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By Sailendra Biswas
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চিকনাই, চেকনাই
(p. 359) cikanāi, cēkanāi brightness; glow; glaze, gloss, lustre. 16)
(p. 894) yugma a pair, a couple. a. joint (যুগ্মসম্পাদক); (math.) even (যুগ্ম সংখ্যা). 4)
(p. 30) anuttara that which or one who has nothing or none to follow, final; supreme, best; not responding or answering, unresponsive; silent; not northern. 54)
(p. 899) raṅku a kind of deer. 27)
(p. 638) pānagōṣṭhī a den of drunkards; a drinking party.
(p. 271) khaṭa expressing the sound made by striking on or at something hard (as of knocking the door or of striking or stamping the hoof on stony ground). খটখট, খটাখট int. expressing repetition of this sound; thorough dryness. খটখট করা v. to strike noisily and repeatedly on or at something hard; to look hard and dry (রোদে খটখট করা). খটখটে a. thoroughly hard and dry. 26)
(p. 34) anubhūmika horizontal. 27)
(p. 765) bibhājaka dividing (বিভাজক গিরিশ্রেণি); parting; partitioning; apportioning; distributing. n. one who divides, a divider; (math.) a divisor. 36)
(p. 194) kaṇṭhauṣṭhya (gr.) both guttural and labial, gutturo-labial. 75)
(p. 701) phalana produce; outturn (এবার ফলন ভালো); origin, birth, production; occurrence; coming true. 23)
(p. 980) sabismaẏa astonished, amazed, surprised, wondering. সবিস্ময়ে adv. amazedly, wonderingly. 66)
(p. 321) gōlapātā a leaf of a small tree akin to the fanpalm (these leaves are used in thatching, Nipa fruticans). 86)
(p. 423) ṭun̐ṭi the throat, the gullet. টুঁটি ছেঁড়া v. to tear off or asunder the throat; to kill. টুঁটি টেপা v. to press the throat; to choke. টুঁটি টিপে মারা v. to throttle. 41)
(p. 90) aspṛśya that should not be touched; untouchable; profane, unclean; abominable; dirty; intangible. ̃তা n. untouchability; dirtiness; profanity; abominableness; intangibility. 67)
(p. 418) jhōlā3 as thin as broth. 16)
(p. 106) āṭhā any glutinous or adhesive or viscid substance; gum, glue, paste. 6)
(p. 1060) hulāhuli a commotion, a tumult; a sound made by Hindu women by moving their tongues within their mouths on festive occasions. 33)
(p. 204) kara3 the hand; the trunk of an elephant. ̃কণ্টক n. a finger-nail. ̃কণ্ডূয়ন n. itching of the palm; intense or burning desire to do something. ̃কবলিত a. held or seized firmly with the hand, grasped; (fig.) occupied or taken possession of or brought under control esp. by force (and usu. unlawfully). ̃কমল n. a hand conceived as a lotus; a hand as beautiful as a lotus. ̃কোষ্ঠী n. lines of the palm from which fortune is told; the readings of a palmist. ̃কোষ্ঠী বিদ্যা n. palmistry. ̃গ্রহ, ̃গ্রহণ n. act of wedding (by a bridegroom), marriage. ̃গ্রাহ, ̃গ্রাহক a. mas. marrying (a girl). n. a husband. ̃জোড়ে adv. with folded hands (indicating submission and humility). ̃তল n. the palm of a hand; (fig.) full control or possession, easy reach. ̃তলগত a. (lit.) lying or held in the palm; taken firm hold of; taken complete possession of; brought or kept under full control or easy reach; thoroughly mastered over or learned; conquered or dominated or subjugated. ̃তলধৃত a. held in one's palm or palms. ̃তলন্যস্ত a. placed or put or lying in one's palm. ̃তলস্হ a. grasped, lying in the palm; of the palm. ̃তলাকার a. palmate. ̃তাল n. (usu. in pl.) a cymbal. ̃তালি n. clapping of the hands. ̃তালি দেওয়া v. to clap hands. ̃ধৃত a. held in or seized with the hand or hands. ̃ন্যাস n. a typical system of gesticulation with fingers at the time of prayer. ̃পদ্ম n. a hand conceived as a lily; a hand as beautiful as a lily. ̃পল্লব n. a hand as delicate and beautiful as a young twig. ̃পীড়ন same as করগ্রহণ । ̃পুট n. palms joined to form a cup. ̃পুটে adv. in or with cupped hands. ̃ভূষণ n. a bracelet, a wristlet; a bangle. ̃মর্দন n. handshake. ̃মর্দন করা v. to shake hands. ̃মুক্ত a. released from grasp or grip. ̃স্পর্শ n. a touch of or with the hand. 21)
(p. 253) kailāsabāsinī one who resides on the Kailasa mountain. n. fem. an appellation of the Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) 65)
(p. 717) baddha tied, bound, fastened; bound by an obligation (প্রতিজ্ঞাবদ্ধ); interwoven, dressed, put up (বদ্ধকবরী); shut, closed (বদ্ধদ্বার); confined, imprisoned, encaged (বদ্ধসিংহ); entrapped, ensnared (বদ্ধ মৃগ); caught in (পাশবদ্ধ); clasped (আলিঙ্গনে বদ্ধ); restrained, arrested (বদ্ধ স্রোত); stagnant (বদ্ধ জল); joined together (বদ্ধপাণি, একতাবদ্ধ); placed, put, arrayed, well-ordered (শ্রেণিবদ্ধ); firm (বদ্ধমূল); deep-rooted, deep-seated (বদ্ধ ধারনা); downright, thorough, confirmed, stark (বদ্ধ পাগল); (arith.) concrete (বদ্ধসংখ্যা). ̃দৃষ্টি n. a fixed or steadfast look, a gaze. ̃পরিকর n. firmly resolved; determined; resolute; girdled. বদ্ধ পরিকর হওয়া v. to be firmly resolved; to gird up one's loins, to gird oneself up. বদ্ধ পাগল crazy to the extreme. ̃মুষ্টি a. having closed or clenched one's palm; (fig.) close-fisted, niggardly, miserly. ̃মূল a. deeprooted, deep-seated. বদ্ধাঞ্জলি হওয়া v. to fold or join one's palms. বদ্ধাধান n. (phys.) a bounded charge. 36)
(p. 810) bhānu the sun; a ray, a beam; grace, beauty. ̃মতী a. fem. graceful, beautiful. n. fem. (myth.) a celebrated female juggler. ভানুমতীর খেলা বা খেল amazing jugglery or magic; jugglery, magic. 37)
(p. 41) apajāta degenerate; base-born. অপজাতি n. a degenerated or base race or community. 61)
(p. 183) ētād়ṛśa like this; similar to this. 59)
(p. 40) antardīpana enlightenment of the mind; development of mental powers and qualities; improvement of the mind. 18)
(p. 326) granhibaddha knotted, tied together. 18)
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