresting (as by the police). ̃পিট n. mutual fighting; fray; an affray, a riot; beating or flogging (esp. excessive). ̃মার কাটকাট n. same as কাট । a. tumultuous, noisily violent, turbulent. ̃মুখো a. about to strike or hurt; aggressive; frightening, threatening, menacing. fem. ̃মুখী । ̃মূর্তি a. about to strike or hurt; having an aggressive or menacing appearance. n. aggressive or menacing appearance. 151)
(p. 321) gōpurīṣa cow-dung. 40)
(p. 1047) harmya a large and beautiful building, an edifice, a mansion, a palace. ̃তল n. the floor of any room of a mansion or palace. ̃রাজি (for.) n. pl. large and grand mansions, palatial buildings. 29)
(p. 974) satērō seventeen. ̃ই n. the seventeenth day of a month, the seventeenth. a. (of the days of a month) seventeenth. 29)
(p. 652) pun̐ṭē the ends of a kind of bangle; a kind of button. 42)
(p. 226) kāmāsakta libidinous, lustful, voluptuous; lewd, lecherous, lascivious. কামাসক্তি n. lust, violent or strong desire for sexual pleasure. 33)
সমালোচন, সমালোচনা
(p. 987) samālōcana, samālōcanā criticism, review; animadversion, censure. সমালোচনা করা v. to criticize, to review; to animadvert, to censure. 34)
(p. 593) naiśa nightly, nocturnal. ̃প্রহরী n. a night guard, a night watchman. নৈশ বিদ্যালয় night school. ̃ভোজ n. dinner. 108)
আকম্প, আকম্পন
(p. 98) ākampa, ākampana a slight trembling or thrill or throbbing or vibration. 18)
(p. 248) kusumbha the safflower the juice of which is used in dyeing cloth etc. 11)
(p. 808) bhān̐ḍ়4 a store, a storeroom, a storehouse. ভাঁড়ে ভবানী utter emptiness in store, a completely exhausted store; (fig.) utter indigence. 23)
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