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(p. 7) agōcara beyond the reach of comprehension or of sense-organs; beyond one's knowledge; invisible. অগোচরে adv. without or beyond one's knowledge; behind one's back; unobservedly; stealthily. 3)
(p. 30) anu denoting: behind in time or position, following, after, imitating, younger, every, duration, expansion, etc. 11)
(p. 38) antarāla a place screened from the view; a hiding; concealment; distance; a point beyond the range of (দৃষ্টির অন্তরালে) ̃বর্তী a. stationed or lying or living behind the screen or in a hiding; hidden from the view. fem. ̃বর্তিনী । 64)
(p. 89) asākṣāt the state of being out of sight or view. অসাক্ষাতে adv. in one's absence, at one's back; stealthily, unobservedly, secretly. অসাক্ষাতে নিন্দা করা v. to backbite, to speak ill of or slander a person behind his back. 4)
(p. 90) asta (myth.) an imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (also অস্তগিরি, অস্তাচল); the setting of the sun, moon etc., going below the horizon; decline; end; fall. ̃গত, ̃মিত a. (of the sun, moon etc.) that which has set or gone below the horizon, declined. ̃গমন, ̃মন n. setting or going below the horizon, decline. ̃গামী, অস্তাচলগামী a. going to set, setting. অস্তোদয় n. the rising and setting (of the sun). adv. throughout the day; from dawn to dusk. 36)
(p. 106) āḍ়āla a device or a thing that intercepts the view; a screen, a cover; a position or place intercepted from the view, hiding, concealment. আড়াল করা v. to put out of view; to hide, to conceal. আড়াল হওয়া v. to go out of view; to go behind the screen; to go in hiding, to hide. আড়াল আবডাল n. secrecy; cover; hiding. আড়ালে আবডালে adv. secretly, confidentially, in camera; in a hidden place, in concealment.
(p. 126) ālīḍh় licked; tasted. n. a posture (adopted esp. whilst shooting an arrow) with a knee folded in the front and the other stretched out behind, (cp.) a crouchant position. 68)
(p. 126) āsā2 to come; to appear; to come up; to arrive (ট্রেন আসা); to reach, to come up to (মুখ পর্যন্ত আসা); to commence, to begin (জ্বর আসা); to set in (শরত্ আসা); to be excited with (আবেগ আসা); to rise, to crop up (মনে আসা); to enter (ঘরে আসা); to attack, to come upon (ঢুলুনি আসা); to be struck with (ভয় আসা); to be supplied with (কথা আসা); to be filled with (চোখে জল আসা); to take place, to occur, to come about (বিপদ আসা); to be earned, to accrue (টাকা আসা); to be on the point of (ফুরিয়ে আসা). a. that which has come (কাছে আসা) n. act of coming; arrival. এগিয়ে আসা v. to come up, to advance. আসা-যাওয়া n. come-and-go. উঠে আসা v. to come up; to get up; to remove; to get loose, to be detached, to come off (ছাল উঠে আসা). কথা আসা v. to be able to speak. কাছে আসা v. to come or draw near, to come by; to approach. কাজে আসা, ব্যবহারে আসা v. to be of use, to be useful, to be serviceable. কান্না আসা v. to feel like crying or weeping. নেমে আসা v. to come down; to get down; to alight; to descend; to dismount. নিভে আসা v. to get dimmer and dimmer. নিয়ে আসা v. to bring along, bring with oneself; to fetch. ফিরে আসা v. to come back, to return. ফুরিয়ে আসা v. to be about to be exhausted; to be about to end. ফেলে আসা v. to leave behind. বহে আসা v. to flow down, to stream down; to come along. বেয়ে আসা v. to come steering along. বাইরে আসা v. to come out, to emerge. ভিতরে আসা v. to come in, to enter. রেখে আসা same as ফেলে আসা । 153)
(p. 192) kaccha a shore; a coastal region; a marshy place; Kutch; (facet.) the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind him between his legs. 43)
(p. 192) kacchaṭi the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind him between his legs; loincloth as tucked up by the wearer; loincloth worn as a suspensor as by Indian ascetics and wrestlers. 44)
(p. 219) kāchā2 the part of the loincloth which the wearer tucks behind him at the waist. ̃আলগা, ̃খোলা a. uncareful, neglectful, careless, heedless. ̃ধরা a. cringing; parasitical. কাছা ধরা v. to cringe; to hang on as a parasite. 5)
টিপা, টেপা
(p. 423) ṭipā, ṭēpā to press; to massage; to pinch; to squeeze; to wink (চোখ টিপছে); to caution or warn furtively (তাকে টিপে দিয়ো যেন টাকা না দেয়); to place or put noiselessly or cautiously (পা টিপে চলা). a. that which is to be opened and shut or operated by means of pressing (টেপা কল). কল টেপা v. (fig.) to direct others from behind the curtain. চোখ টেপা v. to wink; to give a hint or warn by winking. নাড়ি টেপা v. to feel (one's) pulse. টিপে চলা v. (fig.) to spend cautiously. 28)
(p. 442) tat he, she, it; they; that; those. ̃কর্তৃক adv. by him or her or it. ̃কাল n. that time or period or age. ̃কালীন a. of or for or during that time or period or age; occurring or prevalent at that time or period or age. ̃কালে adv. at that time, then. ̃কালোচিত a. right or suitable for the occasion. ̃কৃত a. done by him or her or it. ̃ক্ষণাত্ adv. at once, immediately, forthwith. ̃ক্ষণে adv. at that moment; at or by that time. ̃পর adv. after that, thereafter. a. expert; skilful, adroit; zealous, earnest; eager; enterprising, endeavouring; careful; prompt. ̃পরতা n. expertness, skilfulness, adroitness; zeal, earnestness; eagerness; enterprise; endeavour; carefulness, care; promptness, promptitude. ̃পরায়ণ a. sincerely or zealously attached to or engaged in that thing or work. ̃পরে same as তত্পর (adv.). ̃পশ্চাত্ adv. after or behind that or him or her or it. ̃পুরুষ n. the Supreme Being, God; (gr.) a system of compounding words (by this system the preceding word loses its inflexion and the succeeding word becomes more prominent. e.g. রাজার পুত্র = রাজপুত্র). ̃পূর্বে adv. before that, prior to that. ̃সংক্রান্ত, ̃সম্বন্ধীয় a. relating to that, regarding that. ̃সত্ত্বেও adv. in spite of that; even then. ̃সদৃশ a. similar to that, like that. ̃সম a. same as that. তত্সম শব্দ (gr.) a Sanskrit word used in the unchanged form in Bengali. ̃স্হলাভিষিক্ত a. installed in his or her or its place. ̃স্বরূপ same as তত্সদৃশ । 59)
(p. 449) tala the underneath (চরণতল, আকাশতল); base, foot, root (বৃক্ষতল); bottom, bed (সমুদ্রতল); surface (ভূতল); a plane (সমতল); the palm of the hand (করতল, তলপ্রহার); a storey, a floor (অট্টালিকার দ্বিতলে); a deck (জাহাজের দ্বিতলে). ̃দেশ n. bottom, bed; base, foot; the underneath. ̃পেট n. the lower part of the belly, the abdomen. ̃প্রহার n. a stroke with the open palm, a slap, a buffet. তলপ্রহার করা v. to slap, to buffet. ̃স্হিত a. lying at the bottom. তলে তলে at bottom; at heart; from behind the curtain, unobservedly, secretly, clandestinely, surreptitiously. 83)
(p. 477) thākā to live, to dwell (ওরা ওখানে থাকে); to stay, to be at (ঘরে থাকা); to remain, to be in (পালিয়ে থাকা); to pass time (কষ্টে থাকা); to have (টাকা থাকা); to be in possession (টাকা চিরকাল থাকে না); to exist (ঈশ্বর চিরকাল আছেন ও থাকবেন); to last esp. permanently (এ রং থাকবে না); to be alive (বাপ থাকতে তোমার টাকার ভাবনা নেই); to be present (আমি সেখানে থাকলে এটা ঘটত না); to be saved or preserved (এ যুদ্ধে প্রাণ থাকবে না); to be maintained or observed or kept (কথা থাকা); to remain unimpaired or intact (জাত থাকা, ধর্ম থাকা, সতীত্ব থাকা); to be retained (মনে থাকা); to lag behind, to straggle (সবাই যখন গেল, তখন আমি আর থাকি কেন); to be involved, to take part in (আমি কিছুতে থাকি না); to be accustomed to (সে সকালে চা খেয়ে থাকে); to continue (চলতে থাকা); to associate with, to accompany (লক্ষ্মণ রামের সঙ্গে সঙ্গে থাকত); (vul.) to have illicit connection with; to be left off or out (ও কথা থাক). থাকাথাকি n. stay; existence; act of staying and not staying. 26)
(p. 563) nāma a name, an appellation, a designation, an epithet; reputation, fame, celebrity, renown (নামডাক); identity (নামগোত্রহীন); mention or reputation (দেশের সর্বত্র তার নাম); the name of a deity (নামজপ); a name esp. that of a deity or religion invoked or called to witness (ভগবানের নামে, ধর্মের নামে); a roll (নাম ডাকা); a plea or pretext or pretence (কাজের নাম করে পালানো); actual execution or performance (কাজের নামে ঢুঁ ঢুঁ); merely nominal or titular existence or possession (নামেই তালপুকুর); a very small amount, an iota (নামমাত্র); (gr.) a root-word other than verbs, a noun, a substantive. ছদ্মনাম n. a pseudonym. ডাকনাম n. a nickname. ভালো নাম n. proper or Christian or formal first name; the name by which one is known to the outside public. ভুল নাম a misnomer. নাম করা v. to mention one's name; to name; to make a plea (সে বিপদের নাম আর করে না); to utter the name of; to utter or recite the name of one's idol (বৈষ্ণবেরা নাম করছেন); to earn fame, to become conspicuous, to come into prominence, to cut a figure (সে নাচে নাম করছে). নাম কাটা v. to remove one's name (from a register, roll etc.); to strike off one's name, to strike one off. নাম গাওয়া same as নামকীর্তন করা । নাম জপা same as নামজপ করা । নাম ডাকা v. to summon one loudly by one's name (সাক্ষীর নাম ডাকছে); to call the roll. নাম ডোবানো v. to destroy one's reputation; to bring disgrace upon, to drag one's name through the mire. নাম দেওয়া same as নামকরণ করা । নাম ধরা v. to tell one's name; to assume a name or designation. নাম ধরে ডাকা v. to call or summon one by one's name. নাম বলা v. to tell one's name; to name or mention. নাম ভাঁড়ানো v. to commit forgery by concealing one's name and assuming a false one. নাম রটা v. to become famous or notorious. নাম রাখা v. to give a name to, to christen, to designate, to name; to act up to the reputation of (বংশের নাম রাখা); to leave behind a lasting fame (পৃথিবীতে নাম রাখা). নাম নেওয়া v. to utter the name of; to utter or recite in devotion the name of; to remember or worship. নাম লেখানো v. to have oneself enlisted or enrolled or registered. নাম শোনানো v. to sing to one the name of (esp. of a deity). নাম হওয়া v. to become famous, to earn reputation. নাম হারানো v. to lose one's reputation. নামক a. named, by name, called, designated. ̃করণ n. act of giving a name to, act of naming; the sacrament of giving a name to, christening; nomenclature. নামকরণ করা v. to give a name to, to name; to designate; to christen. ̃করা a. reputed, renowned, famous; (dero.) notorious (নামকরা চোর). ̃কীর্তন n. devotional recitation or singing of the name of one's idol; act of celebrating one's name; act of praising esp. publicly. লামকীর্তন করা v. to recite or sing in devotion the name of; to celebrate one's name; to praise esp. publicly. ̃গন্ধ n. slightest mention or sign or trace. নামগান same as নামকীর্তন । ̃গোত্রহীন a. (fig.) having no established (social) position or credentials. ̃জপ n. act of uttering inwardly and continuously the name of one's idol. নামজপ করা v. to utter in devotion the name of one's idol inwardly and continuously. ̃জাদা a. famous, renowned, celebrated, reputed. ̃জারি n. mutation or substitution of a name in an official register esp. in the landlord's records; publication or upholding of one's name. নামজারি করা v. to alter or substitute a name in an official register; to publish or uphold a name. ̃ডাক n. fame and influence, prominence in public life. ̃ডাকওয়ালা a. famous and influential, prominent in public life. নাম ডাকা v. to call the rolls; to call one's name. নামত adv. in name only; nominally. a. nominal, titular. ̃ধর a. named. ̃ধাতু n. (gr.) a verbal root derived from a noun, a nominal verb. ̃ধাম n. name and address. ̃ধারণ n. act of assuming or bearing a name or designation. নামধারণ করা v. to assume or bear a name or designation. ̃ধারী same as নামধর । ̃ধেয় n. a name, an appellation, a designation. a. named, designated. ̃পত্র n. the title page of a book; the paper or document bearing one's title. ̃পদ n. (gr.) a noun. নাম প্রত্যাহার n. withdrawal of one's name or candidature (from a contest, election etc.) ̃ফলক n. a nameplate. ̃বাচক a. expressing or denoting a name; (gr.) proper. নামবাচক বিশেষ্য (gr.) a proper noun. ̃বিহীন a. nameless; unknown; having no reputation or fame; obscure; anonymous. ̃বিহীনতা, ̃হীনতা n. namelessness; anonymity. ̃ভূমিকা n. the title-role, the name-part. ̃মাত্র a. nominal; titular; only a little or only a few. adv. nominally, in name only; only a little or only a few. n. (even) the mere name; slightest mention or hint; slightest amount. ̃মুদ্রা n. a seal bearing one's name. ̃মুদ্রাঙ্কিত a. sealed, with a seal bearing one's name. ̃যশ same as নামডাক । ̃সংকীর্তন same as নামকীর্তন । ̃সর্বস্ব n. a thing or person that is nothing but a mere name. a. existing merely in name. ̃হারা, ̃হীন same as নামবিহীন । নামে a. by name, named, designated; in name only; nominal, titular. adv. in name only. নামে গোয়ালা কাঁজি ভক্ষণ (fig.) one who is reputed as a millionaire but cannot afford to eat more mutton than beef. নামে নামে adv. separately by or in or under individual names. 32)
(p. 593) nēpathya the green-room or dressingroom of a theatre; a place or position behind the stage or screen not visible from the auditorium; costumes and articles used for the make-up of actors and actresses. ̃বিধান n. dressing and make-up of actors and actresses. নেপথ্যে adv. from a place behind the stage or screen and invisible from the auditorium. (fig.) away from the knowledge of the public, secretly. 82)
(p. 615) paracarcā discussion about others behind their back; slandering, backbiting, gossip, scandal-mongering. পরচর্চা করা v. to discuss others; to slander, to gossip about others. 6)
(p. 615) paradā a screen, a curtain; a veil, a zenana, purdah (পরদাপ্রথা); a thin skin or membrane, a film (চোখের পরদা); a covering; a layer, a strip, a flake (এক পরদা চামড়া; (of a musical instrument) a bridge or key; (of voice) a scale (সুরের পরদা). ̃নশিন a. (fem.) living behind the purdah, living in a zenana. ̃প্রথা n. the purdah-system. চোখের পরদা (fig.) sense of shame, sense of delicacy. 15)
(p. 625) parōkṣa imperceptible or unseen but known or true, not known directly, circumstantial (পরোক্ষ প্রমাণ); indirect (পরোক্ষ উক্তি); roundabout (পরোক্ষভাবে). পরোক্ষ কর an indirect tax. পরোক্ষে, ̃ভাবে adv. behind one's back, in one's absence. পরোক্ষে নিন্দা করা to slander somebody in his absence, to backbite. 63)
(p. 629) paścāt & prep. after, at or to the back of (পশ্চাত্ আসিতেছে). □ adv. afterwards, later (পশ্চাত্ বলা); in or to the west. a. living at the back; reverse (পশ্চাত্ দিক). n. the back; the backside, the rear; the future. পশ্চাতে adv. behind (গৃহের পশ্চাতে); later, afterwards (পশ্চাতে বলব). 43)
(p. 629) paścātpada retreated; withdrawn; turned back; lagging behind. পশ্চাত্পদ হওয়া v. to retreat; to withdraw; to turn back; to lag behind. 44)
(p. 629) paścādgati retrograde motion, backward movement. পশ্চাদ্গমন n. retrogression, going after, following. পশ্চাদ্গমন করা v. to follow, to go after. পশ্চাদ্গামী a. following, going after. পশ্চাদ্গামী হওয়া v. to follow, to go after. পশ্চাদ্বর্তী a. lying behind; lagging behind; following, coming after or behind. পশ্চাদ্বর্তী হওয়া v. to lie behind; to lag behind; to follow. পশ্চাদনুসরণ n. act of following; pursuit. পশ্চাদনুসরণ করা v. to follow; to pursue. পশ্চাদনুসরণকারী a. following; pursuing. n. a follower; a pursuer. fem. পশ্চাদনুসরণকারিণী । 46)
(p. 633) pāchu the back (পাছু থেকে). a. flinching, retreated. adv. (dial.) towards one's back, back (পাছু ফেরা); from behind (পাছু ডাকা); afterwards, later on (পাছু শুনব). prep. on the back of (আমার পাছু আসবে). পাছু লাগা. (dial.) v. to chase, to pursue; to tease; to watch one closely with mischievous intentions. পাছু হওয়া v. to flinch, to shrink back; to retreat. পাছু পাছু adv. & prep. on the back of, close behind. 65)
(p. 633) pāṭa3 silk, linen; jute; a plank, a board (ধোপার পাট); a holy place (শ্রীপাট); a seat, an official seat, a throne (পাটে বসা, পাটরানি); (myth.) the imaginary mountain behind which the sun goes down whilst setting (সূর্য পাটে নামে); a fold, a plait (কাপড়ের পাট, চুলের পাট). a. royal (পাটহাতি). পাট করা v. to fold, to plait, to pleat; (fig.) to give a sound drubbing. পাটে নামা v. (of the sun) to set. পাটে বসা v. to sit on a throne; to be seated on the official seat; (of the sun) to set. পাটে পাটে adv. in or by folds; in every fold. 75)
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