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(p. 83) aṣṭa eight. ̃ক n. any collection of eight, an octave; a book containing eight chapters; a verse containing eight couplets. a. eight. ̃আশি see অষ্টাশি । ̃কোণ n. (geom.) an octagon. a. octagonal ̃কোণী a. octagonal. ̃গুণ a. multiplied by eight, eightfold. n. eight times. ̃চত্বারিংশ a. forty-eighth. ̃চত্বারিংশত্ n. & a. forty-eight. ˜চত্বারিংশত্তম a. forty-eighth. fem. ̃চত্বারিংশত্তমী । ̃দিকপাল n. the eight guardian deities of the eight points of the earth. ̃ধা adv. & a. eight times; eightfold; in eight ways. ̃ধাতু n. the eight metals; gold, silver, copper, bronze, bell-metal, zinc, lead and iron. ̃নবতি n. & a. ninety-eight. ˜নবতিতম a. ninety-eighth. fem. ̃নবতিতমী । ̃নাগ n. (myth.) the eight chief snakes. ̃নায়িকা n. the eight minor goddesses; the eight manifestations of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা); (lit.) eight moods of the heroine or the sweetheart (namely, going to assignation, expecting her lover to come to her bed-chamber, worried owing to sudden absence of her lover, deceived by her lover, stricken with anger and jealousy on observing on the person of her lover signs indicating that he had been to another woman, feeling miserable for having quarrelled with and sent back her lover, enjoying domineering control over her lover, and separated from her lover as he has gone abroad). ̃পঞ্চাশত্ n. & a. fifty-eight. ˜পঞ্চাশত্তম a. fifty-eighth. fem. ̃পঞ্চাশত্তমী । ̃পাদ a. octopod. n. an octopod; the spider; a mythological octopod said to be even stronger than the lion (cp. octopus, শরভ). ̃প্রহর n. a whole day and night, twenty-four hours, a form of collective religious chanting by the Hindus continuing for twenty-four hours at a stretch. adv. throughout the whole day and night; always; ceaselessly. ̃বজ্র n. the eight infallible weapons of the eight principal gods. ̃বজ্রমিলন n. simultaneous hurling of অষ্টবজ্র,, which causes the destruction of the universe; precipitation of a highly explosive condition. ̃বসু n. the eight demi-gods (see বসু). ̃বিধ a. of eight kinds. ̃ভুজ a. eight-handed, octagonal. n. an octagon. ̃ভুজা a. & n. fem. of অষ্টভুজ । □ n. a manifestation of Goddess Durga (দুর্গা). ̃ভৈরব n. the eight terrible manifestations of Shiva (শিব). অষ্টম a. eighth. ̃মঙ্গলা n. a manifestation of Durga (দুর্গা); the custom according to which the newly-wed groom comes back to the father-in-law's house with his wife on the eighth day of marriage. অষ্টমবর্ষীয় a. of or in the eighth year; eight years old. অষ্টমবাত্সরিক, অষ্টমবার্ষিক a. of the eighth year. ̃মাংশ n. one-eighth; the eighth part. ̃মী n. fem. the eighth day of either fortnight of a lunar month. a. fem. eighth; eight years old. ̃মূর্তি n. the eight manifestations of Shiva (শিব). ̃রম্ভা n. (pop.) a mere nothing, a hoax, a mare's nest; a fiasco. ̃ষষ্টি n. & a. sixty-eight. ˜ষষ্টিতম a. sixty-eighth. ̃সপ্ততি n. & a. seventy-eight. ˜সপ্ততিতম a. seventy-eighth. ̃সিদ্ধি n. the eight superhuman qualities attainable by ascetical or austere practice. 17)
(p. 90) asta (myth.) an imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (also অস্তগিরি, অস্তাচল); the setting of the sun, moon etc., going below the horizon; decline; end; fall. ̃গত, ̃মিত a. (of the sun, moon etc.) that which has set or gone below the horizon, declined. ̃গমন, ̃মন n. setting or going below the horizon, decline. ̃গামী, অস্তাচলগামী a. going to set, setting. অস্তোদয় n. the rising and setting (of the sun). adv. throughout the day; from dawn to dusk. 36)
(p. 104) ājībana & a. throughout the whole of one's life; for life; till death. 30)
(p. 95) ā3 denoting: a little, slight (আকম্প); thorough (আক্ষিপ্ত); starting from (আজন্ম, আসমুদ্র); up to (আকন্ঠ, আমরণ); during the whole of, throughout (আজীবন); including (আচণ্ডাল) contrary to (আগমন); implying negation up-, non-(আকাটা); perverted, vile (আকথা); bad, disagreeable, unsuitable, difficult, hard (আঘাট, আকাল) etc. 4)
(p. 183) ēmuḍ়ō this end. এমুড়ো ওমুড়ো adv. from this end to that; throughout the length of; from the beginning to the end; from head to foot; thoroughly. 92)
(p. 385) jagat the world, the earth, the universe; society (পশুজগত্); sphere (শিল্পজগত্); field (ধাতুজগত্, কাব্যজগত্). ̃কর্তা n. God, the Lord of the universe. ̃কারণ n. the First Cause, God. ̃জোড়া a. worldwide; all-pervading; universal. ̃পতি, ̃পাতা, ̃পিতা same as ̃স্রষ্টা । ̃ময় adv. throughout the world. ̃স্রষ্টা n. the Creator, God. ̃সংসার n. the whole world. 16)
(p. 389) janmābadhi since one's birth; throughout one's life. 24)
(p. 400) jībana life; existence; lifetime (আজীবন); duration of life (জীবন ফুরানো); a living or livelihood (চাষই তার জীবন); a person or thing as dear or valuable as (one's) life (ছেলেটি তার জীবন); water. জীবন দেওয়া v. to sacrifice or lay down one's life, to die for; to give life to. জীবন পাওয়া v. to come to life; to come back to life. জীবন যাওয়া, জীবন হারানো v. to lose one's life, to die. জীবন নেওয়া v. to take one's life, to kill. ̃কথা, ̃কাহিনি, ̃চরিত n. biography. ̃চরিতকার n. a biographer. ̃জিজ্ঞাসা n. quest or inquiry into life's meaning. ̃দর্শন n. philosophy of life. ̃দান n. act of giving life to. জীবনদান করা same as জীবন দেওয়া । ̃দায়ক a. life-giving, life-saving. ̃ধারণ n. act of living; existence; act of leading one's life. জীবনধারণ করা v. to live; to exist; to lead one's life. ̃নাশ n. destruction of life; death. জীবননাশ করা v. to destroy the life (of); to kill. জীবননাশ হওয়া v. to have one's life destroyed; to lose one's life; to die. ̃প্রবাহ n. the cycle or flow of life. ̃বল্লভ n. husband; a lover. ̃বিমা n. life insurance, life assurance. জীবনবিমা করা v. to insure one's life. ̃বিহীন same as ̃শূন্য । ̃বৃত্তান্ত n. biography. ̃বেদ n. the view of life, philosophy of life, Weltans-chauung. ̃ভোর, ̃ভর adv. throughout one's life. ̃মরণ n. life and death a. life-and-death (জীবনমরণ সমস্যা) ̃যাত্রা n. livelihood. ̃যাপন n. leading one's life; living. জীবনযাপন করা v. to lead one's life; to live. ̃শূন্য a. lifeless; dead; inanimate. ̃সংগ্রাম n. the stru-ggle for existence. ̃সংশয় n. a critical or precarious condition. ̃সঙ্গিনী n. a wife; a female life-companion. masc. ̃সঙ্গী a male life-companion; a husband. ̃সঞ্চার n. infusion of life, resuscitation. ̃সর্বস্ব n. everything in or of one's life; all that one lives for. ̃হীন same as ̃শূন্য । ̃স্মৃতি n. an autobiographical memoir. 105)
(p. 499) dina1 a day (in all senses); the time of light from sunrise to sunset; twenty-four hours from one sunrise to the next; a sidereal day; (astr. & astrol.) a lunar day; daily working period or hours; a length of time, a period (দীর্ঘদিন); time of existence, duration of life (তার দিন ফুরিয়েছে); an age or a point of time (সেদিন আর নেই); time (আমার দিন কাটে না); an auspicious or favourable time (যদি দিন আসে). দিন কাটানো same as দিন যাপন করা । দিন গোনা v. (fig.) to look forward to eagerly (esp. for a long time). ̃কর n. the sun. ̃কল n. present time or times (দিনকাল বড় খারাপ). ̃ক্ষণ n. (astrol.) suitability or auspiciousness of a day for doing something. ̃ক্ষণ n. a conjunction of three lunar days in one sidereal day. ̃ক্ষেপ, ̃ক্ষেপণ same as দিনযাপন । ̃গত a. pertaining to a day; daily, diurnal. দিনগত পাপক্ষয় (lit. but rare) sacramental and other purifications prescribed for the daily life; (pop. & dero.) the routine drudgery or monotonous toil of daily life. ˜দগ্ধা n. (astrol.) an inauspicious day for doing anything. দিন দিন adv. day by day; gradually; everyday, daily. ̃দুপুরে adv. in broad daylight. ̃নাথ ̃পতি n. the sun. ̃পঞ্জি n. day-to-day record of events, a diary. ̃পঞ্জিকার n. a diarist. ̃পত্রী n. a daily journal, a diary. ̃পাত same as দিনযাপন । ̃ভর adv. all day long, throughout the day. ̃মজুর n. a day-labourer. ̃মণি n. the sun. ̃মান n. the time of light from sunrise to sunset, daytime. দিন মাইনে n. daily wage. ̃যাপন n. spending a day. দিনযাপন করা v. to spend one's days, to pass one's time, to lead a life; to spend a day. ̃রাত n. day and night. adv. at all hours of the day and night, constantly, always. ̃লিপি n. a diary. ̃শেষ n. close or end of a day, the evening. দিনাতিপাত করা v. spend days. দিনে-ডাকাতি robbery in broad daylight; (fig.) an extremely daring villainy or misdeed. দিনকে রাত করা (fig.) to exaggerate beyond recognition; to tell a downright lie. দিনে দিনে day by day, gradually. দিনেদুপুরে more pop. var. of দিনদুপুরে । দিনের আলো the light of the day, daylight. দিনের নাগাল পাওয়া to be in sight of better days. 15)
(p. 746) bārō twelve. বারো হাত কাঁকুড়ের তেরো হাত বীচি an instance of unseemly overmuchness. ̃ই n. the twelfth day of a month. বারো মাস ত্রিশ দিন adv. every day; throughout the year. বারো মাসে তেরো পার্বণ overnumerousness of religious festivities. 30)
(p. 747) bārōmēsē grown or occurring throughout the year; perpetual. 2)
(p. 864) māsabhara throughout the month. 19)
(p. 1007) sārā3 entire, whole, all. ̃ক্ষণ adv. throughout the whole period; all day long. ̃জীবন throughout the whole of one's life, all life. ̃দিন all day long, all day. সারা বছর all the year round. ̃বেলা throughout the whole of the period or time; throughout the whole of the forenoon or afternoon. ̃মাস throughout the whole of the month. ̃রাত all night long. 54)
(p. 1047) haratāla stoppage of all work in protest throughout a wide area, hartal. 13)
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