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(p. 73) aẏi (poet.) (used in addressing a female) O, oh. 33)
(p. 168) upasha proximate, in the vicinity of; neared; situated or lying on the top (of). n. the male or female genitals, the penis or the vagina. ̃নিগ্রহ n. control of sex appetite or sexual desire; continence. 4)
(p. 168) upādhyāẏa surname or title of an upcountry Brahmin; a professor or reader; a teacher; an instructor; a professional teacher or reader of the Vedas. উপাধ্যায়া, উপাধ্যায়ী n. fem. a female professor or reader; a ladyteacher; an instructress. উপাধ্যায়ী, উপাধ্যায়ানী n. fem. the wife of a professor or reader or instructor or of a professional teacher of the Vedas. 30)
(p. 168) uraja either of the two mammary glands in a woman, the female breast. 84)
(p. 168) urōja born of or produced from the breast. n. either of the two mammary glands in women, the female breast. 90)
(p. 194) kapila brown, tawny. n. the brown colour. কপিলা a. fem. of কপিল; (of cows) female. n. a brown cow; a wishing cow; a cowcalf. 153)
(p. 203) kamalēkāminī a female deity, described as sitting on a lotus floating in the sea and gorging and disgorging an elephant continuously. 19)
(p. 208) kalā1 the plantain, the banana; (coll.) nothing, a mare's nest (তুমি আমার কলা করবে) কলা করা v. (coll.) to be able to do nothing or to be able to do no harm. কলা খাওয়া v. (lit.) to eat a banana; (coll.) to fail in an attempt. ̃গাছ n. a banana tree. কলা দেখানো v. (lit.) to show a plantain; to raise and show one's thumb defiantly or disdainfully; to deceive, to cheat, to befool, to hoodwink; to bite the thumb, to defy. কলাপোড়া খাওয়া v. (lit.) to eat a burnt banana; (coll.) to fail or be disappointed utterly. কলাবউ, কলাবৌ n. a young banana-plant dressed as a married lady and conceived as a female deity worshipped by Hindus; (loos.) wife of God Ganesha (গণেশ); (euph.) a woman with a long veil or an awkwardly bashful woman. কলার কাঁদি a cluster of plantains. কলার খোলা the curved bark of a banana-tree. কলার ছড়া a bunch of bananas, a row of plantains. কলার বাসনা the dried-up bark of a banana-tree. 62)
(p. 217) kāka the crow. fem. কাকী the female crow. ̃চক্ষু a. as transparent as a crow's eyes, (cp.) crystal-clear. ̃জোত্স্না n. dim or faint moonlight. ̃তন্দ্রা, ̃নিদ্রা n. wary nap or slumber. ̃তাড়ুয়া n. the scarecrow. ̃তালীয় a. (of two or more incidents) coincidental and seemingly related to one another as cause and effect; coincidental; successive but not causally connected. কাকতালীয় ন্যায় post hoc ergo propter hoc (after it, so because of it—a fallacious reasoning). ̃পক্ষ n. a lovelock. ̃পদ n. quotationmarks (' '); a caret (^). ̃পুচ্ছ n. the cuckoo. ̃ফল n. the margosa-tree, the nim. ̃বন্ধ্যা n. a woman who becomes pregnant but once. ̃ভেজা n. & v. getting or to get completely drenched (usu. in rainwater). ˜ভোর n. very early morning. ̃শীর্ষ n. a species of flowertree yielding flowers looking like ducks. ̃স্নান n. brief and careless bath. কাকের ছা বকের ছা extremely bad and illegible handwriting. 17)
(p. 217) kākinī (facet.) the female crow. 22)
(p. 220) kādamba pertaining to the kadam (কদম) flower. n. kadam flowers collectively; an arrow; the teal. কাদম্বা n. fem. the female teal; a kadam (কদম) tree. 61)
(p. 220) kādambarī1 a name of Goddess Saraswati (সরস্বতী); the female cuckoo; the female parrot. 63)
(p. 226) kāmina a woman labourer, a female labourer. 35)
(p. 226) kāma2 the god of love and lust (cp. Cupid, Eros); desire; passion; love; lust, eroticism; sex-urge. ̃কলা n. the erotic science, the sexual science; the science of love. ̃কেলি n. sexual intercourse; an amorous sport. ̃গন্ধ n. trace of lust; trace of sex. ̃চর a. one who can travel at will; self-willed. ̃চার n. self-will. a. self-willed. ̃চারী a. one who can travel at will; self-willed; wanton, lascivious, profligate; lustful. fem. ̃চারিণী । ̃জ a. born of lust, produced by lust, erotogenic, erotogenous. ̃জ্বর n. a terrible fit of sex hunger. ̃দ a. granting or having the power of granting whatever one desires. ̃দা a. fem. of কামদ । n. a (mythological) wishing-cow. ̃দুঘা same as কামধেনু । ̃দূতী n. a female go-between in an amour or love affair; (dero.) procuress, a bawd. ̃দেব, ̃দেবতা n. the god of love and lust (cp. Cupid. Eros). ̃ধেনু n. a (mythological) wishing-cow. ̃পত্নী n. the wife of the god of love and lust. ̃পীড়িত a. stricken with the desire for sexual intercourse; love-sick. fem. ̃পীড়িতা । ̃প্রদ same as কামদ । ̃প্রবৃত্তি n. sexual desire or appetite, sex urge. ̃বল্লভ n. the spring. ̃বাই n. a maddening sex urge. ̃বাণ n. any of the five arrows of the god of love and lust, any one of Cupid's arrows. কামবাণে জর্জরিত smitten with carnal desires. ̃মোহিত a. overwhelmed with sexual desire. fem. কামমোহিতা । ̃রূপ, ̃রূপী a. capable of assuming shapes at will; extremely beautiful or good-looking. ̃শর same as কামবাণ । ̃শাস্ত্র n. the the erotic science, the sexual science; the science of love. ̃সখ n. the Spring (personified). ̃সূত্র same as কামশাস্ত্র । 9)
(p. 240) kuṭanī a female pander; a procuress, a pimp, a bawd. ̃গিরি n. the profession of the female pander or procuress, bawdry. 9)
(p. 240) kuṭṭanī a female pander; a procuress, a bawd, a pimp. 16)
(p. 240) kuṇḍala an ornament for the ear, an earring; a bangle; an annular ornament or knot; a collection. কুণ্ডলিত a. rolled or twisted into a coil, coiled. কুণ্ডলিত নীহারিকা spiral nebula. কুণ্ডলিনী n. the female vital force latent in a creature according to scriptures; the female snake. কুণ্ডলী a. wearing an earring. n. any annular object. কুণ্ডলী পাকানো v. to twist into a coil. 34)
(p. 240) kunaki a female elephant tamed and trained by elephant-catchers to allure wild elephants into the trap. 49)
কুরঙ্গ, কুরঙ্গক, কুরঙ্গম
(p. 243) kuraṅga, kuraṅgaka, kuraṅgama the male deer, the stag, the buck. fem. কুরঙ্গী, (inc.) কুরঙ্গিনী the female deer, the hind, the doe. কুরঙ্গীনয়না a. fem. having fine eyes like a deer's. 44)
(p. 243) kurara the osprey. fem. কুররী the female osprey. 48)
(p. 243) kuli2 a porter; a labourer. ̃ কামিন n. pl. male and female labourers; a labourer and his wife. ̃ধাওড়া n. the labourers' lines or quarters. 82)
(p. 248) kuhaka sorcery, witchcraft, black magic; magic; deception, delusion. কুহকী a. skilled in sorcery or magic; magical; deceiving, deluding. n. a sorcerer, a wizard; a magician, a juggler; a deceiver, a deluder. কুহকিনী a. fem. of কুহকী । n. fem. a sorceress, a witch; a female magician or juggler; a woman who deceives or deludes. 15)
(p. 262) krauñca a species of the heron or the curlew, the stork. fem. কৌঞ্চী । ̃মিথুন n. pl. a couple or pair (one male and one female) of this bird. 47)
(p. 293) gañjikā the female flowering tops of Indian hemp, ganja; (loos.) hemp. ̃সেবী a. given to smoking ganja. n. a (habitual) smoker of hemp. 11)
(p. 296) garutmāna Garuda (গরুড়); a bird. a. winged; feathered. গরুত্মতী n. fem. a female bird. a. fem. winged; feathered; having a sail or sails (গরুত্মতী তরী). 94)
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