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(p. 2) akātara (in suffering, danger etc.) unperturbed, undistressed; unflinching; patient, calm; (in toil, fighting etc.) untiring; (of gift, charity etc.) ungrudging, bountiful. অকাতরে adv. unperturbedly; feeling no distress, unflinchingly; patiently, calmly; soundly, deeply (অকাতরে ঘুমানো); untiringly; ungrudgingly; bountifully. 34)
(p. 2) akṣauhiṇī a division of army in ancient India, comprising 1935 foot-soldiers, 6561 cavalrymen, 2187 fighters on elephant-back and 2187 charioteers. 104)
(p. 9) ajabīthi (rare) a chariot for gods; the Milky Way, the Galaxy. 85)
(p. 20) adhiratha chariot-driver, a charioteer; a warrior on chariot who can fight innumerable enemies simultaneously. 36)
(p. 26) anātha having none to help or protect, helpless; orphan. fem. অনাথা, (pop.) অনাথিনী । ̃নাথ n. one who helps or protects the helpless; God. ̃শালা, অনাথাশ্রম n. charitable home or refuge for the helpless; an orphanage. 45)
(p. 41) anna boiled rice; rice; food. ̃কষ্ট n. distress caused by scarcity of food; famine; (fig.) sufferance caused by extreme poverty, indigent circumstances. ̃কূট n. a stupendous heap of boiled rice. ̃ক্ষেত্র var. of অন্নসত্র । ̃গতপ্রাণ a. (absolutely) depending on food or boiled rice for subsistence; (loos.) riceeating. ̃চিন্তা n. thinking out means of procuring food or earning one's livelihood; food-problem, bread-problem. ̃চিন্তা চমত্কারা the effort to earn one's livelihood is all-absorbing; bread-problem is the chief problem; thought of one's daily bread preys heavily on the mind or weighs heavily on the spirits. ̃জল n. food and drink; the Hindu rite of providing food and drink for the soul of the dead. ̃দা a. fem. one who supplies or gives food. n. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা) ̃দাতা a. & n. one who supplies or gives food; one who maintains. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. charitable or gratuitous supply of food. ̃দাস n. one who has enslaved himself to another for one's food or maintenance. ̃নালী n. the aesophagus, the gullet, the food passage. ̃পূর্ণা a. fem. full of food or rice. n. Goddess Durga (দুর্গা).̃পথ্য n. rice-meal as diet. ̃পান n. food and drink. ̃প্রাশন n. the Hindu rite of a child's tasting rice for the first time. ̃বস্ত্র n. food and clothing. ̃ব্যঞ্জন n. rice and curry. ̃ভোজী a. rice-eating. n. rice-eater. ̃ময় a. full of food; built up or nourished by food (অন্নময় কোষ) ̃রস n. chyle. ̃সংস্হান n. provision for maintenance; procuring food or earning one's livelihood. ̃সত্র n. a place or institution for charitable supply of rice or food. ̃সমস্যা n. food-problem, bread-problem. ̃হীন a. without food; foodless; starving. 17)
(p. 62) abaitanika not drawing any pay in lieu of service, unpaid, honorary (অবৈতনিক পদ); demanding no fees, free (অবৈতনিক বিদ্যালয় = a free school, a charity school). 19)
(p. 75) aruṇa the sun; (myth.) the name of the charioteer of the sun; the newly-risen sun, the morning sun; glow of the morning sun; purple or crimson colour. a. purple, crimson; sanguine, florid. ̃নয়ন, ̃লোচন a. purple-eyed, crimsoneyed. অরুণিত a. crimsoned, purpled; reddened. অরুণিম a. having a purple or crimson glow; rosy. অরুণিমা n. crimson or purple glow; rosiness. অরুণোদয় n. sunrise; dawn, daybreak. অরুণোপল n. the ruby. 5)
(p. 150) utsarjaka one who relinquishes or sacrifices or dedicates or gives in charity. 30)
(p. 150) utsarjana relinquishment; sacrifice; dedication; act of giving in charity; charitable gift. উত্সর্জন করা v. to relinquish; to sacrifice; to dedicate; to give in charity. ̃মূলক a. dedicatory. 31)
(p. 150) udāra high, lofty; noble; liberal; charitable, generous, munificent; magnanimous; kind; open-hearted; free from narrowness. উদার আকাশ the high (and open or free) sky. ̃চরিত্র, ̃প্রকৃতি, ̃স্বভাব a. noble-charactered, noble-natured; noble; liberal; magnanimous; lofty. ̃চেতা, ̃মতি, ̃মনা, ̃হৃদয় a. nobleminded, high-souled, noble-hearted; noble; liberal; magnanimous; openhearted. ̃তা n. loftiness; nobleness; liberality; charitableness, generosity, munificence; magnanimity; kindness; freedom from narrowness. ̃নীতি n. (chiefly pol.) liberalism. ̃নীতিক, ̃নৈতিক a. liberal. ̃পন্হী same as উদারনৈতিক । 102)
(p. 157) udratha the pin of the axle of a chariot or carriage; a cock. 39)
(p. 189) ōẏākapha charitable grant for Muslim religious purpose or in service of God. ̃নামা n. a grant providing for this gift. ওয়াকিফ, ওয়াকিব a. conversant, familiar, acquainted, knowing; informed; experienced. ওয়াকিফহাল, ওয়াকিবহাল a. conversant with the situation; well-informed of the situation. 26)
(p. 194) kapikētana a chariot on the top of which sits a monkey; Arjuna (অর্জুন) of the Mahabharata for he had such a chariot. 150)
(p. 243) kula3 family; a clan; lineage, pedigree; good pedigree or lineage, a kulin (কুলীন) family (সে কুলের ছেলে); purity of blood; dignity of one's family, family prestige, aristocracy, high or noble birth (কুলগর্ব); descendants, line (তার কুল আজও টিকে আছে); one's own house or family or society (কুলত্যাগ); family religion or cult; residence (গুরুকুল); a race, a tribe (রক্ষঃকুল); a species or kind or class (নরকুল); a collection, a herd, a flock, a swarm (শিবাকুল). কুল করা v. to enter into a matrimonial alliance with a kulin (কুলীন) family. কুল মজানো v. (fig.) to bring disgrace upon one's family. কুল রাখি কি শ্যাম রাখি (fig.) on the horns of a dilemma. কুলে কালি দেওয়া (fig.) to bring disgrace upon one's (own) family, to tarnish the good name of one's (own) family. কুলের বার হওয়া same as কুলত্যাগ করা । একুল-ওকুল দুকুল খাওয়া বা হারানো (lit.—of a married woman) to lose shelter and support of both one's husband and parents; (fig.) to reject one alternative and lose the other; to be utterly ruined, to leave one's friends and be ill-treated by one's foes. ̃কণ্টক n. one who is a disgrace to or a pest of one's family. ̃কন্যা n. a girl born of a high (kulin) family. ̃কর্ম same as কুলক্রিয়া । ̃কলঙ্ক n. one who is a disgrace to his family. fem. কুলকলঙ্কিনী । ̃কলঙ্কী a. masc. bringing disgrace on one's family. ̃কামিনী n. a wife of a good family; a girl born of a good family; (loos.) a family woman (esp. one living in a zenana.) ̃কুণ্ডলিনী same as কুণ্ডলিনী । ̃ক্রিয়া, ̃কার্য n. traditional customs and practices of a family or befitting a family; act of entering into a matrimonial alliance with a kulin (কুলীন) family. ̃ক্ষয় n. destruction or decay of a family or line. ̃ক্ষয়কর a. causing decay or destruction of a family or line. ̃গত a. pertaining to a family. ̃গরিমা, ̃গর্ব n. dignity of a family, family prestige; pride of birth. ̃গুরু n. a family preceptor; the hereditary religious guide of a family. ̃গৌরব same as কুলগরিমা । ̃ঘ্ন a. destroying a family, causing destruction of a family. ̃চ্যুত a. expelled from one's family, interdicted, ostracized; one who has lost his family prestige or status. ̃জ, ̃জাত a. born of a good family; born of a kulin (কুলীন) family. ̃জি n. a (descriptive) genealogy (often composed in verse). ̃জিনামা n. a genealogical table. ̃জ্ঞ a. acquainted with the genealogy of a family. n. a herald. ̃জ্ঞতা n. knowledge of heraldic lore. ̃টা n. a woman who has brought disgrace upon her family (usu. by leaving it for good); a woman of bad moral character. a. of or like such a woman. কুলটার স্বামী the husband of such a woman, (cp.) a cuckold. ̃তিলক n. (one who is) the glory or pride of one's family. a. glorifying one's family. ̃ত্যাগ n. (of women) leaving one's home for good for immoral purposes; (of men) abandoning one's family, giving up the customs and practices of one's family. কুলত্যাগ করা v. (of women) to leave one's home for good for immoral purposes or to elope with her paramour; (of men) to abandon one's family, to repudiate the customs and practices of one's family. ̃ত্যাগী a. masc. one who has abandoned one's family or has repudiated the customs and practices of one's family. ̃ত্যাগিনী a. fem. one who has left her home for good for immoral purposes or eloped with one's paramour. ̃দূষক, ̃দূষণ a. bringing disgrace upon one's family. n. (one who is) the disgrace to one's family. ̃দেবতা n. the hereditary or tutelary or guardian deity of a family. ̃ধর্ম n. the traditional customs and practices of a family. ̃নারী same as কুলকামিনী । ̃নাশন same as কুলঘ্ন । ̃নাশা a. bringing disgrace upon one's family. ̃নিন্দা n. family scandal. ̃পঞ্জি, ̃পঞ্জী same as কুলজি । ̃পতি n. the headman or chief of a clan; a patriarch; an arch-sage. ̃পাংশুলা n. an unchaste woman; a woman who is a disgrace to the family. ̃পুরোহিত n. a family priest. ̃প্রথা n. a family custom or practice. ̃প্রদীপ n. (fig.) one who glorifies one's family. ̃বতী, ̃বধূ n. a virtuous wife; (loos.) a family woman (esp. one living in a zenana). ̃বালা same as কুলকামিনী । ̃ভঙ্গ n. loss of one's family prestige or status (esp. due to matrimonial alliance with a family of inferior prestige or status). ̃ভূষণ, ̃মণি n. one who glorifies one's family, the ornament of one's family. ̃ভ্রষ্ট same as কুলচ্যুত । ̃মজানে a. bringing disgrace upon a family. ̃মর্যাদা n. the dignity of a family, family prestige; the heraldic sign or mark of a family. ̃মান n. the dignity of a family, family prestige. ̃লক্ষণ n. any of the nine good qualities of a kulin (কুলীন) namely; (1) observance of rites, (2) politeness, (3) education, (4) good or reputable social position, (5) pilgrimage, (6) constancy or firm devotion, (7) honourable profession, (8) penance, and (9) benevolence or charity. ̃লক্ষ্মী n. fem. the guardian goddess of a family; the guardian goddess of fortune of a family; a housewife who brings prosperity to a family. ̃শীল n. lineage and character. ̃শীলমান n. lineage, character and dignity. ̃শ্রেষ্ঠ n. the best or most distinguished person in a family or line. ̃সম্ভব a. born of a particular family; born of a good family. ̃স্ত্রী same as কুলবধূ । 68)
(p. 251) kṛṣṇa (myth.) an incarnation of God Vishnu or Narayana (নারায়ণ), Krishna who was one of the chief characters of the Mahabharata. a. black or deepblue or dark-complexioned (কৃষ্ণকায়, কৃষ্ণমেঘ); dark, gloomy (কৃষ্ণরাত্রি). কৃষ্ণ পাওয়া v. (usu. sarcas.) to have access to the eternal and celestial company of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ) after one's death; to die. ̃কলি n. a flower-plant; its flower. ̃কায় a. dark-complexioned. ̃চন্দন n. the white Sandalwood, Santalum album. ̃চূড়া n. a flowering shrub; its red-coloured flower. ̃জীরে, ̃জীরক n. the black cummin. ̃তা n. blackness. ̃তিথি n. any of the lunar days of the dark fortnight. ̃পক্ষ n. the dark fortnight. ̃পক্ষীয় a. of the dark fortnight. ̃প্রাপ্তি n. access to the eternal and celestial company of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ); death. ̃বর্ণ a. black, dark-coloured. n. black or dark colour. ̃বর্ত্মা n. fire; (myth. & astro.) the dragon's head, the ascending node. ˜ভক্ত a. devoted to Lord Krishna. n. a devotee of Lord Krishna. ̃মুগ n. a black variety of pigeon-pulse. ̃যাত্রা n. any of the openair dramatic performances enacting the life and activities of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ). ̃লোহিত a. & n. purple. ˜লৌহ n. a magnet. ̃সর্প n. a venomous black snake, the krait. ̃সার, ̃শার n. the antelope. ̃সারথি n. Arjuna (অর্জুন) of whom Krishna (কৃষ্ণ) is the charioteer as told in the Mahabharata. ̃সীস n. graphite, black lead. কৃষ্ণা a. fem. dark complexioned. n. a name of Draupadi (দ্রৌপদী) of the Mahabharata. কৃষ্ণাঙ্গ n. the black-skinned; the black people. a. black-skinned. opp. শ্বেতাঙ্গ । কৃষ্ণাগুরু same as কৃষ্ণচন্দন । কৃষ্ণাজিন n. skin of an antelope. কৃষ্ণাভ a. blackish; bluish; darkish. কৃষ্ণাষ্টমী n. the birth-day of Krishna (কৃষ্ণ); the eighth lunar day of the dark fortnight of the month of Bhadra (ভাদ্র). 19)
(p. 274) khaẏarāta bounty; charity, almsgiving; alms, a charitable gift or donation. খয়রাত করা v. to give in charity; to give as alms. খয়রাতি a. charitable; gratuitous. 20)
(p. 314) gulma a bush, a shrub; the spleen; morbid enlargement of the spleen (also গুল্মরোগ); a military station or assemblage; a small division of an army (consisting of 9 elephant-riders, 9 charioteers, 27 horsemen and 45 foot-soldiers). 46)
(p. 345) caturaṅga (of an army) comprising four parts such as elephants, cavalry, chariots and infantry; four-limbed; having all limbs; complete, thorough. n. an army complete in all the four parts such as elephants, cavalry, chariots, and infantry; a form of (Indian) music; chess. 14)
(p. 390) jala water; aqua: rain (জল হচ্ছে); a stream ('যেতেছে জলের মত'); (fig.) a light repast, refreshment, snack, tiffin (জলখাবার). a. cooled, comforted, refreshed (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); liquefied (গলে জল); rendered watery, thinned (রক্ত জল); mixed or adulterated with water (জল দুধ); wasted (টাকা জল হওয়া); exhausted, ruined (দেহ বা রক্ত জল হওয়া); very easy (জল অঙ্ক). খর জল hard water. চোখের জল tears. নারকেলের জল milk of coconut. বৃষ্টির জল rain-water. ভারী জল (phys.) heavy water. মিঠে জল fresh water. মৃদু জল soft water. জল করা v. to waste (টাকা জল করা); to ruin, to exhaust (দেহ বা রক্ত জল করা); to cool or comfort (প্রাণ জল করা). জল খাওয়া. v. to drink water; to take light repast, to take tiffin, (coll.) to refresh; to take or require water (ইঞ্জিনটা খুব জল খায়). জল ঝরা. v. to drip. জল দেওয়া v. to give water; to give a dying person water to drink; to offer drinking water to the manes; to water (গাছে জল দেওয়া). জল পড়া. v. to rain; to leak water (কলসিটা থেকে জল পড়ে); to stream with tears. জল মরা v. to dry up. জল নেওয়া v. to take water; (of an engine etc.) to water. জল সওয়া v. to fetch water from a river or pond on the eve of a festival. জল সরা v. to pass out water; to use the water of a pond esp. for purposes other than drinking; (of a pregnant woman) pass fluid (esp. immediately before childbirth). জল হওয়া v. to rain; to become liquid, to liquefy, to melt (গলে জল হওয়া); to cool or be comforted (প্রাণ জল হওয়া); to cool or calm down (রাগ জল হওয়া); to become cold (চা জল হওয়া). জলে দেওয়া. v. (fig.) to give to an undeserving person; (fig.) to waste. জলে পড়া v. (fig.) to arrive at a bad place; (fig.) to fall in a danger; (fig.) to fall to an undeserving person; (fig.) to be wasted. জলে ফেলা same as জলে দেওয়া । জলে যাওয়া v. to go to a river or pond; (fig.) to be wasted (টাকাটা জলে গেল). জলের কল. a. watertap. কলের জল tap-water. জলের গাড়ি a water-cart. জলের দামে (fig.) at a throwaway price. জলের স্রোত a stream of water. ̃কণা n. a little or small drop of water. ̃কন্যা n. a water-nymph, a naiad, a mermaid. ̃কপাট n. a watergate, a sluicegate, a sluice. ̃কর n. a tax imposed on ponds, water reservoirs etc.; a water toll; a tax on fishery. ̃কল্লোল n. noise (usu. loud) made by a running stream or wave; a noisy wave; a roaring wave. ̃কষ্ট n. scarcity of water. ̃কাচা a. (of textile goods) washed in water only (that is, without using soap or other washing materials). ̃কাদা n. rain-water and mud; slush. ̃কুক্কুট n. the water-fowl; the gull. ̃কুণ্ড n. a water-font; a water-reservoir. ̃কূট n. (phys.) a water-trap. ̃ক্রিয়া n. drink-offering to the deceased, water libation, offering drinking water to the manes. ̃ক্রীড়া, ̃কেলি n. aquatic sports, watersports; bathing in rivers or ponds for amusement. ̃খাবার n. a light repast, refreshment, tiffin, snack. ̃গাহ n. waterbath. জলগ্রহণ না করা v. not to drink water; not to take even the slightest food, refuse to take any food. ̃গ্রাহী a. (bot.) hygroscopic. ̃চক্র n. (phys.) a water-mill. ̃চর a. living or growing in water, aquatic. n. an aquatic animal. ̃চল a. belonging to a caste whose touch does not pollute water to be used by high-caste people. ̃চাষ বিদ্যা hydroponics, art of growing plants in water impregnated with nutrients. ̃চিকিত্সক n. a hydropathist. ̃চিকিত্সা n. hydropathy. ̃চিহ্ন n. manufacturer's design on some kinds of paper-seen when the paper is held against light, watermark. ̃চুড়ি n. a watermark in the shape of a thin streak. ̃চৌকি n. a low and small wooden stool. ̃ছত্র coll. corrup. of ̃সত্র, । ̃ছবি n. a transfer picture. ̃ছাপ n. a watermark. ̃জ a. born in or of water, ponds, rivers, seas etc.; aquatic. n. the water-lily, the lotus. ̃জন্তু n. an aquatic animal. ̃জীয়ন্ত, ̃জিয়ন্ত, (coll.) ̃জ্যন্ত a. perfectly alive (just like a fish in water); (fig.) quite obvious, downright (জলজ্যান্ত মিথ্যা). ̃ঝড় n. rain and storm. ̃টুঙি n. a raised hut built in the midst of a pond, marsh, river etc. ̃ঢোঁড়া n. a species of non-venomous water-snake. ̃তরঙ্গ n. a wave; a ripple; a kind of musical instrument consisting of seven bowls which are filled with water and are struck with one or more sticks in order to produce musical sounds. ̃দস্যু n. a pirate; a buccaneer. ̃দস্যুতা n. piracy. ̃তা করা v. to act as a pirate; to buccaneer. ̃দেবতা n. a watergod; Neptune; Varuna (বরুণ). ̃দোষ n. morbid collection of water in the abdomen, dropsy. ̃দ্রোণী n. a water-cask, a water-barrel; a water-bucket; a trough. ̃ধর a. containing water; full of water. n. the cloud; the sea. ̃ধারা n. a stream of water. ̃নকুল n. the otter. ̃নালী n. a water-passage; an aqueduct; a drain. ̃নিকাশ n. draining out water, drainage. ̃নিকাশের পথ a drain, an outlet for water. ̃নিধি n. an ocean; a sea. ̃নিরোধক a. waterproof. ̃নির্গম n. passage of water, drainage. ̃নির্গমপথ n. an outlet for water; a drain. ̃নির্গম প্রণালী n. drainage system; an outlet for water, a conduit; a drain. ̃পটি n. a strip of cloth soaked in water and placed on a wounded limb or on the forehead. ̃পড়া n. water into which curative or supernatural power is believed to have been infused by means of mysterious words uttered by a sorcerer or magician. ̃পথ n. a waterway; an outlet for water. ̃পথে adv. by water. ̃পরাগী a. hydrophilous. ̃পরি n. a water-nymph; a water fairy, mermaid. ̃পাত্র n. a water-vessel, a water-pot; a drinking cup or glass. ̃পান n. a light repast, snacks; act of drinking water. জলপান করা v. to take a light repast; to drink water. ̃পানি n. a scholarship, a studentship, student's stipend; pocket-money (আশুতোষ তাঁর বাবার কাছ থেকে নিত্য এক টাকা করে জলপানি পেতেন). ̃পিপাসা n. thirst. ̃পিপি n. a small species of wading bird, the jacana, Metopidius indicus. ̃পিঁড়ি n. a low wooden pedestal on which pitchers are placed. ̃পুলিশ a. water police; marine police. ̃পৃষ্ঠ n. water level, surface of water. ̃প্রণালী n. an outlet for water; a drain; a watercourse; a strait. ̃প্রপাত n. a waterfall, a cataract, a cascade, a fall. ̃প্লাবন n. a flood; a deluge. ̃প্লাবিত a. overflooded; flooded with water. ̃বত্ a. (fig.) clear as water, perspicuous, very easy to understand. ̃বসন্ত n. chicken-pox. ̃বাতাস, ̃বায়ু n. climate. ̃বাহক n. a water-carrier. ̃বাহিত a. (of goods or diseases) water-borne. ̃বিছুটি n. nettle drenched in water (which, when rubbed on any part of the body, causes a terrible irritation). ̃বিজ্ঞান n. hydrostatics. ̃বিদ্যুত্ n. hydro-electricity, hydro-electric power. ̃বিন্দু n. a drop of water. ̃বিম্ব n. a bubble. ̃বিভাজিকা n. watershed. ̃বিযুক্ত করা v. to dehydrate. ̃বিয়োজন n. dehydration. ̃বিষুব n. the autumnal equinox. ̃বিশ্লেষণ n. hydrolyzation. জলবিশ্লেষণ করা v. to hydrolize. ̃বিহার same as ̃ক্রীড়া । ̃বোমা n. a depth charge, a bomb used against a submarine for explosion under water. জল ভাঙা v. to proceed or walk through water with difficulty. ̃ভ্রমি n. a whirlpool. ̃মগ্ন a. immersed or sunk in water; drowned; flooded or submerged. জলমগ্ন হওয়া v. to sink; to drown; to be submerged. ̃ময় a. full of water; watery; flooded with water; full of ponds, rivers etc. (জলময় দেশ). ̃মার্জার n. the otter. ̃মুক n. the cloud. ̃যন্ত্র n. a machine or pulley for hauling up water; a water-clock, a clepsydra; a spraying instrument, a spray. ̃যাত্রা n. a sea voyage. ̃যাত্রী n. a voyager. a. voyaging. ̃যান n. a ship or a boat, a vessel. ̃যুদ্ধ n. a fight on water, a naval fight; a naval war; naval warfare. ̃যোদ্ধা n. a naval soldier, a navy-man. ̃যোগ n. tiffin or a light repast. জলযোগ করা v. to take tiffin or a light repast. ̃রং n. water colour. ̃রাশি n. a mass of water. ̃রেখা n. a water-line. ̃রোধী a. waterproof; watertight. ̃শক্তি n. hydro-electricity, power obtained from flowing or falling water capable of generating electric current etc., waterpower. ̃শূন্য a. waterless; dry. ̃শৌচ n. act of washing the posteriors (and also other parts of the body) with water after purging. ̃সত্র n. a place for charitable distribution of drinking water to the public. ̃সম a. level with water. ̃সমতল n. water-level. ̃সিক্ত a. soaked in or drenched with water, wet; moist. ̃সিঞ্চন, ̃সেচন n. act of sprinkling water; act of watering (trees etc.) জলসিঞ্চন করা, জলসেচন করা v. to sprinkle water (upon); to water. ̃সেক n. act of sprinkling water; act of sprinkling; act of fomenting with a piece of cloth dipped in hot water. ̃স্তম্ভ n. a waterspout. ̃স্ফীতি n. spate. ̃স্রোত n. a stream of water. ̃হস্তী n. the hippopotamus. ̃হাওয়া n. climate. 59)
(p. 464) tulā3 a weighing machine, a balance, a pair of scales; (astrol.) a zodiacal constellation, the Libra; a measure of weight of gold and silver (=4 তোলা or about 45 grams). ̃দণ্ড n. a beam of balance, a weighing machine, a pair of scales. ̃দান n. charitable gift of gold or silver or anything else up to the weight of the person of the donor. ̃ধর n. the sun. ̃ধারী a. one who weighs or carries on a trade. n. a weighing man, a weighman; a trader. ̃মান n. a measure of weight; act of weighing in the balance. ̃যন্ত্র n. a weighing machine. ̃রাশি n. (astrol.) the Libra. 31)
(p. 472) tyāga giving up (দাবিত্যাগ, প্রাণত্যাগ); abandonment, act of forsaking, desertion; leaving (দেশত্যাগ); relinquishment, resignation (পদত্যাগ, কর্মত্যাগ); casting or casting off (শরত্যাগ, খোলসত্যাগ) renunciation, sacrifice; giving away in charity or benevolence; disavowal (ধর্মত্যাগ); divorce (পত্নীত্যাগ); act of disowning (পুত্রত্যাগ). ত্যাগ করা v. to give up; to abandon, to forsake, to desert; to leave; to relinquish, to resign; to cast (off); to renounce, to sacrifice; to give away in charity or benevolence; to disavow; to divorce; to disown. ̃পত্র n. a deed of relinquishment (as of a right, interest etc.); a bill of divorcement. ̃স্বীকার n. self-denial, self-abnegation. ত্যাগস্বীকার করা v. to deny oneself, to renounce one's interests. ত্যাগী a. self-denying, self-abnegating; renouncing one's interests or pleasures. n. a self-denier or self-abnegator, a renouncer of selfinterests or pleasures. 29)
(p. 485) daśa ten; (fig.) the people, the public (দেশ ও দশ, দশের কাজ); (fig.) several persons united into a body (দশে মিলি করি কাজ). a. ten; many, several (দশ কথা শোনান, এক কথা দশবার শোনানো). দশই n. the tenth day of a month. a. (of the days of a month) tenth. দশক n. (arith.) the place of tens; a decade. ̃কথা n. many words; much talking; many rude words, much scolding. ̃কর্ম n. the ten Hindu sacraments. ̃কর্মান্বিত a. one who takes or has taken the ten Hindu sacraments. ̃কাহন n. ten kahans (কাহন); many words; much talking; exaggeration; many rude words, much scolding. ̃কিয়া n. a table of numeration by multiple of ten. ̃কোষী, (dial.) ̃কুশি n. a measure of kirtan (কীর্তন) songs. ̃গুন a. & adv. ten times. ˜চক্র n. a plot or intrigue or bad counsel by ten or many persons. দশচক্রে ভগবান ভূত (fig.) even a very intelligent man may be discomfited or cornered or pushed to the wall or endangered by the intrigue or bad counsel of the many. ̃তলক n. a decahedron. ̃দশা see ̃দশা । ̃দিক see দিক । ̃নামী n. ten religious communities obeying the doctrines of Shankaracharya. ̃পঁচিশ n. an indoor game like dice played with cowries (কড়ি). ̃প্রহরণধারিণী a. fem. (also used as n.) holding ten weapons esp. in ten hands (an epithet of Goddess Durga). ̃বল see বল । ̃বিধ a. of ten kinds or varieties. ̃বিধ সংস্কার the ten Hindu sacraments. ̃ভুজ (বা দশকোণী) ক্ষেত্র n. a decagon. ̃ভুজা a. fem. (also used as n.) ten-handed (an epithet of Goddess Durga). দশম a. tenth. ̃মহাবিদ্যা see মহাবিদ্যা । দশমাংশ, দশাংশ n. a tenth; the tenth part. ̃মাবতার n. (kalki) (কল্কি) the tenth and last incarnation of Vishnu (বিষ্ণু). ̃মিক a. (arith.) decimal (দশমিক ভগ্নাংশ). n. (arith.) decimal fraction. দশমিক পদ্ধতি decimal system. দশমিক-মুদ্রা প্রথা decimal system of coinage. দশমিকমুদ্রা প্রথা চালু করা বা হওয়া to go decimal. দশমী n. the tenth day of a lunar fortnight. ̃মূল see মূল । ̃রথ n. one whose chariot can fly in all ten directions; Ramachandra's father (in the Ramayana). ̃শত n. & a. thousand. ˜সহস্র n. & a. ten thousand, myriad. ˜সালা a. decennial. দশসালা বন্দোবস্ত (hist.) the decennial settlement (of land). ̃স্কন্ধ a. ten-necked. ̃হারা n. the tenth day of the lunar fortnight of the month of Jaistha (জ্যৈষ্ঠ); the date of the descent of the Ganges upon earth; on this date a bath in the Ganges relieves one of ten kinds of sin. ̃হাত n. ten cubits. a. measuring ten cubits; (fig.) very much expanded or puffed up (বুক ফুলে দশ হাত). ̃হাতি a. measuring ten cubits; (of cloth) having the standard length (=1 cubits). 72)
(p. 485) daśā state, condition (দুর্দশা); disposition (মনের দশা); a phase, a stage (শেষ দশা); one of the ten phases of the human mind, namely, volition, thought, memory, adoration, worry, delirium, madness, illness, infirmity, death (all collectively called দশদশা); one of the ten stages of human life, namely, staying in the womb, birth, infancy, childhood, adolescence and celibacy, youth, old age, decrepitude, the last gasp, and death (all stages collectivly called দশদশা); (astrol.) the planetary influence on a person's life (শনির দশা); a Hindu obsequial rite observed on the tenth day of death; any of the ten forms of devotion or charity according to Vaishnavas, namely, audition, glorification, recollection or enumeration of qualities and graces, worship, adoration, obeisance or genuflection, attendance or servitude, friendship or attachment, self-sacrifice in love, and unification; (religious) trance or reverie (দশায় পড়া). দশায় পড়া v. to fall into a state, to run into a condition; to fall into a trance whilst singing or hearing kirtan (কীর্তন) songs. 74)
(p. 485) daśāśba one whose chariot is drawn by ten horses; an appellation of the moon. দশাশ্বমেধ n. ten performances (usu. by one devotee) of the horse-sacrifice. 78)
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