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By Sailendra Biswas
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(p. 980) samabāẏa an assemblage, an aggregate; combination; constant relation; co-operation. সমবায় সমিতি n. a co-operative society. সমবায়ী a. capable of combining; combined; co-operative; constantly related; component, constituent. 118)
(p. 619) paribalana (bot.) circumnutation. 132)
(p. 400) jijñāsu one who asks, questioning; inquiring; inquisitive, curious. 69)
(p. 436) ḍōma a Hindu caste whose duty is to burn the dead and look after the crematorium; a member of this caste (cp. an undertaker). fem. ডোমনি, ডুমনি । 30)
(p. 839) manōlōbhā alluring; fascinating; very beautiful. 10)
(p. 80) aśauca uncleanness; impurity; profanity; (scriptural) impurity of one's person owing to the birth or death of a relative, the period of duration of this personal impurity. অশৌচান্ত n. termination or end of the period of personal impurity. 44)
তাড়ন, তাড়না
(p. 453) tāḍ়na, tāḍ়nā guiding rule or control; beating, chastisement, flogging; act of striking; rebuke, scolding; pressing, urging; goading; urge; oppression. তাড়না করা v. to rule or control for guidance; to beat, to chastise, to flog; to strike; to rebuke, to scold; to press, to urge, to impel; to goad; to oppress; to vex. তাড়নী n. any contrivance to flog or goad or urge with, such as a stick, a lash, a cane, a scourge, a goad. 39)
(p. 1018) subimala wholly free from dirt or impurity; pure or faultless, immaculate; very clear. 56)
(p. 327) grāsa a mouthful, a morsel; the inner cavity of an opened mouth, a gape; a handful (as at snatching); a grip, a hold, seizure; appropriation; act of swallowing or devouring or eating or drinking; feed; food; an eclipse. গ্রাস করা v. to swallow or devour; to eat or drink; to seize; to grip; to appropriate to oneself; to eclipse. গ্রাস হওয়া v. to be eclipsed. ̃কারী a. & n. one who or that which swallows or devours or eats or drinks or seizes or appropriates or eclipses. ˜নালি n. the gullet, the oesophagus. গ্রাসাচ্ছাদন n. food and clothing; subsistence; bare subsistence. 27)
(p. 692) prācurya plenty, abundance; affluence, milk and honey; profusion; amplitude; numerousness; sufficiency. 24)
(p. 633) pākāṭi a stalk of the jute-plant used as fuel; (fig.) a lean rickety person. 29)
(p. 442) tannibandhana for that; because of that; on account of that; for the sake of that. 129)
(p. 963) saṅghaṭana assemblage; occurrence; happening. সংঘটিত a. assembled, brought together; brought about. সংঘটিত হওয়া v. to occur, to be brought about, to take place. 55)
(p. 429) ṭhunakō1 milk fever (also ঠুনকো জ্বর). 16)
(p. 782) bēkhēẏāla without attention or intent, inattentive; absent-minded. n. inattention; absent-mindedness. 54)
(p. 115) āndōlana agitation; movement; stir; swinging, oscillation; vibration; cogitation, discussion. রাজনীতিক আন্দোলন political agitation or movement. আন্দোলন করা v. to agitate; to stir; to swing, to oscillate; to vibrate; to cogitate, to discuss. মনে আন্দোলন হওয়া v. to have a thing cogitated in one's mind. 16)
(p. 767) birasa having no or little juice; sapless, dry; dull, insipid; dispirited, displeased, sullen, glum (বিরস বদন). ̃তা n. want of juice or sap; dullness, insipidity, dispiritedness, displeasure, sullenness, glumness. বিরস বদন n. a glum face; a gloomy face. 55)
(p. 143) ui white ant, termite (also উই পোকা). ̃চারা, ̃ঢিপি, ̃ঢিবি n. an ant-hill. উই লাগা v. to get attacked with white ants. ̃ধরা, ̃লাগা a. attacked with or eaten up by white ants. 3)
(p. 389) janmābacchinna lifelong. 23)
(p. 922) lahamā a minute fraction of time, a short while, a moment. 73)
(p. 41) anbartha real, actual; significant; appropriate. ̃নামা a. having a name appropriate to one's qualities or nature or properties. 20)
(p. 386) jaḍ়ānō to embrace; to hug; to grasp or grapple (as in a scuffle); to wrap (কাগজ দিয়ে জড়ানো); to surround; to roll up (লাটাইয়ে সুতো জড়ানো); to intertwine; to form into a tangle; to entangle; to mess up or be messed up; to become confused (কথা জড়ানো); to involve or to be involved, to implicate or be implicated. a. embraced; hugged; grasped; grappled; wrapped; surrounded; rolled up; intertwined; formed into a tangle; messed up; confused; involved or implicated in. 28)
(p. 874) munaśi a clerk, a scrivener, a scribe; a secretary; an Urdu teacher; a munshi. ̃য়ানা n. erudition; skill in drafting or composition; calligraphy; skill; virtuosity. খানমুনশি n. a private secretary. 7)
(p. 329) ghana cloud (ঘনঘটা); (arith. & alg.) a cube (ঘনফল); (geom.) a solid. a. dense (ঘন বন); thick, condensed (ঘন মেঘ, ঘন দুধ); frequent (ঘন ঘন গর্জন); deep (ঘন আঁধার); close (ঘন বৃক্ষসারি, ঘন বুনুনি); coarse (ঘন কাপড়); severe (ঘন বরষা); (geom. & sc.) solid (ঘন পদার্থ, ঘনক্ষেত্র). ঘন করা v. to thicken; to condense. ঘন হওয়া v. to thicken; to become condensed; to draw close together; to draw close (to). ̃কাল n. the rainy season, the rains. ঘন কালো deep black. ̃কৃষ্ণ a. as black or dark as a cloud; deep black, jet black. ̃ক্ষেত্র n. (geom.) a solid figure, a cube. ̃গর্জন n. the roar or rumbling of clouds; a peal of thunder. ̃ঘটা n. a thick and extensive cumulation of (dark) clouds, the cumulus. ̃ঘটাচ্ছন্ন a. overcast with clouds. ̃ঘন adv. repeatedly and frequently, every now and then, often. ̃ঘোর a. overcast with thick clouds; (loos.) darkened with clouds. ̃জ্যামিতি n. solid geometry. ̃তা, ̃ত্ব n. density; thickness; closeness; solidity; (geom. & sc.) dimension, volume. ˜ফল n. (math.) cubic measure. ̃ফুট n. cubic foot. ̃বর্ত্ম n. the path of the cloud across the sky; the sky. ̃বসতি n. thick or dense cluster of habitations, thick population. ̃বসতিপূর্ণ a. crowded with habitations; thickly populated, congested. ̃বস্তু n. a solid thing; (phys.) a solid body. ̃বিন্যস্ত a. thickly set. ̃বিন্যাস n. thick setting. ̃বীথি n. the region of clouds; air route. ̃মান n. (phys.) volume. ̃মিটার n. cubic metre. ̃মূল n. (math.) a cube root. ̃শ্যাম a. as black or dark as a cloud, deep black; dark-complexioned; bottle-green. n. an appellation of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). ̃সন্নিবিষ্ট same as ̃বিন্যস্ত । ̃সন্নিবেশ same as ̃বিন্যাস । ̃সার n. camphor. 34)
(p. 280) khārija rejected, dismissed, set aside; cast away, forsaken; discarded; revised; substituted. n. annulment; rejection, dismissal; act of casting away or forsaking, discarding; revision, substitution. খারিজ করা v. to reject, to dismiss, to set aside; to cast away, to forsake, to discard; to revise, to substitute. খারিজা a. same as খারিজ (a.). খারিজ-দাখিল n. substitution of names in the rentroll, mutation (also দাখিল-খারিজ). 19)
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