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(p. 107) ātmādhīna working for oneself independently of external aid, self-reliant; independent. 32)
(p. 789) bēluna1 a roller for rolling chapaties; a cylinder. 11)
(p. 141) īśā2 a plough-stilt, a plough-tree. 13)
ক্যাঁচরক্যাঁচর, ক্যাঁচরম্যাচর
(p. 261) kyān̐carakyān̐cara, kyān̐caramyācara expressing the confused noise made by talking together; a harsh and unpleasant noise. ক্যাঁচরক্যাঁচর করা, ক্যাঁচরম্যাচর করা v. to talk together making a confused noise; to make a harsh and upleasant noise. 18)
(p. 262) klinna besmeared with liquid filth; besmeared with any morbid matter secreted from within one's body such as sweat, pus, slaver etc.; soiled; wet, moist. 53)
(p. 852) mādrāsā a madrasa, a madrasah. 81)
(p. 831) manakkā raisin. 59)
(p. 194) kathōpakathana a conversation; a talk, a chat; a dialogue. কথোপকথন করা v. to talk. কথোপকথনের ভাষা colloquial or spoken language. 92)
(p. 436) ḍērā a temporary abode, a modest lodging; a hutment, tented accommodation. ডেরা গাড়া, ডেরা বাঁধা v. to come to lodge or to commence to lodge, to take up one's lodging; to build a temporary hut, to pitch a tent. ডেরা তোলা v. to cease to lodge, to remove from a lodging; to demolish one's hutment; to strike the tent. ̃ডাণ্ডা n. a lodging and furniture; a tent and its equipage or accessories. 23)
(p. 921) lakēṭa a locket. 9)
(p. 262) kṣaẏita destroyed; defeated; wasted, lost; eroded, eaten into or away; decayed; decreased; dilapidated. 83)
(p. 118) ābharaṇa anything worn for personal embellishment, an ornament. কলঙ্ক তার অঙ্গের আভরণ scandal she wears as a jewel on her person. 52)
(p. 794) byākaṭēriẏā (in pl.) bacteria; (in sing.) a bacterium. 54)
(p. 194) kanakānaṭē a dark-red variety of edible spinach, the golden spinach. 115)
(p. 593) nīẏamāna in the state of being conducted or carried or borne or conveyed. fem. নীয়মানা । 22)
(p. 672) pragatibādī theory of progress. প্রগতিবাদী a. progressive. n. advocate or champion or supporter or votary of progress. প্রগতিশীল a. progressive; modern. প্রগতিশীলতা n. progressive outlook, progressiveness; modernity. 4)
(p. 2) agādha unfathomable, bottomless; very deep and extensive (অগাধ সমুদ্র); unlimited, unbounded (অগাধ আকাশ); profound; immeasurable, immense (অগাধ শান্তি). 128)
(p. 652) pīṭha a low wooden seat on which one may sit in a squatting position; an altar; a seat or a resort (esp. of a deity); a holy place; (myth.) any of the fifty-one holy places where fell the pieces cut off from the body of Sati (সতী), the wife of Shiva (শিব); an institution or a place regarded with some sanctity (বিদ্যাপীঠ). 19)
(p. 410) jyārōpaṇa act of stringing a bow. 42)
(p. 1007) sārē2 a boatswain, a serang. 60)
(p. 939) śaśīkalā a digit of the moon. 37)
(p. 1004) sādhu pious, saintly, virtuous, righteous, honest; good, noble; elegant, chaste, polite, refined (সাধু ভাষা); proper, correct, appropriate, idiomatic (সাধুপ্রয়োগ). n. a saint, an ascetic, an anchorite; a merchant, a trader; a usurer; a moneylender. int. excellent (সাধু ! সাধু !). সাধু অভিপ্রায় honest or noble desire, honest intention. সাধু সাবধান (lit.) O merchant, beware of the swindler or thief, (cp.) caveat emptor; (fig.) beware of the danger. ̃গিরি n. a show of honesty or piety; simulation of piety or honesty or goodness, sanctimoniousness, sanctimony; (usu. facet.) act of leading the life of an ascetic. ̃তা n. saintliness, piousness, piety, virtuousness, righteousness, honesty, integrity; goodness, nobility. ̃তাচারণ n. honest or upright or virtuous or good behaviour or dealing; practice of piety or virtue. ̃বাদ n. applause, praise, approbation; thanksgiving. সাধুবাদ দেওয়া v. to applaud, to praise; to thank. ̃ভাষা n. chaste or elegant or polished language (cp. চলিতভাষা). ̃সঙ্গ n. association with saints and ascetics; company of saints and ascetics, good company. ̃সম্মত a. virtuous, honest (সাধুসম্মত উপায়). 13)
(p. 767) bibhāsa an Indian musical mode. 2)
দফতর, দপ্তর
(p. 484) daphatara, daptara an office; a secretariat; official papers, files, registers, records (দফতর গোছানো); definite charge, portfolio (দফতরহীন). দফতরখানা, দপ্তরখানা n. a record room. দফতরহীন, দপ্তরহীন a. without portfolio (দফতরহীন মন্ত্রী,). দফতরি, দপ্তরি) n. a record keeper; an office-boy in charge of official files, stamps etc. and postage; a book-binder. 5)
(p. 291) gaja3 a measure of length equal to 3 feet. a yard. 91.5 cm or .9144 m. a. measuring a yard (একগজ কাপড়, পাঁচগজ লম্বা). ̃কাঠি n. a yardstick. গজি same as গজ3 (a). 14)
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