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(p. 1) aṃśa a portion or part; a share; a region or locality (দেশের উত্তর অংশ = the northern region of the country); (astrol.) ⅓ of the zodiac; (geog.) &frac136; of earth's circumference; degree; concern, respect (কোনো অংশে মহত্ নয় = noble in no respect); divine incarnation (বিষ্ণুর অংশ = an incarnation of Vishnu). ̃ক n. (alg.) a mantissa. অংশ করা v. to divide into parts or shares; apportion (food, property, task etc.) among others. ̃গত a. included in a part or share; relating to part(s) or share(s). ̃গ্রাহী a. taking a share, participating. n. a sharer, a shareholder; a participant, a party. ̃ত adv. partly, in part; partially; to some extent. ̃ন n. dividing; sharing; apportionment, distribution. অংশনীয় a. divisible into parts or shares; to be divided into parts. ̃প্রেষ n. (sc.) partial pressure. ̃ভাক্, ̃ভাগী a. enjoying a share; having a claim to a share. n. a share, a shareholder; a claimant to a share; one who is responsible for a part, a partner. (কিছুতে) অংশ নেওয়া v. to take part (in), to participate (in). অংশাংশ n. fraction of fraction; minute fraction; tiny part; bit. 5)
(p. 2) akṣa any of the three long cubes marked with dots thrown at dice-playing; a die; a kind of seed used as bead; (geog.) the axis of the equator; (geog.) latitude; (astr.) the angular distance of any star or planet from the solar orbit, the orbit of a heavenly body; (astrol.) the shape of the zodiac; (zoo.) the secand vertebra of the neck; an axle; a sense-organ (অধোক্ষজ). ̃ক n. the collar-bone, the clavicle; a dice player. ̃কর্ণ n. (geom.) a hypotenuse. ̃ক্রীড়া n. game of dice; diceplay. ̃দণ্ড n. (geog.) the axis of the equator, the minor axis. ̃ধুরা n. the front portion of a wheel, an axis; the pole of a cart. ̃ধূর্ত n. an expert or clever dice-player. ̃পাটি n. any of the long cubes marked with dots thrown at dice-playing. ̃বাট n. dice-board; arena for wrestling; wrestling ground; gymnasium. ̃বিচলন n. (astr.) nutation. ̃বিত্, ̃বিদ, ̃বেত্তা a. versed in law or diplomacy; clever at dice-game. n. a lawyer; a diplomat; an expert dice-player. ̃বৃত্ত, ̃সমান্তরাল n. (geog.) the parallels of latitude. ̃মালা, ̃সূত্র n. a string of beads, a rosary. ̃শক্তি n. the Axis Powers in the World War II. 88)
(p. 7) agni fire; the fire-god; digestive power; hunger; burning; affliction (শোকাগ্নি). ̃কণা n. a spark. ̃কর্তা n.& a. one who performs the rite of singeing the mouth of the deceased at cremation. ˜কর্ম n. the rite of agnihotra (অগ্নিহোত্র); cremation of the dead. ̃কল্প a. fire-like; fiery; extremely hot; extremely severe or violent; terribly angry, furious. ̃কাণ্ড n. a great fire, a conflagration. ̃কুণ্ডু n. a pit in which a fire is made or a pit full of fire, a firepit; a furnace. ̃কোণ n. the south-east. ̃ক্রিয়া same as ̃কর্ম । ̃গর্ভ a. impregnated with fire, containing fire; fiery; impetuous (অগ্নিগর্ভ বক্তৃতা). ̃চূর্ণ, ̃চূর্ণক n. gun-powder, explosive substance. ̃জিতা n. fem. a woman who has passed successfully through an ordeal by fire. ̃তপ্ত a. heated with fire; as hot as fire. ̃তুল্য a. fire-like; fiery; furious. ̃দগ্ধ a. burnt; consumed by fire. ̃দাতা n. & a. one who sets fire to anything; one who singes the mouth of the dead at cremation. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. act of setting fire to; act of singeing the mouth of the dead at cremation. ̃দাহ n. a conflagration, combustion, the heat of fire. ̃দাহ্য a. combustible. ̃দীপক a. causing or promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃দীপ্ত a. illuminated or brightened with fire. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of fire, the firegod. ̃পক্ক a. cooked with fire; hardened in fire (অগ্নিপক্ক ইট). ̃পরীক্ষা n. an ordeal by fire (esp. the one which Sita of the Ramayana passed through); (fig.) a crucial test, an extremely dangerous or unsafe test (cp. baptism of fire). ̃প্রবেশ n. act of mounting or falling on a burning pyre. ̃প্রভ a. glowing as fire. ̃প্রভা n. glow of fire. ̃প্রস্তর n. flint. ̃বর্ণ a. red as fire; crimson. ̃বর্ধক a. promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃বাণ n. a fire-emitting mythical arrow. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. promotion or stimulation of appetite or digestion. ̃বৃষ্টি n. a shower of fire (esp. from the sky, instead of rain); a spell of scorching heat; discharge or firing of gun. ̃মন্ত্র n. any formula of words or spell that makes one determined to achieve an extremely difficult or dangerous end; the doctrine of revolution or terrorism. ̃মন্ত্রে দীক্ষা initiation in the cult of armed agitation or revolution. ̃ময় a. full of fire. ̃মান্দ্য n. loss of appetite; indigestion. ̃মূর্তি a. extremely angry or haughty, furious. n. furious appearance or state. ̃মূল্য a. extremely costly; unpurchasably dear. ̃যুগ n. the age or times of revolution. ̃শর্মা a. extremely angry, furious, livid with rage. n. a furious person, a spitfire. ̃শিখা n. the flame of fire, the flame. ̃শুদ্ধ a. purified by burning in fire; sanctified by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃শুদ্ধি n. purification by burning in fire; sanctification by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃সংস্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সখ n. the wind. ̃সত্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সহ a. fire-proof. ̃সহ ইট fire-brick. ̃সহ মৃত্তিকা fire-clay. ̃সাত্ a. completely consumed by fire. ̃সেবন n. act of warming up oneself in the heat of fire. ̃স্ফুলিঙ্গ n. a spark. ̃হোত্র n. the Hindu rite of maintaining the sacred fire perpetually. ̃হোত্রী n. one who maintains the sacred fire perpetually and worships with it. 8)
(p. 17) adhikāra ownership; possession, occupation; right, title; claim; domination, control; overlordship; authority; experience, knowledge (গণিতশাস্ত্রে অধিকার); jurisdiction; a public directorate (শিক্ষাধিকার); ablity, competency or claim (রাজ্যশাসনে অধিকার). অধিকার করা. v. to occupy, to possess. ̃ক্ষেত্র n. jurisdiction. ̃গত a. in one's possession; concerning one's possession or rights or claim or office; titular. ̃চ্যুত, ̃ভ্রষ্ট a. dispossessed. অধিকারী a. having ownership or right or claim or title or possession or competency or authority. n. an owner, a proprietor (who is also the motion-master) of an opera-party, orchestra-party, etc. (যাত্রাদলের অধিকারী); any venerable person of the Vaishnava (বৈষ্ণব) community. অধিকারী হওয়া v. be entitled to. অধিকারিণী a. fem. of অধিকারী n. a proprietress, a mistress. 68)
(p. 22) anadhikāra absence of right or claim or possession. a. unrightful; without authority or claim or possession; ultra vires, unwarranted. ̃চর্চা n. unauthorized interference, meddling; officiousness; interference without competence or qualification. অনধিকারচর্চা করা v. to interfere without authority, to meddle, to butt in, to thrust one's nose in; to act officiously; to interfere without competence or qualification. ̃প্রবেশ n. trespass, intrusion. অনধিকারপ্রবেশ করা v. to trespass, to intrude, to encroach; to transgress, to infringe. অনধিকারী a. without any right or claim or authority or competence; having no right or claim; unrightful; unauthorized; incompetent; not entitled; ineligible. 55)
(p. 26) anādāẏa (of dues, money, revenue, claims, etc.) non-realization or non-recovery. অনাদায়ী a. unrealized; outstanding. 47)
(p. 26) anādēẏa (inc. of dues, money, revenue, claim, etc.) unrealizable. 52)
(p. 30) anunnata not high or tall or upgraded or elevated; low; undeveloped, lacking in progress; backward. অনুন্নত সম্প্রদায় the depressed or backward class. 88)
(p. 34) anubidhi a proviso; a clause. 17)
(p. 41) antya last, ultimate; final; extreme; inferior, base, low; remaining; born of a Shudra (শূদ্র) family. ̃জ a. low-born; base; mean. n. a low-born person; a low caste, a depressed class; one of the Shudra (শূদ্র) or the Chandala (চণ্ডাল) community. ̃বর্ণ n. the last letter of a word. 10)
(p. 41) apabhraṃśa corrupted or incorrect form of a word; vulgar dialects descended from a classical language, incorrectness; corruption; perversion; vulgarization. 94)
(p. 53) abataraṇa going or coming downwards, descending, descent; alighting or climbing down or dismounting; getting out of a vehicle; disembarkment; (of birds etc.) flying down to or towards the ground; stepping down (from position etc.); relegation to a lower class, position, status etc.; degradation. অবতরণ করা v. to come or go downwards, to get down, to descend; to alight, to climb down, to dismount; to get out of any vehicle, to disembark; (of birds etc.) to fly down to or towards the ground; to step down (from a position, etc.); to be relegated to a lower class. অবতরণিকা n. (of books etc.) a preface, an introduction, a preamble, a prologue, a prelude; a flight of steps, a staircase; a ladder, an escalator. 24)
(p. 55) abadhūta1 one of a class of anchorites who worship Shiva (শিব). 2)
(p. 56) abalā deprived of strength, powerless; weak. n. a woman. ̃জাতি n. women as a class. 11)
(p. 63) abhijāta high-born, of noble birth; aristocrat; learned; wise; gentlemanly, mannerly; aristocratic. ̃তন্ত্র n. government by the aristocracy. অভিজাত সম্প্রদায় n. the aristocratic class, the aristocracy. 61)
(p. 63) abhinandita congratulated; felicitated; acclaimed; welcomed; honoured; received with honour. অভিনন্দিত করা v. to acclaim, to felicitate, to congratulate. 73)
(p. 80) alōkadṛṣṭi clairvoyance. a. clairvoyant. 4)
(p. 80) aśani thunderbolt; thunder; lightning. ̃গর্জন, ̃পতন, ̃পাত, ̃সম্পাত n. a crash of thunder, thunderclap. 19)
(p. 80) aśōdhana lack of purification or sanctification or refinement or reclamation or rectification or correction; (rare) nonrepayment, non-requital. অশোধনীয়, অশোধ্য a. incapable of being purified or sanctified or refined or reclaimed or rectified or corrected or repaid or requited; incorrigible; unrepayable. অশোধিত a. not purified; unsanctified, unrefined; unreclaimed; unrectified; unrepaid, unrequited. 41)
(p. 90) aspaṣṭa indistinct; not clear; obscure; hazy; vague; dim (অস্পষ্ট আলো); inarticulate (অস্পষ্ট বুলি); illegible (অস্পষ্ট লেখা). ̃তা n. indistinctness; obscurity; haziness; vagueness; lack of clarity (of thought, expression etc.) dimness; inarticulateness; illegibility. ̃ভাবে adv. indistinctly, vaguely; inarticulately. 66)
(p. 90) asbāmika without an owner; ownerless. অস্বামিক সম্পত্তি unclaimed property. 77)
(p. 96) ān̐caḍ় an instance of scraping or digging with the finger-nails or claws, a scratch; a thin mark or line; (fig.) a cursory or slight examination or effort (এক আঁচড়ে বুঝে নেওয়া). এক আঁচড়ে upon a cursory or slight examination. 28)
(p. 96) ān̐caḍ়ā-ān̐caḍ়i act of mutual scratching with finger-nails or claws in a fight. 30)
(p. 96) ān̐caḍ়ānō to scratch or dig with fingernails or claws; to comb (hair). a. scratched or dug with the finger-nails or claws; combed, kempt.
(p. 106) āṭhālō glutinous, viscid, gluey, adhesive, sticky; clayey (আঠালো মাটি). 8)
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