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(p. 2) akātara (in suffering, danger etc.) unperturbed, undistressed; unflinching; patient, calm; (in toil, fighting etc.) untiring; (of gift, charity etc.) ungrudging, bountiful. অকাতরে adv. unperturbedly; feeling no distress, unflinchingly; patiently, calmly; soundly, deeply (অকাতরে ঘুমানো); untiringly; ungrudgingly; bountifully. 34)
(p. 2) akūla shoreless; (fig.) boundless, endless. n. a shoreless sea, a vast ocean; (fig.) an overwhelming or extreme danger. ̃ পাথার n. boundless or shoreless sea; (fig.) great danger, extreme jeopardy; dire straits, hopeless situation. অকূলে কূল পাওয়া (fig.) to find a rescue in a sea of danger. অকূলে ডোবা (fig.) to sink in a sea of danger. অকূলে পড়া (fig.) to fall in or run into a sea of danger. অকূলে ভাসা (fig.) to get into a great danger; to be in extreme danger. 57)
(p. 7) agni fire; the fire-god; digestive power; hunger; burning; affliction (শোকাগ্নি). ̃কণা n. a spark. ̃কর্তা n.& a. one who performs the rite of singeing the mouth of the deceased at cremation. ˜কর্ম n. the rite of agnihotra (অগ্নিহোত্র); cremation of the dead. ̃কল্প a. fire-like; fiery; extremely hot; extremely severe or violent; terribly angry, furious. ̃কাণ্ড n. a great fire, a conflagration. ̃কুণ্ডু n. a pit in which a fire is made or a pit full of fire, a firepit; a furnace. ̃কোণ n. the south-east. ̃ক্রিয়া same as ̃কর্ম । ̃গর্ভ a. impregnated with fire, containing fire; fiery; impetuous (অগ্নিগর্ভ বক্তৃতা). ̃চূর্ণ, ̃চূর্ণক n. gun-powder, explosive substance. ̃জিতা n. fem. a woman who has passed successfully through an ordeal by fire. ̃তপ্ত a. heated with fire; as hot as fire. ̃তুল্য a. fire-like; fiery; furious. ̃দগ্ধ a. burnt; consumed by fire. ̃দাতা n. & a. one who sets fire to anything; one who singes the mouth of the dead at cremation. fem. ̃দাত্রী । ̃দান n. act of setting fire to; act of singeing the mouth of the dead at cremation. ̃দাহ n. a conflagration, combustion, the heat of fire. ̃দাহ্য a. combustible. ̃দীপক a. causing or promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃দীপ্ত a. illuminated or brightened with fire. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of fire, the firegod. ̃পক্ক a. cooked with fire; hardened in fire (অগ্নিপক্ক ইট). ̃পরীক্ষা n. an ordeal by fire (esp. the one which Sita of the Ramayana passed through); (fig.) a crucial test, an extremely dangerous or unsafe test (cp. baptism of fire). ̃প্রবেশ n. act of mounting or falling on a burning pyre. ̃প্রভ a. glowing as fire. ̃প্রভা n. glow of fire. ̃প্রস্তর n. flint. ̃বর্ণ a. red as fire; crimson. ̃বর্ধক a. promoting fire or hunger or digestion. ̃বাণ n. a fire-emitting mythical arrow. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. promotion or stimulation of appetite or digestion. ̃বৃষ্টি n. a shower of fire (esp. from the sky, instead of rain); a spell of scorching heat; discharge or firing of gun. ̃মন্ত্র n. any formula of words or spell that makes one determined to achieve an extremely difficult or dangerous end; the doctrine of revolution or terrorism. ̃মন্ত্রে দীক্ষা initiation in the cult of armed agitation or revolution. ̃ময় a. full of fire. ̃মান্দ্য n. loss of appetite; indigestion. ̃মূর্তি a. extremely angry or haughty, furious. n. furious appearance or state. ̃মূল্য a. extremely costly; unpurchasably dear. ̃যুগ n. the age or times of revolution. ̃শর্মা a. extremely angry, furious, livid with rage. n. a furious person, a spitfire. ̃শিখা n. the flame of fire, the flame. ̃শুদ্ধ a. purified by burning in fire; sanctified by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃শুদ্ধি n. purification by burning in fire; sanctification by undergoing rigorous penance. ̃সংস্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সখ n. the wind. ̃সত্কার n. cremation by burning the dead. ̃সহ a. fire-proof. ̃সহ ইট fire-brick. ̃সহ মৃত্তিকা fire-clay. ̃সাত্ a. completely consumed by fire. ̃সেবন n. act of warming up oneself in the heat of fire. ̃স্ফুলিঙ্গ n. a spark. ̃হোত্র n. the Hindu rite of maintaining the sacred fire perpetually. ̃হোত্রী n. one who maintains the sacred fire perpetually and worships with it. 8)
(p. 16) atyaẏa death; destruction, annihilation (দেহাত্যয়); passing away or elapsing (কালাত্যয়); waste; fault; crime; vice, sin; danger or hazard; an unexpected danger, emergency. অত্যয় প্রমাণপত্র n. an emergency certificate. অত্যয় সংচিতি n. emergency reserve. 15)
(p. 17) athāntara (lit.) change of fortune for the worse; distress, worry, anxiety; danger or hazard; difficulty. 14)
(p. 22) anagha sinless; pure, holy; innocent; free from danger; safe, secure; pleasant; sorrowless; happy. 36)
(p. 26) anartha harm, mischief, injury; reverse, peril, danger; ruin; mishap; trouble or unhappy occurrence (অনর্থ ঘটানো). 16)
(p. 26) anarthapāta occurrence of an accident; befalling of danger or reverse or ruin. 20)
(p. 41) andhakāra darkness, gloom; absence of light. a. dark, gloomy; darkened with gloom, dejection etc. (অন্ধকার মুখ); deprived of hope, delight, etc. (অন্ধকার জীবন). অন্ধকার করা v. to make (something) dark, to darken. অন্ধকার দেখা v. (fig.) to be at one's wit's end to find a means of escape from danger; to be stunned. অন্ধকার দেখানো v. (fig.) to overwhelm or bewilder (a person), to knock senseless. অন্ধকার হওয়া v. to become dark, to darken. অন্ধকারে ঢিল মারা (fig.) to make a stray or random attempt to hit, to take an off-chance; to beat about the bush. অন্ধকারে থাকা v. (fig.) to be quite ignorant (of), to be in the dark (about). অন্ধকারে হাতড়ানো v. (lit. & fig.) to grope in the dark. ˜ময় a. full of darkness or gloom; completely dark. অন্ধকারাচ্ছন্ন, অন্ধকারাবৃত a. enveloped in or overcast with darkness; utterly dark; (fig.) utterly ignorant, distressed, depressed or obsessed. 15)
(p. 48) apāẏa destruction, ruin; harm, loss; injury; a disaster, a mishap; a hazard, a danger; an impediment, a hindrance. 39)
(p. 63) abhipanna fallen in danger, faced with hazard; one who has come for refuge or shelter. 84)
(p. 69) amaṅgala absence of welfare or well-being, evil; harm, danger, misfortune. ̃চিহ্ন n. an evil omen. ̃কর, ̃জনক, ̃সূচক, অমঙ্গল্য a. boding ill (for), sinister, ominous. 23)
(p. 80) alpa small in number or amount; a few; a little, a bit; short; of short duration, short-lived (অল্পজীবী); (gr.) unaspirated (অল্পপ্রাণ); illiberal, narrow (অল্পমতি); delicate (অল্পতনু); less than what is necessary or usual, insufficient, inadequate, scanty, poor. pro. a small number of persons or things. ̃ই adv. only a few, a little; but little; rarely, scarcely, seldom; insufficiently. অল্প অল্প করে adv. little by little, bit by bit; by degrees; gradually; slowly. ̃কাল, ̃ক্ষণ n. a short time, a short while. ̃কাল পরে, ̃কাল মধ্যে adv. shortly after, in a short time; before long. ̃চেতা a. narrow-minded; illiberal. ̃জীবী a. short lived. ̃জ্ঞ a. imperfectly educated, not knowledgeable; not erudite. ̃তম a. minimum. ̃তা, ̃ত্ব n. smallness in number or quantity; shortness; shortness of duration; illiberality, narrowness; insufficiency, inadequacy, shortage. ̃দর্শী a. lacking in foresight, short-sighted; imprudent; lacking in experience, inexperienced; narrow in outlook. ̃দর্শিতা n. want of foresight, short-sightedness; imprudence; want of experience,; narrowness of outlook. ̃ধী a. dull-witted, unintelligent. ̃প্রাণ a. short-lived; narrow-minded, illiberal, mean-minded; (gr.) unaspirated. ̃বয়সী, ̃বয়স্ক a. of tender age, young, minor. ̃বিদ্য a. possessing but a little learning; imperfectly educated. ̃বিদ্যা n. a little learning; imperfect education. অল্পবিদ্যা ভয়ংকরী a little learning is a dangerous thing. ̃বিস্তর adv. & a. more or less. ˜বুদ্ধি same as অল্পধী । ̃ভাষী a. of few words; reserved in speech; taciturn; reticent. ̃ভাষীতা n. taciturnity; reticence. ̃মতি a. meanminded. ̃মাত্র a. just a little. ̃মাত্রা n. a small dose or quantity. ̃মূল্য a. cheap. ̃মূল্যে adv. at a low price, cheaply. ̃শ adv. same as অল্প অল্প করে । ̃সংখ্যক a. a few, small in number. ̃স্বল্প a. a little, a bit; a few; not much or many; not frequent; temperate; moderate. 9)
(p. 97) ān̐dhi stormy wind, strong wind; a storm; a danger; mental suffering; agony; a cause of disturbing something ('ঘুম ভাঙ্গাবার আঁধি').
(p. 107) ātāntara distress, misery; danger. আতান্তরে পড়া v. to get into or to be in distress. 18)
(p. 107) ātyaẏika signalling death or danger; of pressing necessity, emergent. আত্যয়িক ক্ষমতা emergency power. আত্যয়িক বল emergency force. 46)
(p. 115) āpatkāla time of danger or distress or calamity or emergency. 29)
(p. 115) āpada danger; distress; misery; calamity; any unpleasant person or thing. ̃গ্রস্ত a. involved in danger, endangered, imperilled; involved in difficulty or distress; troubled or distressed. ̃ধর্ম, আপদ্ধর্ম n. a course or measure (usu. not thoroughly honest) that may be adopted in time of danger or disaster or emergency. ̃বালাই n. pl. dangers and harms. ̃-বিপদ n. dangers and difficulties. 34)
(p. 115) āpanna endangered, imperilled; (chiefly used as a sfx.) affected with, involved in (বিপদাপন্ন). seeking refuge in (শরণাপন্ন) 39)
(p. 126) ārta sick; distressed, stricken with grief or sorrow; aggrieved; afflicted; oppressed; involved in danger. ̃ত্রাণ n. relief of the distressed or afflicted or oppressed or endangered persons. ̃সেবা n. helping the distressed or afflicted, relief work. ̃স্বর n. a piteous cry or wailing, an outcry of grief or pain or affliction. ̃স্বরে adv. in a piteous tone or voice, piteously. 4)
(p. 126) ārti illness, ailment; pain; distress; grief, sorrow; affliction; state of being oppressed; state of being involved in danger; (poet.) intense mental agitation or urge. 7)
(p. 126) āsanna imminent, approaching, impending, coming; proximate; last, final; (esp. in math.) approximate. আসন্ন কাল n. the time of death; the time of danger, critical time; the eleventh hour, the last moment. ̃প্রসবা a. fem. parturient; in an advanced stage of pregnancy, nearing delivery. আসন্ন বিপদ n. impending or imminent danger. আসন্ন মান n. approximate value or standard. ̃মৃত্যু a. about to die, dying. 145)
(p. 163) upadraba a disturbance, a trouble; annoyance, irritation, pesterment; oppression; a raid; a danger, a mishap, calamity. উপদ্রব করা v. to disturb, to trouble; to pester; to oppress; to raid. ̃কারী a. & n. one who disturbs or gives trouble to or pesters or annoys or oppresses or raids. 15)
(p. 164) upapputa stricken with natural calamity or disaster; encompassed with danger, endangered; pestered; torn with insurrection; trouble-infested. 21)
(p. 164) upaplaba a natural calamity or disaster; a danger; a pest; an insurrection or insurgence; a coup d'etat. 20)
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