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medicine দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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̃দাওয়াই, দাওয়া৩
(p. 485) ̃dāōẏāi, dāōẏā3 medicine; remedy. ̃খানা n. a drug-store; a dispensary; a chemist's shop, a pharmacy. দাওয়াই দেওয়া v. to give or administer a medicine; (fig.) to take action for correction or to remedy a wrong. 105)
(p. 2) agada free from disease or poison, not ill; healthy. n. a medicine; an antidote (esp. to poison). ̃তন্ত্র n. toxicology. 120)
(p. 9) acikitsaka a quack doctor, an ignorant medicine man, a charlatan. 52)
(p. 24) ananta endless; boundless; unlimited; inexhaustible; everlasting, eternal; imperishable. n. Vishnu (বিষ্ণু); Shesha (শেষ) the thousand-headed king of snakes; an ornament, an armlet. ̃কাল n. eternity. ̃কালব্যাপী, ̃কালস্হায়ী a. eternal. everlasting. অনন্তকাল ধরে adv. for ever. ̃চতুর্দশী n. the fourteenth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Bhadra (ভাদ্র); a religious penance observed on this day. ̃দেব n. Shesha (শেষ) the king of snakes. ̃নিদ্রা n. Vishnu's sleep on the person of Ananta (অনন্ত) the snake-king; everlasting or eternal sleep; (fig.) death. ̃নিদ্রায় নিদ্রিত sleeping the sleep that knows no breaking, sleeping eternal sleep, dead. ̃প্রকার a. of endless or countless varieties. ̃বীর্য a. of endless or inexhaustible strength or virility. ̃প্রভাব n. incessant or endless current or flow. ̃মূল n. a medicinal root. ̃রূপ, ̃রূপী a. of endless forms or shapes; of endless manifestations. ̃শয়ন, ̃শয্যা n. use of the person of Anantadeva (অনন্তদেব) by Vishnu as his bed; (fig.) death. ̃শীর্ষ a. hydra-headed. 16)
(p. 30) anupāna anything to be taken along with a medicine to make it effective. 106)
(p. 53) abacūrṇana reducing to powder or grinding into dust, pulverization; powder, dust; dusting with medicinal powder. অবচূর্ণিত a. reduced to powder, ground into dust, pulverized. 18)
(p. 56) abalēha licking or lapping; any article of food or medicine which is to be taken by licking. ̃ন n. licking. অবলেহন করা v. to lick or lap. অবলেহ্য a. that which can or should be licked. 18)
(p. 72) amṛta nectar, ambrosia, amrita; extremely sweet or delicious or invigorating food; a god (অমৃতের পুত্র); the abode of gods, heaven. a. nectarlike; extremely sweet or delicious or invigorating; ambrosial; immortal. ̃কল্প a. nectarlike, nectarine; ambrosial. ̃কুণ্ড n. the spring or well of nectar; a container of life-giving or invigorating element. ̃কুম্ভ n. the pitcher containing nectar. ̃তুল্য a. same as ̃কল্প । ̃ধারা n. a stream of nectar; an ambrosial stream. ̃নিস্যন্দী, ̃নিষ্যন্দী a. exuding or oozing nectar. ̃ফল n. the mango. ̃বর্ষী a. that which showers nectar. ̃বল্লী n. a medicinal plant. ̃বিন্দু n. a drop of nectar. ̃ভাষী a. one whose words are as sweet or delicious or invigorating as nectar; fair-spoken. ̃ময় a. full of nectar; extremely sweet or delicious or invigorating. ̃লোক n. the abode of the immortals, heaven. ̃স্রাবী a. same as ̃নিস্যন্দী । 9)
(p. 73) ariṣṭa fermented wine, alcohol; any medicinal sublimate; good luck. ̃চূর্ণ n. powder of any medicinal sublimate.
(p. 75) arjuna a stye on the eyelid; a kind of tree (the juice of its bark is used as a cordial medicine;—cp. foxglove, digitalis). 28)
(p. 80) aśba the horse. fem. অশ্বা । অশ্বী a mare. ̃কোবিদ a. experienced about horses; skilled in horse-breaking or horse training. n. one experienced about horses; a horse-breaker; a horsetrainer; a skilled horesman, an equestrian. ̃খুর n. a horse's hoof; a plant used as perfume. ̃খুরা n. a creeper of the clitoria genus; its flower. ̃গতি n. the pace (usu. galloping) of a horse. ̃গন্ধা n. a medicinal plant, withania somnifera. ̃গ্রীব n. having a neck curved like that of a horse, horse-necked. ̃চক্র n. a move in chess in which the two knights are placed in a position where the opponent's king is checkmated. ̃চালনা n. driving or riding a horse. ̃চালনা করা v. to drive or ride a horse. ̃চিকিত্সক n. a horse-doctor, a farrier; a veterinary surgeon. ̃চিকিত্সা n. farriery. ̃ডিম্ব n. a mere nothing, a hoax, (cp.) fiddlesticks! (int.), (cp.) a mare's nest. ̃তর n. the mule. fem. ̃তরী । ̃তুল্য a. like a horse, equine. ̃পাল, ̃পালক n. a professional caretaker of horses; an equerry; a groom. ̃পৃষ্ঠে adv. on horseback. ̃বিদ a. same as অশ্বকোবিদ । ̃বৈদ্য n. same as অশ্বচিকিত্সক । ̃মেধ (যজ্ঞ) n. a solemn ritual performed by the princes of ancient India to have their sins condoned; in this ritual a horse was given in sacrifice, the horse-sacrifice. ̃যান n. a horse-drawn carriage; a horse-cart. ̃রক্ষক n. same as অশ্বপাল । ̃রজ্জু n. a horse's rein or bridle. ̃শক্তি n. (mech.) horsepower, about 745 watts. ̃শাবক n. a colt, a foal (fem. filly). ̃শালা n. a stable. ̃সংক্রান্ত a. relating to the horse, equine. 45)
অসেব্য, অসেবনীয়
(p. 90) asēbya, asēbanīẏa (of medicine etc.) not to be taken. 26)
(p. 115) āpā a medicinal plant, Achyranthus aspera. 44)
(p. 123) āẏurbēda the traditional Hindu science of medicine as taught in the Atharva Veda. আয়ুর্বেদীয় a. relating or pertaining to this science; according to this science. 20)
ইষের মূল
(p. 140) iṣēra mūla a medicinal herb. 4)
(p. 140) isabagula a medicinal seed, Plantago ovata usually taken for clearing of bowels. 16)
(p. 168) ulaṭakambala a medicinal herb, abroma angusta. 100)
এম বি
(p. 183) ēma bi (formerly) the degree examination in medicine (of a university), M.B.; one who holds this degree, an M.B. এম বি বি এস n. the bachelor's degree in medicine. 91)
(p. 194) kajjalī mercurous sulphate (as used in medicine). 3)
(p. 194) kaṇṭikārī a prickly nightshade used in medicine. 68)
(p. 204) kampāunḍāra one who prepares medicines according to a doctor's prescription; a pharmacist. 2)
(p. 231) kālamēgha a bitter medicinal plant, Andrographis paniculata. 22)
(p. 240) kuṭaja a medicinal flower-plant usu. grown on hillsides. 7)
(p. 240) kuḍ় a medicinal plant; a measure of land (= .33 acre or .13 hectare approx.) a heap (পাঁশকুড়); a slit, a hole; a place for depositing, a depository (আঁস্তাকুড়). 24)
(p. 240) kuḍ়ci a medicinal flower-plant usu. grown on hillsides. 26)
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