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(p. 314) gunḍā a rogue, a hooligan, a rowdy, a gangster, a ruffian. ̃মি n. hooliganism, rowdyism, gangsterism; ruffianism, গুন্ডামি করা v. to act as a hooligan, to practise hooliganism. 9)
(p. 329) ghaḍ়iẏāla2 a crocodile with a very long muzzle, a gavial, Gavialis gangeticus; (fig.) an extremely sly and self-seeking person. 27)
(p. 390) jamādāra an Indian Army officer holding the lowest commissioned rank; a head constable; a head sweeper; a police constable or a sweeper; a foreman or a gangsman. fem. জমাদারনি । 23)
(p. 485) dala a leaf (বিল্বদল); a petal (পুষ্পদল); a blade (তৃণদল); a cress or watercress (কলমিদল); a piece (মেঘদল); a party, a group, a company, a band, a body, a train, a flock, a herd, a swarm, a gang, a team, a side, a party (দুইদলে মামলা); a faction, a clique (দল পাকানো); a union (দল বাঁধা); (dero.) evil company (দলে মিশে উচ্ছন্নে যাওয়া). দল ছাড়া v. to leave or desert one's flock or party; to give up evil company. দল পাকানো, দল বাঁধা v. to unite into a body; (dero.) to form a faction or clique. দল বেঁধে in a body. দল ভাঙা v. to disrupt or disintegrate a party; to demobilize a troop. দল ভেঙে বেরিয়ে আসা v. to break away from a party; (cp.) to cross the floor; to defect. দলে দলে in (different) groups or flocks (দলে দলে লোক যাচ্ছে, দলে দলে পশু চরছে); between or amongst parties or factions (দলে দলে বিবাদ). দলে ভারী large in number; greater in number, enjoying a majority. দলে হালকা small or smaller in number. খেলার দল, খেলোয়াড়ের দল a team of players. দস্যুদল n. a gang of robbers. নর্তকের দল a band or group of dancers. নাচের দল a dancing party. নাবিকদল n. a party or band of sailors. পশুর দল a herd of beasts. পাখির দল a flock of birds. বদমাশের দল a gang of ruffians. যাত্রার দল an opera party. রাজনীতিক দল a political party. সৈন্যদল n. an army of soldiers. ̃কচু n. a kind of edible plant. ̃গত a. counted as a group, collective (দলগত শক্তি); taken as a group or party (দলগত সংহতি). ̃চ্যুত a. separated or expelled from one's flock or party. ̃চ্যুতি n. separation or expulsion from one's flock or party. ̃ছাড়া a. separated from one's flock or party; (rare) moving alone; solitary, singular; unusual, queer, exceptional. ̃ত্যাগ n. leaving or deserting one's party or flock. দলত্যাগ করা v. to leave or desert one's party or flock. ̃ত্যাগী a. one who leaves or deserts one's party or flock. দলত্যাগী ব্যক্তি n. one who has left his party; a defector; a deserter of his party, a turncoat; a renegade, an apostate. ̃পতি a leader; a headman, a chief, a chieftain; a gangster. ̃পরিবর্তন n. change of party or side; transfer from one club or team to another. ̃বন্ধ a. united into a body; united; flocked or herded together; (rare) gregarious (দলবন্ধ জীবন). ̃বন্ধ ভাবে adv. in a body, en masse; unitedly; in a flock; gregariously. ̃বন্ধ হওয়া v. to unite in a group, to band together. ̃বল n. one's followers and forces. ̃বাজি n. factionalism, partisanship, cliquism. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as দলছাড়া । ̃মন্ডল n. (bot.) a corolla. ̃মত নির্বিশেষে adv. irrespective of parties or opinions. ̃লগ্ন a. (bot.) epipetalous. ̃হীন a. unattached to any party; (pol.) non-party, independent; (bot.) apetalous. দলে ভেড়া v. to join a party or group, to associate oneself with a body of like-minded people. 61)
(p. 485) dasyu a robber, dacoit; (ori.) a nonAryan race of ancient India or a member of it; (in affection) a person as daring and unmanageable as a robber; a rogue. জলদস্যু n. a pirate. ̃তা, ̃বৃত্তি n. robbery, dacoity. দস্যুতা করা v. to plunder, to take to robbery, to commit robbery. ̃দল n. a band of robbers or gangsters, a gang of freebooters. ̃পনা n. daredevilry. ̃ভয় n. fear of robbers. 91)
(p. 830) majura a labourer, a workman, a worker. fem. মজুরনি । ̃সরদার n. a foreman of a gang, a gangsman, a ganger. মজুরের দল a band of labourers; a gang. মজুরি n. labour cost or charges; wages of a labourer; labour work. ম়জুরি করা v. to work as a labourer. 3)
(p. 879) mēṭa a ganger or gangsman; (naut.) a mate; (in India) a prisoner appointed task-master of fellow-prisoners, a mate. 15)
(p. 935) śakta2 hard, not soft; strong; stiff, obdurate; durable, tight; firm, steady; stubborn; severe, rigorous; strict; rigid; strenuous; niggardly, stingy (খরচের বেলায় সে শক্ত); harsh (শক্ত কথা) excruciating (শক্ত ব্যথা); difficult. শক্ত ঘানি (fig.) a very hard taskmaster; (fig.) a hard nut to crack; a very obdurate man. শক্ত পাল্লায় পড়া to have to deal with a person who is more than one's match, to catch a tartar. শক্তের ভক্ত নরমের যম (fig.) one who flatters a strong opponent but tyrannizes over a weak one, a jackal in Brobdingang playing the lion in Lilliput. 18)
(p. 951) śrama labour, toil; physical or manual labour; diligence, assiduity, industry (শ্রম বিনা লেখাপড়া হয় না); exertion, fatigue; rigour (সশ্রম কারাদণ্ড). শ্রম করা v. to labour, to toil; to do physical or manual labour; to apply oneself diligently or assiduously; to exert oneself; to undergo rigours. উত্পাদক শ্রম productive labour. ̃কাতর a. reluctant to toil, grudging labour; lazy. ̃জ n. produced by toil or industry. ̃জনক a. toilsome, strenuous, fatiguing. ̃জল n. perspiration (caused by toil), sweat. ̃জীবী a. earning one's livelihood by manual labour. n. same as শ্রমিক । ̃ণ n. a Buddhist mendicant, ascetic. fem. ̃ণা ̃বণ়্টন, ̃বিভাগ n. (econ.) division of labour. ̃বিমুখ same as ̃কাতর । ̃মন্ত্রক n. the Ministry of Labour. ̃মহাধ্যক্ষ n. Labour Commissioner. ̃লভ্য a. obtainable by effort or application. ̃লব্ধ a. earned by toil or industry. ̃শিল্প n. an industry. ̃শীল, ̃সহিষ্ণু a. devoted to labour, laborious, painstaking, hardy, industrious, diligent, assiduous. ̃শীলতা n. industry, diligence, assiduity. ̃সাধ্য a. involving labour; laborious, toilsome; strenuous; attainable by hard work. শ্রম স্বীকার করা v. to take pains. শ্রমাপনোদন করা v. to allay or remove fatigue; to refresh, to freshen up. শ্রমিক n. a manual labourer, a labourer; a workman, an industrial worker. শ্রমিকআন্দোলন n. labour movement. শ্রমিকগোলযোগ n. labour unrest; labour trouble. শ্রমিকদল n. a gang of labourers; (pol.) the Labour Party. শ্রমিক-সংঘ n. a trade union. শ্রমোপজীবী same as শ্রমজীবী । fem. শ্রমোপজীবিনী । 108)
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