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wages; দ্বারা সংসদ বাংলা ডিকশোনারির সবগুলো শব্দ

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(p. 9) ajurā salary; wages for labour, esp. day-labour. 106)
(p. 126) ālakuśi cowhage, cowage, cowitch. 25)
(p. 226) kāmāni wage. 26)
(p. 251) kṛṣāni1 agriculture, cultivation, farming; wages of a farm-hand. a. agricultural. 15)
(p. 442) tanakhā wage, salary, remuneration. 119)
(p. 485) daramāhā monthly wages or salary. 39)
(p. 499) dina1 a day (in all senses); the time of light from sunrise to sunset; twenty-four hours from one sunrise to the next; a sidereal day; (astr. & astrol.) a lunar day; daily working period or hours; a length of time, a period (দীর্ঘদিন); time of existence, duration of life (তার দিন ফুরিয়েছে); an age or a point of time (সেদিন আর নেই); time (আমার দিন কাটে না); an auspicious or favourable time (যদি দিন আসে). দিন কাটানো same as দিন যাপন করা । দিন গোনা v. (fig.) to look forward to eagerly (esp. for a long time). ̃কর n. the sun. ̃কল n. present time or times (দিনকাল বড় খারাপ). ̃ক্ষণ n. (astrol.) suitability or auspiciousness of a day for doing something. ̃ক্ষণ n. a conjunction of three lunar days in one sidereal day. ̃ক্ষেপ, ̃ক্ষেপণ same as দিনযাপন । ̃গত a. pertaining to a day; daily, diurnal. দিনগত পাপক্ষয় (lit. but rare) sacramental and other purifications prescribed for the daily life; (pop. & dero.) the routine drudgery or monotonous toil of daily life. ˜দগ্ধা n. (astrol.) an inauspicious day for doing anything. দিন দিন adv. day by day; gradually; everyday, daily. ̃দুপুরে adv. in broad daylight. ̃নাথ ̃পতি n. the sun. ̃পঞ্জি n. day-to-day record of events, a diary. ̃পঞ্জিকার n. a diarist. ̃পত্রী n. a daily journal, a diary. ̃পাত same as দিনযাপন । ̃ভর adv. all day long, throughout the day. ̃মজুর n. a day-labourer. ̃মণি n. the sun. ̃মান n. the time of light from sunrise to sunset, daytime. দিন মাইনে n. daily wage. ̃যাপন n. spending a day. দিনযাপন করা v. to spend one's days, to pass one's time, to lead a life; to spend a day. ̃রাত n. day and night. adv. at all hours of the day and night, constantly, always. ̃লিপি n. a diary. ̃শেষ n. close or end of a day, the evening. দিনাতিপাত করা v. spend days. দিনে-ডাকাতি robbery in broad daylight; (fig.) an extremely daring villainy or misdeed. দিনকে রাত করা (fig.) to exaggerate beyond recognition; to tell a downright lie. দিনে দিনে day by day, gradually. দিনেদুপুরে more pop. var. of দিনদুপুরে । দিনের আলো the light of the day, daylight. দিনের নাগাল পাওয়া to be in sight of better days. 15)
(p. 550) nagada cash money or cash price, cash (নগদ দিয়ে কেনা, নগদ কত আছে ?). a. cash (নগদ টাকা বা দাম); (fig.) prompt, immediate, ready (নগদ জবাব). নগদ কারবার a cash transaction. নগদ বিক্রয় cash sale. নগদ বিদায় ready payment in cash of wages, charges, fees etc. on execution of the job undertaken; (loos.) ready payment in cash; (fig.) prompt or ready dismissal. নগদা a. cash (নগদা দাম); ready (নগদা কারবার); working for ready payment in cash (নগদা মজুর). নগদানগদি a. & adv. strictly on cash. নগদি n. an armed footman of a landowner etc. collecting rents, issuing summons etc., (cp.) a bailiff. 15)
(p. 591) niṣkraẏa price; wages; charge or fee for hiring, hire; that which is paid in exchange; exchanging, exchange; selling, sale. ̃ণ n. commutation. 3)
(p. 606) paṇa a promise, a resolve (পণ রক্ষা); a wager, a stake, a bet (পাশাখেলার পণ); price (প্রাণপণ); a condition or term, a stipulation (ধনুকভাঙা পণ); compulsory dowry (esp, what is given to a bridegroom), marriage-money; a commodity; a measure of counting (= 2 গন্ডা). পণ করা v. to resolve. পণ দেওয়া v. to pay the dowry, to pay the bridegroom (or the bride) compulsory dowry or marriage-money. পণ ধরা, পণ রাখা v. to lay a wager, to bet, to stake. পণ নেওয়া v. to exact compulsory dowry or marriage-money. কন্যাপণ n. compulsory dowry or marriage-money given to the bride. বরপণ compulsory dowry or marriage-money given to the bridegroom. ̃কর n. betting tax. ̃কিয়া n. a table of reckoning by pans (পণ). ̃প্রথা n. the system of exacting dowry or marriage-money; (coll.) dowry system. ̃বদ্ধ a. bound by a promise, under pledge of. 17)
(p. 619) paribhṛti emolument; wages; salary, pay. 160)
(p. 654) pēṭa the belly; the abdomen; the stomach; the womb (পেটের ছেলে); the inside, the hold (জাহাজের পেট); the loins (পেটে কাপড় থাকে না); (vul.) pregnancy (পেট হওয়া); the inmost part of one's heart (পেটের কথা); subsistence, livelihood (পেট চালানো). খালি পেট empty stomach. ভরা পেট full stomach. পেট আঁটা v. to get constipated, to have costiveness. পেট ওঠা v. to have one's belly distended after a hearty meal. পেট কামড়ানো v. to have a gnawing pain in the stomach; to have stomach-pain. পেট কামড়ানি n. a gnawing pain in the stomach; stomach pain, gripes. পেট খসা v. to have an abortion, to miscarry. পেট খসানো v. to cause an abortion (esp. unlawfully). ̃খারাপ n. a disorder of the stomach. পেট খারাপ হওয়া v. to have or to suffer from a stomach upset or disorder. ̃গরম n. dyspepsia, indigestion. পেট চলা v. to procure one's minimum or normal food or appease one's hunger (esp. daily); to make both ends meet. পেট চালানো v. to earn just enough to provide the bare necessities of life, to earn a living or subsistence wage. পেট চিনচিন করা v. to feel a pinching sensation in the stomach esp. caused by extreme hunger. পেট চুঁইচুঁই করা v. to have a suppressed groaning noise in the stomach caused by hunger. পেট জ্বলা v. to have a burning sensation in the stomach. পেট ডাকা v. to have a rumbling noise in the belly as caused by diarrhoea or indigestion, to have collywobbles. পেট ধরা v. to be cured of diarrhoea or loose motions. পেট নরম হওয়া v. to have somewhat loose motions. পেট নামানো v. to have loose motions, to have diarrhoea; to purge (one's bowels). পেট ফাঁপা, পেট ফোলা v. to have one's belly distended owing to the accumulation of gas, to be affected with flatulence or tympanites. পেট বড় হওয়া v. to have the belly distended esp. on account of pregnancy. পেট ব্যথা n. stomach-pain, belly-ache. পেট ভরা v. to have one's hunger fully satisfied. পেট ভরে খাওয়া v. to eat one's fill. পেট ভরে খাওয়ানো v. to give one a full meal or full feed. ̃ভাতা n. food given in lieu of wages, adv. for food in lieu of wages. পেট মরা v. to lose appetite esp. owing to want of sufficient food. ̃মোটা a. pot-bellied. ̃রোগা a. weak in digestive power; dyspeptic. ̃সর্বস্ব a. one who loves nothing but a good fare; given to gourmandising; gluttonous, voracious. ̃সর্বস্ব ব্যক্তি a. belly-god. পেট হওয়া v. (vul.) to become pregnant, to be big with child, to conceive, to be in the family way. পেটে আসা v. to be formed in the womb, to be conceived. পেটে এক মুখে আর insincere or hypocritical talk; double-facedness. পেটে খিদে মুখে লাজ concealment of one's eager desire on account of bashfulness. পেটে খেলে পিঠে সয় (fig.) troubles are sufferable when they bring in profits, trouble is patiently borne if it is paying; the mule will not grudge its load if there is the prospect of a good feed. পেটে তলানো v. to be accepted in one's stomach. পেটে থাকা v. to be accepted in one's stomach; (of a person) to be able to keep counsel or keep a secret (তার পেটে কথা থাকে না). পেটে ধরা v. to carry in one's womb, to conceive or bear. পেটে পেটে kept to oneself, kept concealed (পেটে পেটে কথা, পেটে পেটে শয়তানি). পেটে বোমা মারলেও কিছু বার না হওয়া (fig.) to be utterly lacking in education; completely illiterate. পেটে মারা v. to kill or weaken or subdue one by starving; to deprive one of one's means of livelihood or subsistence. পেটের অসুখ same as পেটখারাপ and পেটের গোলমাল । পেটের কথা the secret of one's heart; a secret intention. পেটের গোলমাল bowels complaint, stomach trouble. পেটের চিন্তা bread problem, worries about a living. পেটের জ্বালা, পেটের দায় smarts of hunger. পেটের দায়ে impelled or urged by the sting of hunger or poverty. পেটের ভাত চাল হওয়া (fig.) to be bewildered with fear or worry. পেটের ভিতর হাত-পা সেঁধনো (fig.) to become nonplussed with fear, to feel a cold wave running down one's spine. পেটের শত্রু a child who causes grief to its mother. পেটে সওয়া v. to be accepted in one's stomach. 132)
(p. 738) bāji2 magic, jugglery, legerdemain (ভোজবাজি); a feat (দড়াবাজি, মুখবাজি); a game, a turn, a spell, a bout (এক বাজি তাস বা দাবা); fireworks; a wager; a stake; (fig.) one's existence and activities in this world ('এবার বাজি ভোর'). বাজি জেতা v. to win a stake. বাজি ধরা v. to lay a wager; to stake. বাজি পোড়ানো v. to make a display of fire-works. বাজি রাখা v. to bet. বাজি হারা v. to lose a stake. 25)
(p. 782) bēgāra corvee. বেগার খাটা v. to work without wages, to render service gratis under pressure. ̃ঠেলা a. reluctantly and negligently done under duress. 67)
(p. 786) bētana pay, a salary, wages. ̃ক্রম n. a scale of pay. ̃দেয়ক n. a pay-bill, an acquittance-roll. ̃ভুক, ̃ভোগী a. salaried. 2)
(p. 790) baitanika salaried; stipendiary; wageearning; not honorary. 33)
(p. 802) bharaṇa filling or stuffing; supporting or maintaining, feeding; a salary, wages. ̃পোষণ n. feeding and clothing and sheltering, maintaining or supporting. ভরণপোষণ করা v. to provide with food and clothing and shelter, to maintain or support. ̃পোষণের উপায় n. means of maintaining, subsistence. 67)
(p. 810) bhāṭaka rent; hire; charges, fare, freight, wages; cost. 16)
(p. 810) bhāḍ়ā rent; hire (গাড়িভাড়া); charges, fare; freight (রেলভাড়া); wages (কুলিভাড়া). a. rented; hired; hackney (ভাড়া গাড়ি). ভাড়া করা v. to rent (বাড়ি ভাড়া করা); to hire (গাড়ি ভাড়া করা); to book (থিয়েটারের সিট ভাড়া করা). ভাড়া খাটা v. to be let out for hire. ভাড়া দেওয়া v. to let out for a rent, to rent; to put out to hire, to hire; to pay rent, hire, charges, fare, freight or wages. ভাড়া পাওয়া v. to obtain the use or service of by paying rent, hire, charges, fare, freight or wages. ভাড়া নেওয়া same as ভাড়া করা । ভাড়াটিয়া, (coll.) ভাড়াটে a. rented or tenanted; let out for hire; hackney; hired; mercenary (ভাড়াটে গুন্ডা). n. a tenant of a rented house; a hireling. ভাড়াটে গাড়ি a hackneycarriage, a hackney-coach. ভাড়াটে সৈন্য n. hired soldier; mercenary. ভাড়াটে বাড়ি n. a rented house. 20)
(p. 820) bhṛta salaried or wage-earning; replete, full. ভৃতক a. salaried or wage-earning. n. a salary; wages. ভৃতি n. salary; wages; maintenance; feeding; filling. ভৃতিভূক a. salaried or wage-earning. ভৃতিভুক সম্প্রদায় the salariat, the salaried class. 28)
(p. 830) majura a labourer, a workman, a worker. fem. মজুরনি । ̃সরদার n. a foreman of a gang, a gangsman, a ganger. মজুরের দল a band of labourers; a gang. মজুরি n. labour cost or charges; wages of a labourer; labour work. ম়জুরি করা v. to work as a labourer. 3)
(p. 851) māinē monthly salary or wage. মাস মাইনে same as মাইনে । 18)
(p. 864) māsamāinē monthly wages; a monthly salary. 20)
(p. 876) mūlya price; rate; cost; value, worth; charge; wages, fee, remuneration; hirecharge, hire; freight. মূল্য দেওয়া v. to pay the price of; to remunerate; (fig.) to appreciate or recognize the value or worth of. ̃জ্ঞাপন n. quotation (of prices). ̃নির্ধারক, ̃নিরূপক a. appraising; evaluating. n. an appraiser; an evaluator. মূল্যনির্ধারণ বা নিরূপণ করা v. to appraise; to evaluate. ̃পত্র (পাওনা সম্বন্ধে) n. a bill. ̃বান a. valuable, costly, precious. ̃বৃদ্ধি n. increase or rise in price, appreciation. ̃বেদন n. quotation of price or charge. ̃বেদনপত্র n. a tender. ̃বোধ n. idea or sense of values. ̃হীন a. valueless; worthless; (fig.) futile or useless. ̃ হ্রাস n. fall in price or value, depreciation. মূল্যানুসারে adv. according to value or price, ad valorem. মূল্যায়ন n. assessment; evaluation. মূল্যায়ন করা v. to assess or estimate the price or value of; to appraise; to evaluate. 21)
(p. 894) yuddha a war, a battle, a fight; an engagement, an encounter, a combat; a tournament, a contest; struggle (অনেক যুদ্ধ করে সনেটটি লিখেছি). যুদ্ধ করা v. to fight, to battle, to war; to wage war; to encounter, to combat; to contend; to struggle, to strive hard. যুদ্ধে নামা v. to join the war; to declare war. এলোমেলো যুদ্ধ a skirmish. হাতাহাতি যুদ্ধ a battleroyal. ̃ঋণ n. a war-debt or war-loan. ̃কালীন a. wartime. ̃কুশল a. skilled in warfare; warlike, military, martial. ̃কৌশল n. military tactics; art of warfare; strategics. ̃ক্ষেত্র n. a battlefield. ̃জয় n. victory in war, victory. ̃জয়ী a. victorious in war, victorious. যুদ্ধজয়ী ব্যক্তি n. a victor in war, a victor, a victorious person. ̃জাহাজ n. warship, a man-of-war, a battleship. ̃নাদ n. a war-cry. যুদ্ধং দেহি ভাব bellicosity, militancy; pugnacity. ̃নিপুণ same as ̃কুশল । ̃নীতি n. rules and regulations of war; tactics of war; war policy. ̃পটু same as ̃কুশল । ̃প্রিয় a. bellicose. warlike. ̃বন্দি n. prisoner of war. ̃বাজ a. bellicose; encouraging war. যুদ্ধবাজ ব্যক্তি n. a warmonger, (cp.) a hawk. ̃বিগ্রহ n. hostilities and warfare. ̃বিদ্যা n. art of warfare; military tactics, strategics. ̃বিধ্বস্ত a. wartorn. ̃বিভাগ n. the War Department, the Defence Department; the War Office. ̃বিরতি n. truce, armistice, the cessation or stopping of fighting for a time, cease fire. ̃বিশারদ same as ̃কুশল । ̃যাত্রা n. a military expedition; a going out to war. ̃রীতি same as ̃নীতি । ̃শান্তি, ̃শেষ n. end or cessation of war or hostilities, peace, armistice. ̃সজ্জা n. equipage for war; armament; a military dress, (cp.) a battledress. ̃সাধ n. desire to fight. ̃স্হল n. a battlefield. যুদ্ধাবসান same as ̃শান্তি । যুদ্ধার্থ adv. for war. to fight. যুদ্ধার্থী a. desirous of fighting; on the point of fighting; militant. যুদ্ধোদ্যম n. preparation for war. যুদ্ধোন্মত্ত a. warneurotic; frenziedly fighting. যুদ্ধোন্মাদ a. crazy for war; bellicose; war-neurotic. n. craze for war, (cp.) bellicosity; war-neurosis. যুদ্ধোন্মুখ a. ready for war, on the war-path. যুদ্ধোপকরণ n. war materials, requisites for war; arms and amunition. 9)
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